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Sweden – A Raped Country

Published by Utlandssvensk on Cavatus in 2012


Today’s text is a translation (by Utlandssvensk – a Swede in exile) of a column written by a renowned Swedish journalist. This journalist has been writing one column a week on the Danish website Snaphanen since after the Swedish election in September 2010. She has to write under the pseudonym of Julia Caesar (the late actress in the mid 20th century) in order to not be harassed by Sweden’s “do-gooders”, journalists, politicians and in particular AFA/Antifa

Sweden – A raped country

A beautiful summer is coming to an end. But it was not beautiful for everybody. During this summer, the number of reported rapes has increased by 25% compared to the same period last year.

According to BRA (a government agency supposedly tasked with preventing crimes) a total of 1091 rapes were reported during June and July. Rape of children under the age of 15 has increased with 53%, from 192 cases last year to 294 this year, again only for June and July. In total, sexual crimes increased by 18% compared to the same period last year. BRA believes that the reason for all of this is the beautiful summer weather:

One explanation for this increase may be partly due to the nice weather this summer,” according to Sven Granath, criminologist and investigator at BRA, to TT

Those are the words of a civil servant that has become totally politically correct. I pray for Sven Granaths soul. He works at a government agency that is fully funded by taxpayers and has made it his mission to hide the truth using any means necessary whilst administering tranquilizers to both the general population and the ruling government. In a dictatorship, BRA would be called “The Board” and would be tasked with making undesirable facts invisible. But what is the difference really? Sweden is approaching the condition that are typical for a dictatorship, i.e. government agencies that hide the truth from citizens and a media that is loyal to the government and considers the promotion of state sponsored lies to be its mission.

The truth has a price

Perhaps Mr. Granath is afraid of losing his job, which would be understandable. Maybe he is pondering the fate that befell Mr. Mauricio Rojas, spokesman for the liberal party regarding immigration, after he published an article in the DN (a major daily newspaper) that highlighted the underlying cultural reasons for the massive overrepresentation of immigrants among criminals.

Mr. Rojas was made persona non grata in politics and was subjected to slander, intimidation and threats and came to require 24 hour bodyguard protection. Originally, he arrived in Sweden 1974 as a political refugee from Chile, but in 2008 he was forced to flee since he had, once again, become an irritation for a totalitarian regime. He moved to Spain and is today the headmaster of the Madrid School of Integration. You can read about his story on the blog Politiskt Inkorrekt

Truth has a price. The practice of killing the messenger when he brings unwanted news is as old as mankind itself. Perhaps it is the recollection of Mr. Rojas fate that has made Mr. Granath sell his soul on the marketplace of lies and hidden truths. Let us hope that the reward he receives amply compensates for the truths that he has sacrificed.

An “impartial” civil servant

Let us also say a small prayer for Mr. Granath’s co-worker, Mrs. Klara Hradilova-Selin, who serves as an“impartial” expert on rape at BRA whilst being a member of the Facebook group “Social Democrats in parliament – No thanks”.

Sorry, that should of course be “Sweden Democrats in parliament – No thanks”. In Sweden, such publicly stated views are not considered to be a problem for somebody that claims to be politically impartial.

Why are persons with foreign backgrounds regarded as impartial when it comes to issues regarding immigration? Increasingly, they are marching as frontline soldiers fighting for multiculturalism on all levels of society. Nobody dares to argue against them, since you would then be labeled as a “xenophobe”. Is there anybody that believes that Mrs. Hradilova-Selin’s immigrant background does not affect her and causes scientific bias when it comes to questions about the statistical overrepresentation of immigrants as perpetrators of crime? Mrs. Hradilova-Selin delivered an excellent example of the fine art of truth bending when she was interviewed on SVT Rapport (state broadcaster news show).

We are informed that female rape victims are simply prejudiced (implicitly racist) when they claim that the perpetrator has dark hair. People that are subjected to serious crimes remember events wrongly and are controlled by preconceived notions. Women that get their lives and genitals thrashed by Ahmed from Iraq or Mustafa from Somalia must be made to realize that their recollection is flawed. In actual fact, it was the light blonde Kalle (typical Swedish name) that committed the heinous crime. Hallelujah! What an enormous comfort for a woman that had been subjected to the worst possible form of degradation. Thank you, BRA! Thank you, Mr.Granath and Mrs. Klara Hradilova-Selin. You are doing your job as useful idiots exactly as expected and you will surely receive a medal for long and faithful service to the public lies.

Immigrants overrepresented by 450 percent

What Mrs. Hradilova-Selin is saying is remarkable, since it contradicts BRA’s own research. Two major reports, “Crime among first and second generation immigrants, 1996:2” and “Crime among persons born in Sweden and abroad, 2005:17”, show that immigrants are heavily overrepresented among criminals. These are facts. In general, they are overrepresented by a bit more that 100 percent. But when it comes to more serious crimes, such as murder, manslaughter and assault on strangers, immigrants are overrepresented by 400 – 500 percent. For rape the number is 450 percent.

The person responsible for the two BRA reports, Director Jan Ahlberg, died in 2005 and the moral courage of BRA died with him. Beyond the grave, Mr. Ahlberg can no longer defend himself and the coast is clear for his unscrupulous colleagues to dance on his grave and pretend that his research does not exist. Mrs. Hradilova-Selin does not need to have any fear for repercussions, since the fact that she is both a woman and an immigrant gives her colleagues double reasons to treat her with silk gloves.

Perpetrators from Muslim countries

Immigrants are, of course, not a uniform group and the vast majority of immigrants are committing no crimes at all, while others do it to a very large extent. The largest overrepresentation in crime is displayed by immigrants from Muslim countries like Algeria, Iraq, Libya, Morocco and Tunisia as well as from Chile. The lowest numbers of crimes are committed by immigrants from Western Europe, Southeast Asia, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Since BRA issued its first report in 1996, Sweden has granted permanent residence to more than 700.000 immigrants. In particular, immigration from Muslim countries increased dramatically. With astounding bad judgment and naiveté, both conservative and social democratic governments since the early 70’s have kept the Swedish borders wide open for all sorts of unidentified adventurers, war criminals and other offenders. Since 96 percent lack identification documents, it is in almost all cases people of unknown identity that are allowed into the country and then granted permanent residency.

Somalis – the largest group of immigrants admitted into Sweden, with an increase of 70 percent since last year – and Iraqis are climbing quickly up the rape scoreboard. But we will never know the truth. Apart from the reports 1996 and 2005, BRA suspended reporting the ethnicity of criminals in their statistics 1994. Such facts are not desirable, no matter how true they are.

Sweden has the second highest rate of rape in the world

Serious crime is increasing to an extent that should keep the government and parliament sleepless at night. Crime is increasing beyond all control. Sweden is a raped and violence-torn country located at the top of international comparisons. According to a report by the UN agency UNDC (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime) recently, Sweden is at number 2 in the UN statistics with 53.2 reported rapes per 100 000 inhabitants. Only Lesotho, a small country in south Africa, has more reported rapes than Sweden. The league table looks like this:

1. Lesotho: 91.6
2. Sweden: 53.2
3. USA: 28.6
4. Zimbabwe: 25.6
5. Norway: 19.8
6. Israel: 17.6

Despite the high Swedish number, there are far more cases that go unreported.

The problem is that hardly any crime has such a proportion of unreported cases as rape. In Sweden, about 80-90 percent of rapes never become known to society. The reluctance to report is partly due to the fact that rape is a crime that is surrounded by shame,” according to Professor Niklas Långström, sex crime researcher at the Karolinska Institute.

Feelings of shame in the victim, that is. That the perpetrators feel shame is likely to be more rare. The Aftonbladet (major daily tabloid) reports the news like this. We can note that the Aftonbladet are demonstrating a highly creative renewal of the art of making headlines “Sweden at the bottom of rape statistics.” At the bottom?? When the article is about the fact that Sweden tops the list with the second highest rape numbers in the world.

Last year, an EU report showed that Sweden has the highest number of reported rapes in the EU. 5937 rapes were reported to the police in 2009. That is up 9 percent from 2008. But statistics on serious crimes should be viewed over the longer term. Since the new millennium, reported rapes have increased by 193 percent. 1975 was the year in which a unanimous Parliament decided that Sweden should be transformed into a multicultural society. One result is an increase in reported rapes since 1975 with an incredible 1395%. (Graphic: Affe)

fullbordade_valdtakter_1975-2014Nothing wrong with raping a Swedish girl

Socioeconomic factors are a popular explanation for immigrants being overrepresented in crime. That is, if you are unemployed, poor and live in an ugly concrete tower in the suburbs, it is entirely in order to rape, mug, assault and murder. But already in the BRA report from 1996 it was said:

Immigrants’ overrepresentation in crime is not explained by an unfavorable distribution of gender, age and location. Added to this is the fact that immigrant overrepresentation in crime cannot be explained by the fact that immigrants are less fortunate than Swedes in terms of socioeconomic status.”

The approach of many Muslim men is that there is nothing wrong in raping Swedish girls and women. In their culture, the man has every right to dispose of the woman as he sees fit. Some young men that were interviewed by the daily DN in response to a gang rape in Rissne outside of Stockholm put it like this:

It’s not as wrong to rape a Swedish girl as it is to rape an Arab girl, says Hamid. The Swedish girl gets a lot of help afterwards, and she had probably been fucked already. But the Arab girl will get problems with her family. For her it is a great shame to be raped. It is important that she retains her virginity when she marries. ”

It’s far too easy to get a whore … girl, I mean,” says Hamid, and displays an embarrassed smile due to his choice of words. Many immigrant boys go with Swedish girls when they are teenagers. But then when they are to marry, they take a proper woman from their own culture that has not been with any guy. So will I do. I do not have much respect for Swedish girls. You could say that they get fucked until they are broken. “(DN 11 February 2000).

Rape is a hate crime

Rape and gang rapes are hate crimes committed by men. They are a demonstration of male power and hatred. When immigrants commit rape, it is in most cases a racist hate crime specifically aimed at Swedish girls and women. The rapes expose deep divisions within the immigrant male psyche. Muslim men with a prehistoric view of women and sexuality living in Western societies suffer a culture shock that apparently can cause a total short-circuit in the brain. Nordic women are independent and have the same value as men. We dress and do as we like. The power, status and superiority that men enjoy in most of the migrants’ home countries, cannot be collected here. Rape is an expression of frustration and aggression that this arouses in some Muslim men. The women in the new home country are not under his control. Therefore, we are regarded as “whores”, which according to these men’s way of looking at things legitimizes their abuse of us.

But it’s not just the Swedish girls and women who are raped. Immigrant girls are also vulnerable, and for them a rape could mean death. In a culture of honor, it is the woman’s fault if she is raped. She is considered to have attracted the offender, and all the guilt and shame are put upon her. She risks death penalty because she has destroyed the family’s so-called “honor”. If a woman would not be a virgin when she marries, it will be disastrous for her and her entire family and relatives. The man has the right to displace her and dissolve the marriage. The whole family’s honor is ruined, and the marriage value of her sisters and female cousins falls drastically. Honor can only be restored by her death.

Cell phone blackmail

The death threat against a woman is present even if she has been raped. In the study that was done last year by the City of Stockholm (Mrs. Kickis Åhré-Älgamo and Mrs.Ulla-Britt Fingal: “Honor related oppression and violence in the City of Stockholm. Report 2009″, University of Stockholm, Department of Social Work) 14 girls over the age of 17 years stated that they had been raped. Only two had filed a police report – twelve had not dared because of the requirement that they should be virgins, which applies in all circumstances. In this group there are also cases of rectal rape as an adaptation to the culture of honor demands that woman should be a virgin.

This placing of guilt has the effect that the crimes are not reported to the police and the perpetrators go free. The perpetrators – in most cases from the same country as the girls – can film the rape with a camera phone and use the images in order to blackmail by threatening to put them on the Internet or show them to the girl’s family. If a woman reveals what she has suffered, she will have signed her own death sentence

Goodbye to safety for women

What is happening to girls and women in Sweden today is that we are gradually forced to restrict our freedom of movement for fear of being raped or subjected to other violence. Safety for women no longer exists.

• You do not go out alone at night.
• You do not take your bike through a dark area.
• You do not take a bus or train home on a Saturday night. You take a taxi.
• You do not take the shortcut through the forest.

This is the dictatorship of fear and lack of freedom. What is happening in today’s Sweden is an extreme anti feminine policy of absolutely intolerable violence and oppression, specifically directed against half of the citizens. The freedom and rights that it has taken Swedish women a century to achieve have been sold out by parliament and the government. If we start from BRA’s estimate that only 5-10 percent of committed rapes are reported to the police, there are 30.000-60.000 girls and women who are raped each year. Swedish politicians thus annually offer 30.000-60.000 women as sacrificial lamb on the bloody altar of multiculturalism. They obviously think that multiculturalism is worth it. What the victims think, nobody cares to ask.

The dirty crimes – A story from a police officer

It’s not just in the rape statistics that Sweden shows horrific numbers. Assault offenses have increased by 45 percent since the turn of the millennium. The total number of reported violent crimes has in the same period increased by 47 percent. If we begin in 1975, the starting year for multiculturalism, the total number of reported violent crimes has increased by a staggering 312 percent.

A rapidly growing category is mugging. In 2009, 6730 robberies were committed against individuals. The increase from 1975 is 234 percent, but is probably much higher, since muggings are sometimes classified in other ways. Behind the neutral word “mugging” hides a terrible reality that leaves the victims with severe traumas. A very largely proportion of the victims are defenseless children, adolescents or elderly persons. A police officer who writes anonymously on the former Swedish blog Politically Incorrect (today replaced by avpixlat.info) talks about what he calls “the dirty crimes”:

Several times a week I go home to our elderly and weak that have fallen victim of dirty crime (where someone intrudes into the apartment and deceive/abuse the old person until they get all the valuables) and ask for a descriptions of the perpetrator that committed this terrible abuse. Each time the offender is described as an immigrant from a particular ethnic group. Not once during my entire police career have I had the offenders being described as Swedes. The same applies to the thousands of muggings in which our children and weak are threatened and robbed on the streets. 95 percent of the hundreds of offenders that have been described to me have been identified by the victim as an immigrant. These crimes are characterized by a complete lack of respect for human life. I sit in front of an old person with fear in his eyes after having been attacked in his own home – the only safe place that they had left. Full of bruises and testifying about the knife threats they have just endured, and the humiliation they felt when they could not protect themselves.”

A crime wave against the elderly

A wave of crime against the elderly is sweeping through Sweden. Often they happen in a similar way. Two or three women of foreign origin follow the old ones from the bank or store. They follow through the gate and sees where the old person goes in. A moment later they ring the doorbell and ask for a glass of water, help to write a note to someone in the house or some other made-up task. While one of the women occupy the old person, the other walks around the apartment, picking up their cash and valuables. In western Sweden, 15 robberies of elderly persons occurred just last week.

Most indications point to that the crimes are committed by the same constellation of criminals,” said Detective Inspector Ulf Lokrantz, who works with this type of crime in West Götaland. In plain language, Roma (also known as Gypsies), but a police officer cannot say this if he wants to keep his job.

We are at war with the Swedes

The same crudity applies to robberies directed against adolescents. Ms. Petra Åkesson has in her thesis in sociology interviewed boys between 15 and 17 years convicted of mugging. She wanted to explore the reality behind the wave of muggings that has affected Malmö. The young robbers did not show any remorse or understanding that they had done something wrong. On the contrary – they bragged about who had robbed the most.

When we’re out robbing, we wage war, we are at war with the Swedes” was a recurring argument. The boys from one school told me smiling that “there comes a great feeling through my body when we rob, you feel satisfied and happy, it feels like one has succeeded.”

To rob Swedish children and adolescents is a deliberate choice. It’s about exercising power: “For me it is power that the Swedes should lie down on the ground and kiss my feet.” “It’s so easy to mug Swedes,” says one of the boys. “When we see some Swedes that seem rich or have good phones, we mug them. The Swedes do not do anything, they just give us the stuff, they’re such wimps.”

Increasing insecurity

Who is surprised that insecurity is increasing? It is one of the multicultural society’s logical consequences. According to the 2009 Citizen poll among 4200 residents in the City of Stockholm, 72 percent of the residents of Rinkeby-Kista is so insecure in their neighborhood that they refrain from going out after darkness. In Spånga-Tensta the corresponding number is 66 percent, in Hässelby-Vällingby 63 percent, in Farsta 59 percent. In Skärholmen 71 percent do not dare go out after darkness. The fear of assault and other violent crimes is high. The most insecurity and worry is found in the immigrant-dense areas.

Let us give thanks to our politicians in all seven political parties for the fact that we live in an increasingly violent and insecure reality, since there is such an overwhelming consensus on the conduct of immigration policy that they refuse to even discuss it. Each one of us who lives in Sweden should realistically count on being robbed, beaten or subjected to other violence. In particular, a woman should not expect to be able to move freely outside, if she does not want to risk being raped. Especially if the weather is nice.

Did the politicians ever ponder the consequences before they pushed through multiculturalism and mass immigration? Did they ever think about an expected mass importation of crime? I allow myself to doubt, on two grounds: authentic observations of politician’s brain power in general, and the observation that they have moved themselves to safety in their white ethnic enclaves.

Not a single politician wants to halt the progression

Neither of the two political blocs seems to regard the rapes and other violent crimes against Swedes as a problem. In any case, there are no hints of any attempt at political actions to stop the growing and increasingly brutal violence. Hitherto NOT ONE politician in the seven parliamentary parties has stood up and said: “This development is unacceptable. We must by all means try to stop it.” Not one! They regard it as below their dignity to even discuss the issue. This is since they know that if they deal with crime, they must also deal with the irresponsible immigration policies. And that is a sacred cow that must not be slaughtered. Security for the population is apparently nothing that concerns them. The rape epidemic and the other crime are a non-issue and certainly not a topic for the election. But is there any question that is more important than people’s safety and security?

When I met Justice Minister Beatrice Ask for an interview in March, I asked her if she was concerned about the overrepresentation of immigrants in BRA’s statistics. She replied that she is not. The problem is the crime itself, not the perpetrators descent.” (Ms. Paulina Neuding, in the Swedish newspaper the Svenska Dagbladet, April 11, 2010)

The same Ms. Neuding writes in the liberal magazine Neo:

Research shows that sexual and gender inequality is related. And with large immigration from countries where women have a very weak position you should probably count on the effect on sex crimes statistics.” (Magazine Neo No. 2 of 2010.)

Politicians who treat their people as garbage and are not even able to provide protection to the weak and vulnerable – women, children and old people – what confidence do they deserve?

The election results will show.

Written by Julia Caesar, 15 August, 2010

Translated by Utlandssvensk and published on Cavatus in 2012

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“Do you want to live or die?”


A 22-year-old Somali is currently being prosecuted for a brutal rape in central Uppsala earlier this summer reports Fria Tider. During the act he repeatedly asked wether she wanted to live or die.

The rape took place at approximately five in the morning on the 30th of May. The female victim, who was in her 20’s, was walking home on Norrtäljegatan when the perpetrator acted

According to the prosecutor he wrestled the girl to the ground, sat on top of her and held her face and arms firmly in place.

“Do you want to live or die?” – the Somali repeatedly asked whilst he raped his victim according to the prosecution.

Afterwards the man left the scene, but after just a couple of hours the police could arrest him thanks to the victims description. At the time of the arrest he had the woman’s cellphone and is therefore also being prosecuted for aggravated theft.

The 22-year-old had previously been sentenced for, amongst other things, unlawful threats, assault, and sexual assault. But in Facebook post last year he wrote that people “who destroy” should be deported from Sweden.

“Some people don’t have the right to stay in Sweden ! They destroying society !” – proclaimed the Somali.

When Sweden’s Radio (SR) reported about the rape the perpetrator was described vaguely as “a 22-year-old man” in other words no mention of his name or ethnicity. For some reason SR did not apply the same standards to the ethnic Swedish serial rapist Niklas Lindgren. Nor has public service media outlet ever mentioned the fact that Africans and Middle Easterners are grossly overrepresented in Nordic rape statistics

In the Finnish newspaper Iltalehti this subject was broached earlier this year following a high-profile case involving Somali gang-rapists. Martti Lehti reported that Africans living in Finland were overrepresented 12x higher than the native population in rape cases.

For people born Middle East and North Africa (predominantly Islamic countries) the overrepresentation was even greater:

13x higher than the native (Finnish) population. 

Somali brutally raped 12-year-old girl – sentenced to 180 hours of community service

polsistejpThe 18-year-old Somali citizen who brutally raped a 12-year-old Swedish girl in Sundsvall last year was sentenced to 180 hours of community service this week.

Ida* claims she went home to Mohamud because he had promised to give back intimate pictures that he had of her.

The injured party is only 12 years old. She has recounted the incident but did so with a child’s language. Although her story isn’t that extensive it contains some unique details, such as Guled Mohamud several times having stated that “black cock is expensive”

– excerpt from court documents

Ida’s mother attested that when she saw her daughter later that day she looked as though she had been beaten up and bled profusely from her lower abdomen.

The court concluded that it is beyond reasonable doubt that he raped the girl vaginally, showered her face / head with blows and held a hand in front of her mouth.

Nonetheless Mohamud was sentenced to a measly 180 hours of community service with probation because he had “some trouble with anxiety and sleeping” and was allegedly** 17 years of age at the time.

Reporting the origin and/or name of the Somali citizen in question would be tantamount to blasphemy for SVT journalist Oscar Söderström. It is therefore unsurprising that he followed in his politically-correct colleagues footsteps by self-censoring and describing the perpetrator as: “a man from Sundsvall”.



When Journalists Rape

Biggest online-grooming case in Sweden’s history

Sweden: Rape Capital of the West

*Ida is a pseudonym

**Swedish authorities rarely age-test immigrants

When journalists rape

Edit 1 – The base of the old graph in English wasn’t in line with the years referred to so I switched to the Swedish one that Julia used in her original chronicle on Snaphanen.

A couple of weeks ago there was an incident on a ferry where a number of Somali citizens were arrested for gang raping a Swedish woman. For reasons unknown the media decided to label the perpetrators as Swedish. I wrote a straightforward post on the matter but I was still a tad confused as to why the nationality of the perpetrators was omitted. A couple of hours later I stumbled upon this chronicle written by a journalist and author who writes under the pen name Julia Caesar. She has now given me the green light to translate it and publish it on Swedish Surveyor. At risk of sounding sexist I doubt a man could have written a text of this calibre and on this topic. I know I couldn’t.


When journalists rape

The gang rape of a 45-year old woman on the Viking Line Finland Ferry Amorella was followed by yet another rape. Journalists raped the truth and the Swedish public by lying about the ethnicity of the criminals. The 8 suspected perpetrators were alleged Swedes, despite seven being Somali citizens and one being Iraqi.

The 4 suspected criminals that have been arrested are all Somali citizens and Muslims. None have Swedish citizenship. But in the media they were called ”Swedish” in big fat headlines. The Swedish media once again revealed its unscrupulous agenda when it comes to violent criminal immigrants. The perpetrators are protected, the victims are completely disregarded.

Five times more normal that immigrants rape

In a sane society citizens have a right to information regarding who commits exceptionally violent crimes so as to make an educated call regarding the risks they are exposing themselves to. How are Swedish women and young girls supposed to protect themselves against rape if they don’t find out that immigrants are overrepresented five times over? The Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention revealed that in their report 2005:17. It is now 10 years old and relies on numbers that are 15-20 years old.

For political reasons no later report has come in. All of public Sweden, including the media and state authorities, are in agreement to silence everything that shows the destructive consequences of mass immigration, Islamization and multiculturalism

Journalists protect serious criminals

Sweden is not a healthy society but a very sick society. The lies fester and permeate more and more sectors of society. Politicians commit the worst rape. The group rape on M/S Amorella is a direct result of the mass immigration to Sweden from Muslim countries and primitive honour cultures that has been going on for decades. The mass immigration policies have amongst other things resulted in our country topping the list of reported rapes in Europe and incessantly leads to more and horrible brutal rapes of Swedish women.

fullbordade_valdtakter_1975-2014“Completed Rapes”

Reported Crimes 1975-2014″

“Data Source: The Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention

Tens of thousands of women are sacrificed every year on the altar of multiculturalism. Politicians disregard the victims. The silence reveals their indifference to their own people’s safety. No Swedish government has ever cared about attempting to curtail the rape rates in the only way that could give a noticeable result: minimizing immigration from Muslim countries. To place Swedish women’s security and safety above mass immigration is, of course, racism.

”Funky mood with an international touch”

Are you feeling up for a relaxing day cruise on the Baltic Sea? A little ”funky mood” with an ”international touch”? This is how the ship-owner Viking Line writes on their website:

”M/S Amorella is our daily cruiser that chugs back and forwards to Åbo, every night from Stockholm. You can count on a funky mood with an international touch, good food, an abundance of tax-free bargains, comfortable spa-treatments and Swedish dance bands, every Friday and Saturday in the nightclub”

Eva, 45 (assumed name) was one of those who bought a ticket on Amorella’s Cruise to Åbo the 30th of January 2015. Maybe she felt like a relaxing day cruise. But the trip ended in an unexpected fashion. She was lured into a cabin and was subjected to a gang rape by seven Somalis and one Iraqi.

Four out of five have Somali citizenship

Pettersson’s blog publishes the name of the five suspected perpetrators who have been arrested, three in Finland and one in Sweden.

  • Abdullahi Barre Barre, born 1992, Sundbyberg. Somali citizen.
  • Ahmed Nur Abdurahman Ahmed, born 1991, Hässelby. Somali citizen. Previously convicted for several property offences.
  • Abdullahi Ahmed Jama, born 1991, Spånga. Somali citizen.
  • Mohamed Ahmed Abdi, born 1990 in Mogadishu, Somalia. Somali citizen.
  • Bjar Mhamad Shakir, born 1987 in Arbil, Iraq. Swedish citizen but may also have Iraqi citizenship. Previously arrested for several crimes such as narcotics crimes, joyriding, theft, assault, robbery, etc.

4 of the 8 suspected rapists have been detained. All are Somali Muslims and have Somali citizenship. Four have been released, amongst them the Iraqi Bjar Mhamad Shakir, but they are still being suspected of the crime.

For the time being the four individuals that have been released are under suspicion, but I can’t go into detail of what that those suspicions consist of because the preliminary investigation is still underway.” – says prosecutor Elisabeth Brandt.

The entire media calls the perpetrators ”Swedish”

The gang rape of 45-year old Eva is followed by yet another rape. Journalists raping the truth and the Swedish people. Swedish journalists see it as their duty to protect violent criminals by deceiving the public with regards to their ethnicity. They habitually omit facts and thus actively contribute to the rape of girls and women.

The weekend entails a news drought and undermanned newsrooms. In that situation a gang rape is more than welcome. The entire Swedish media quickly posts big headlines:

Several Swedish men suspected of rape on Finland Ferry (Dagens Nyheter)

Six Swedish men raped woman in cabin (Aftonbladet)

Six Swedes arrested for rape on ferry (Expressen)

Eight Swedes suspected for ferry gang rape (TT)

All reporting stems from TT (The Newspapers’ Telegram Bureau), which the entire Swedish media subscribes to. Even in the Finnish media the suspects are called Swedes, like in this quote taken from Helsingfors Dagblad:

”According to Ekot the investigation will be transferred to Sweden, because all the men were Swedes.”

But the information comes from SR Ekot in Sweden.

Somali and Iraqi citizens are called ”Swedes”

The radio, State-owned Swedish Television (SVT), all the big newspapers and every little podunk paper screams out that Swedes have committed a gang rape on a Finland Ferry. The bells didn’t even ring in the newspaper offices when it turned out that the men needed a Somali interpreter during the detention in the Finnish district court. The majority of the public who solely consume mainstream media naturally get the impression that their countrymen have committed this horrendous crime.

Why do the journalists consciously lie to the Swedish people? They do it to push their own sick agenda and hammer in the notion that Swedish men are full-blooded racists, Nazis, barbarians and brutal gang rapists.

Above all it’s about Swedish journalist having sworn to protect immigrant criminals under any and all circumstances. Not a single suspected hair may ever be touched on an immigrant’s head. The really bizarre thing is that journalists in the mendacious Swedish media beat themselves on the chest and think they are doing something good and admirable. They imagine that with their lies they will counteract racism and xenophobia.

How can they hate the Swedish people so?

I try to explain the medias lies to a Swedish friend who has lived abroad for many years.

Why do they do this? How can they hate the Swedish people so much that they lie to this extent? They are Swedes themselves? She says.

I try to explain again. The Swedish seed of self-hatred planted years ago. How journalists look down on normal Swedes and think they are better than them and that they can therefore hate all other Swedes without including themselves in the hatred.

Their schadenfreude – exhilaration – when Swedes have committed a crime.

Mechanisms completely without logic

I’m a journalist. I know the talk in the newsrooms. The cynicism. The arrogance. The raw jokes. The superiority. The power trip. The hate that is spewed on everyone and anyone who is perceived as differing from you and your norms. The reluctance to admit that you’re at fault. Journalists never make mistakes. They have a thousand excuses to write as they do. Journalists are always right. They always know best and for the stupid peasantry they have only disdain.

I give up trying to explain. I don’t understand either how journalists with their blatant lies can smear a whole people – their own people. It’s best described as mechanisms completely without logic. Mechanisms that verge on insanity.

Raped and beaten by four Somalis

lindaThe media has used the same tactic that was used to protect the gang rapists on M/S Amorella every single time that immigrants have committed a rape or gang rape. On new years eve 2004 Jenny Lémon, 24, was assaulted with a baton and subjected to a very brutal rape in Gothenburg by four Somalis; Omar Mohamed Omar, Jassin Abdikarim Mahamud, Abdulgadir Mohamed Khalif and Mursal Abdullahi.

Jassin Abdikarim Mahamud, born 1987, kicks her several times in the groin. Jenny Lémon is seriously injured and has to undergo several operations. A friend of hers, Linda, is also severely injured. All except Omar Mohamed Omar are prosecuted but receive very mild punishments.

Aftonbladet set their well-oiled lying apparatus in motion

Aftonbladet set their well-oiled lying apparatus in motion and called the perpetrators ”Swedish”, illustrating with silhouettes typical European profiles. The reader was supposed to believe that the Somali perpetrators were ethnic Swedes. Even Expressen bluffed with regards to the ethnicity of the perpetrators.


Jassin Abdikarim Mahamud changed name to Lamin Abdikarim Ali but didn’t change appearance. In November 2010 he broke into an 84-year old ladies address on Sturegatan in Falun and raped her several times. In Expressen, the man’s lawyer informed us that his client ”felt really bad”.

”Just being aware that he could be guilty of that which he is being accused of makes him feel really bad”

How the 84-year old woman felt after having been robbed and raped repeatedly was not something the journalists were interested in.

Between the rapes of Jenny Lémon, 2004, and the 84-year old woman in Falun 2010, Lamin Abdikarim Ali committed several brutal crimes. Despite the medias protection he was in July 2011, finally sentenced to a noticeable penalty. Svea Court of Appeals sentenced him to 9 years in jail.

Double error and completely morally f***ed up

Journalists defend themselves by saying that they follow the ethical guidelines of the press.

According to the rules a criminal’s ethnicity should only be disclosed if it is ”relevant in the context”. Criminal’s ethnical origin or nationality should not be disclosed if it ”lacks meaning in the context and is disrespectful”. According to the documented understanding of Swedish journalists ethnicity is never relevant – with one exception: if the perpetrator is Swedish. Then the ethnicity suddenly becomes so important that you throw the ethical rules out the window and scream out the Swedish ethnicity in fat headlines.

Even if it had been true that the rapists on Amorella were Swedish the journalists clearly broke the press-ethical rules by stating the Swedish ethnicity. Double error and completely morally f***ed up.

Tried to make them Swedish citizens.

The media works in a different reality than just a few years ago. The truth slips out quickly via the Internet and the social media. Soon the correct information regarding the gang rapists on Amorella were out on the web. Then the media switched to another dishonest strategy.

Dan Malmqvist writes in Nya Tider:

When Richard Aschberg and Victor Stenquist published their article in Aftonbladet it had already been disclosed in social media that the perpetrators were Somali. It is hard to not suspect that they were attempting ”damage control” when both writers instead starting accentuating the men’s alleged Swedish citizenship. They went so far as to falsifying what the authorities had told them”

Words are placed in the prosecutor’s mouth

About the prosecutor Elisabeth Brandt Aftonbladet writes.

”She is now going to request that the errand is investigated in Sweden due to the victim and the suspected perpetrators being Swedish citizens”

”Yeah well, that’s something Aftonbladet will have to stand for then” comments prosecutor Brandt when Nya Tider asks if she really said that.

 NyT: You don’t recognize that you said that?

”No, what I said was in that case that they had their residence in Sweden”

When the media eventually realize that the rapists are Somalis the news quickly disappears.

Where are the prominent feminists?

African immigrants grossly defile a Swedish woman. Who stands up for her? Where are the prominent feminists? Where are they hiding, all the loud-mouthed champions of women’s rights and freedoms?


Where is the Feminist Initiatives party leader Gudrun Schyman? Where is the rape expert Katarina Wennstam? Where are the super-feminists Maria Sveland and Athena Farrokhzad? Former Minister of Equality Maria Arnholm (fp)? Where is Margot Wallström (s)?

It’s as silent as the grave. No silence echoes as loudly as the silence of feminists when immigrants rape Swedish women.

Margot Wallström cries for raped women

The 10th of October 2010 Margot Wallström cries in State-owned Swedish Television (SVT). It is a Sunday, and the program isMargot-Wallström-gråter-över-våldtagna-kvinnor-i-Kongo-2010 called Agenda.

Margot Wallström was at this time and until June 2012 the UN general secretary Ban Ki-moon’s special representative in questions that revolve around sexual violence in conflicts. She has met raped women in Congo, and she is crying for them in a reportage by SVT very own Marika Griehsel.

Margot Wallström bursts into tears but pulls herself together and says

Now it’s time to wipe the tears. It’s time we act.”

”We have broken the longest silence in history”

In a big article in Dagens Industri Weekend on the 4th of February 2011 Margot Wallström gets asked whether or not Ban Ki-moon is a feminist.

”Yes, if he hasn’t been then he is on his way to becoming one.”

When she is asked if it is possible to stop the sexual violence in war and conflicts she responds:

Of course it is!”

”These aren’t crimes that should be followed by impunity and amnesty. There must not be amnesty for these perpetrators. The United Nations shall make sure that all doors are closed for them. We won’t allow a career for rapists. They should know that we will follow them and they will be punished in accordance with international law!”

She draws a parallel with the Nurnberg trials and how the rape are regarded as “unspeakable” and says:

”We have broken the longest silence in history”

”That sounds completely crazy”rafibahaduri_179652225

When Margot Wallström was interviewed in DI Weekend approximately six years have passed since the brutal gang rape of Jenny Lémon in Gothenburg. Later in the same year as the interview is published, 2011, eight asylum-seeking Afghanis will rape a 29-year old mother in an asylum home in Mariannelund. It is the most brutal gang rape in Sweden’s history. Seven of them are sentenced to a jail sentence of 4,5 and 6.5 years. Six of them are deported from Sweden for a 15-year period.

Four years later the 45-year old Eva on M/S Amorella will be gang raped by Somali citizens.

When Granskning Sverige in March, 2014, call up Margot Wallström and confront her with the Swedish rape statistics from a report compiled by the UN-organ UNODC from 2010 she laughs and says:

”That sounds completely crazy. I don’t know where you got those numbers from” (approximately 10 minutes in)

A feminist foreign policy does not include Swedish women

Today Margot Wallström is the Foreign Minister in Stefan Löfvens red-green government and she has declared that she intends to set a ”feminist foreign policy”. If someone were to ask her what she plans on doing about the 6000 women who are raped in Sweden every year (The unreported number is estimated to be 10 times higher, in other words 60 000 according to the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention) she would probably put on a confused face. When she finally manages to pull herself together she would probably say that the feminist foreign policy does not include Swedish women.

Then she would say that she as a minister cannot express herself on individual questions. In that case the entire government must think the same way. Seeing as Stefan Löfvens government and all other Swedish governments in the past are agreed on one thing: that it is completely o.k. to sacrifice tens of thousands of women every year for multiculturalism we can assume Wallström thinks its o.k. too.

Her last trump card would be to point out that the tear-dripping assignment with regards to raped women in Congo concerns rape in war and conflict. And Sweden is a peaceful country.

Sweden is no longer a peaceful country

That is precisely where the cookie crumbles. Sweden was once a peaceful country but it is not a peaceful country any longer. Sweden is a country whose citizens have been pushed into war by politicians who have allowed mass immigration from the worlds most underdeveloped and violent countries and cultures. Politicians rape their own people through a yearly mass import of tens of thousands of Muslim men with a backwards view on women.

After 45 years of mass immigration nobody can claim that immigrants from the Middle East or Africa are like us or pretend to believe that they become like us the second their feet touch Swedish soil. There is an abundance of evidence pointing in the other direction. In Muslim culture it is legitimate to rape a woman if she doesn’t cover herself up. In Muslim culture a mans honour rests between a woman’s loins, and a mans sexuality is a woman’s responsibility. Both to satisfy (intramarital) and to guard against (extramarital)

All cultures are equal, even those that rape and murder

In cultural relativist Sweden it is forbidden to consider any culture to be better than another. All cultures are alleged to be equally good, even those who oppress, female genital mutilate, rape, and beat their women and murder their own children. Primitive and primeval cultures are glorified as ”exotic” and ”exciting”, and immigrants are encouraged to keep them and live them out on Swedish soil. How are Swedish women supposed to protect themselves if they don’t get correct information but are instead spoon-fed perfidious propaganda about the blessings of multiculturalism and everyone’s equal value?

That is why Swedish women are raped

Consequently uninformed Swedish girls and women get their lives ruined when their souls and genitals are torn apart via brutal rapes, committed by immigrants who think they have all the right in the world to violate unveiled women.

That is why Jenny Lémon was raped by four Somalis (Muslims) in Gothenburg.

That is why an 84-year old woman in Falun was raped by a Somali Muslim.

That is why a 29-year old mother was raped by eight Afghans (Muslims) in Mariannelund.

That is why a 45-year old Eva was raped by seven Somalis (Muslims) on-board the M/S Amorella.

That is why Swedish girls and women will continue to be raped by imported Muslims for the foreseeable future.

There is one word for these notorious unscrupulous liars, politicians and journalists alike, who bear the responsibility for this war on the Swedish people.


Eight Swedes (?) detained for gang rape on ferry

Eight Somali men have been detained for gang raping a Swedish woman on a ferry but politically correct newspapers paint a very different picture as you can see below and in, the Local, Swedens news in English.

ALL mainstream newspapers, which the majority of Swedens population obtain their information from, lied or collectively avoided doing their jobs i.e. reporting the truth and double checking facts.

For example:

  • DN – Katarina Lagerwall
  • Aftonbladet – Eric Tagesson, Julia Wågenberg and Martin Schori
  • Expressen – Kim Malmgren
  • Metro – Thomas Lundin
  • Responsible journalists with TT.
  • The Local – Maddy Savage
  • Editors of the magazines and newspapers in question

Seeing as the forementioned individuals decide to throw their journalistic integrity out the window and smear an entire people based on their own prejudices I am going to do the same and generalize about them as a group by stating the following:

“Journalists” responsible will no doubt claim that they are completely devoid of blame.

aftonbladetsomaliSix Swedish men raped woman in cabin

 expressensvenskarSix Swedes detained for rape on ferry


Several Swedish men suspected of rape on Finland ferry


 Six Swedes detained for rape on Finland ferry

Relatively soon thereafter individuals who had been on the ferry demented the medias picture and wrote on Facebook and Twitter respectively.

johanthyrell“My girlfriend was one of those who was on the spot and we found her in the corridor. It took a very long time before the guards came and an additional number of girls had to let them know several times before they showed up. When they showed up they didn’t care that she had her pants down. The female guard stood up while the male guard was sitting on his haunches whilst they were listening to what had happened. The woman was hysterical and broken. I would also like to point out that all the perpetrators were of African origin even though they could very well be born here. Yet another thing that has been noted is that it was chaos on the disco. I would like to dement that as I was there. Because the disgusting crime occured on Finnish water I truly hope, for this womans sake, that the men are sentenced and jailed in Finland so they aren’t sentenced in Sweden seeing as we barely have a justice system to speak of regarding this sort of disgusting crime.”


The perpetrators of the gang rape on the Ferry were NOT ethnic Swedish men, but had Somali background! Spoke decent Swedish. We saw them get arrested. #svpol

Twitter and Facebook hardly count as solid evidence so Exponerat, one of Swedens dissident sites (hate sites in politically correct Swedish lingo) dug up the court documents:

courtdocs1. Prosecutor

2. Suspect: Abdi MOHAMED Ahmed

3. Suspect: Shakir Bjar Mhamed

In Sweden there is a phenomenon which has been referred to as “white-pixelation” which occurs occassionally. Essentially it entails pixelation a face and then lightening it if the perpetrator happens to be of a darker skin color, for example:

I haven’t noticed this too often but I can certify that writing Swede in reference to individuals of non-Swedish ethnicity who are also Islamic State jihadists, rapists and other criminals is exceedingly common. I even added that method to my politically incorrect dictionary. I digress; the situation on the ferry brings a lot of questions to mind:

  • What should the newspapers write?
  • If the perpetrators are born in Sweden are they not Swedish?
  • Are they no longer Swedish when they commit a gang-rape?
  • What if they had all been successful taxpayers who started multinational companies and were perfectly integrated would they be Swedish?

The individuals in question are not ethnic Swedes but Swedish citizens and the headline should be such in my opinion. Otherwise you not only undermine Swedes but the trust citizens have for the newspapers when they find out the politically incorrect truth.

In this case the media should, in my opinion, write that a Swedish woman was raped by 8 Somali citizens. Doing so is unfortunately impossible in Sweden because it would entail portraying Somalis (minority black victims) in a negative light.

The language has become so diluted and infected that the only acceptable group to devalue and look down upon are the Swedes themselves (majority white oppressors), preferably caucasian middle-aged men. This is the marxist reasoning of the “free” Swedish press but the multiultural facade is becoming harder to uphold as the truth seeps out on the social-media and.

Another point which is worth bringing up is that censoring stories in this fashion doesn’t help to integrate immigrants into society nor does it improve race-relations on the contrary, if you were a foreigner why would you want to assimilate and become Swedish if the majority are percieved as having so little confidence and solidarity amongst themselves that they don’t even stand up for their own women being raped by citizens of other countries?

On the bright side a survey from 2012 by the SOM-institute revealed that a mere 24% of Swedes had faith in journalists which was, and will probably continue to be, the lowest of any profession.

UPDATE: 2015-02-08 – None of the 4 currently detained are Swedish citizens, they are Somali citizens and out of the 8 original suspects only 1 had Swedish citizenship, a man of Iraqi origin according to Nya Tider, an online magazine which has labelled “extreme-right” by “trustworthy” newspaper, DN)

Emergency Services are now recruiting rapists to fill quotas

Back in November the Sweden Report noted that ambulance drivers were attacked with rocks, machetes and other multicultural objects. To handle this new Swedish friendship gesture dialogue police were sent into the no-go zones.

Alas, they weren’t succesful so to improve this already progressive police force the newly appointed chief of police decided to move the police school to Södertörns Högskola where new recruits will learn gender-awareness and an understanding of ethnical differences. Seeing as it will take a couple of years for the latest generation of culturally sensitive police officers to emerge, the ambulance drivers will probably keep on receiving friendship bracelets in the form of rocks.


The ambulance drivers union were puzzled at how to deal with the growing problem and decided to demand military gear back in November which the Swedish “media” decided to report today, in mid December. Whilst the bureaucratic agencies in charge slowly process the ethnocentric demand for military gear the ambulance drivers look liable to continue being atta… befriended.

There is fortunately a shimmer of light at the end of this multicultural tunnel if the fire departments latest project pays off.

“1) The number of firefighters with non-nordic background within Emergency Services South will after this project have increased from todays 0.9% to a minimum of 5% which is the first step to a more integrated emergency service which is more in line with the multicultural society in which it works.”

After the project is complete (and presumably a great success) the plan is to continually recruit, employ and integrate several non-Nordic firefighters.

Unfortunately, a setback seems to have been encountered which probably stems from structural discrimination i.e. there are very few people of non-Nordic background who are suitable for the socialist quotas in question. The bar had to be lowered even further and the emergency services have decided to employ an immigrant who has made and I quote “An amazing journey” according to the management at Emergency Services South.

What might that amazing journey be?

Back in 2003 a Danish couple decided to come to Sweden as tourists and enjoy everything our beautiful country has to offer. They camped in Klaghamn outside of Malmö when Sweden’s soon-to-be firefighter happened to pass by with some friends. The couple must have been discriminating against this group of non-Nordic individuals who saw no choice but to rob the couple and rape the woman in front of her boyfriend.

Less than 5 years later, in 2008, the man was recruited to the fore mentioned integration project and successfully completed the 10-month crash course for which he was awarded a prize called “The Golden Helmet”. He will start working as a firefighter in January 2015 which happens to coincide with the governments new censorship law making it easier to prosecute those who criticize immigrants, government officials and other minorities.

Meanwhile, ethnic Swedes are disadvantaged three-fold; having to take the normal 2-year course, being chosen second to immigrants and probably needing an impeccable criminal record.

Racist (?) reaction from an anonymous individual in the fire department

“Me and many others get an urge to puke at their bullshit” – he says and proceeds to say that:

“If you have participated in such a heinous crime, then you have a very screwed up view on human beings in my opinion”

He goes on to say that he has several colleagues, especially female, who are very disturbed and do not feel comfortable working with the new recruit. – None of them want to come out with their identity out of fear of losing their jobs for speaking out.

“Emergency Services South is an organisation controlled from the top where the bosses rule with an iron fist and constantly try to silence or get rid of those who have a different opinion” – the firefighter explains.

Previous racist (?) discontent within the fire department

“If you are going to work as a firefighter we think you should have to complete the official 2-year course. Not get everything handed to you on a silver platter via a 10 month course just because the emergency services want more firefighters with immigrant background” – says Jonas Härle from a union to Swedish Newspaper; Sydsvenskan.

“Some are simply completely incompetent firefighters. Their greatest quality is instead that they are from another country or that they are women. Emergency Services South are experts at quotas and sometimes it, unfortunately, goes so far that they employ completely incompetent individuals” – utters an anonymous firefighter

A wise man once said:

I think people should be angry at things that are worthy of anger. Injustice is outrageous and deserves outrage.

Chris Hayes (1979-?)