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Swedish Bath Houses Ban “Fat Shaming” Scales


For many years what’s called “träningshets” have been a subject of debate in Sweden. It literally translates to something like “exercise incitement,” meaning that some people feel pushed by societal norms to exercise a lot and get fit bodies. This is a bad thing, in their mind.

Now the issue of fat shaming has reached this little Nordic country. Fighting obesity in the age of the SJW means you hate fat people. To make sure no one’s feelings get hurt, bath facilities are throwing out their weighing scales.

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Swedish feminists managed to report and ban a feminist advertisement


“it’s time to take back our bodies” was the message Swedish Hasbeen used when attempting to normalize the image of a naked woman. But the feminist organisation Sveriges Kvinnolobby (Swedens Womens Lobby) had a different opinion and reported the advertisement to Reklamombudsmannen.

With the message “Go Natural” four naked women in wooden shoes were portrayed alongside the message:

“A picture of a naked womens body shouldn’t cause feelings such as shame and sin. It is this bigoted approach which is destructive to both women and men”, signed Emy Blixt, one of Swedish Hasbeens founders.

Swedens Womens Lobby, financed by the Swedish taxpayers, instead raised the alarm and reported it for being sexist.

Swedish Hasbeens attempted to defend the commercial by pointing out that the message was not one of sexism but instead the complete opposite – to stop the sexualization of female bodies whilst simultaneously throwing a punch for feminism.

“The advertisers founder defines herself as a radical feminist who doesn’t consider the Womens Lobby to be working to strengthen the image of the female body as something natural and nice but rather seems to prefer that women should look at their bodies as shameful sex objects to be covered up and censured and which women don’t own the right to”, wrote Swedish Hasbeen in their refutation.

Reklamombudsman nonetheless decided that women are portrayed as “mere sex objects” in the feminist advertisement.

“The Reklamombudsman finds that women, by being naked except for their shoes, are portrayed as mere sex objects. The portrayal of women is violating towards women as it doesn’t have any connection to the marketed product,”

Fun Fact

The sexist (?) advertisement in question appears to have been based on a photograph from 1980 by German-Australian fashion photographer Helmut Newton (1920-2004).


Good spot @maestraroos!

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Congratulations Pussy Porters!

Feminist researcher raises the alarm – Stereotypes and Islamophobia when museums portray Stone Age humans


Islamophobic white CIS-male upholding the misogynistic patriarchy with a spear

A researcher named Annika Bünz has investigated 36 archeological exhibitions on the Stone, Bronze, and Iron Age in Sweden and has made some staggering findings which were revealed today on Swedens Radio; Stone Age humans are portrayed as having fair hair, blue eyes, and light complexion with no knowledge of Islam!

” […] There are traces and indications that people living during this period had contact with Islam for example, but there isn’t a single story with some reasoning as to why Christianity was introduced. It is also said that one has no idea what skin- hair- or eye- color that humans may have had. In all my material there is no reconstruction or model of a human which shows anything other than a human with light skin, fair hair, and blue eyes. There is nobody with brown eyes or brown hair, and in all the photo-material there isn’t a single person with slightly darker skin tone.”

I am personally very concerned and feel offended on behalf of Swedes who have migrated in the past decade from the Middle East and Africa. When they go to these museum exhibitions they might feel insecure, oppressed and discriminated by ethnic Swedes understandably leading to riots and other violent anti-social behaviour.

Fortunately Fanny Steen and Annika Bünz, who holds a masters degree in sociology and archeology, have worked out a method to examine museum exhibitions from a gender perspective with the help of the feminist term intersectionality  which is the study of interactions between forms or systems of oppression, domination or discrimination.

“The way I see it is that this is the first step to change and to seek out what actually needs changing. It is obvious that it isn’t enough to choose a gender-perspective when builiding an exhibition for the result to break old habitual norms. Lifting forth a woman as the protagonist in a story doesn’t necessarily mean that you break stereotypical portrayals, it could instead underpin and strengthen stereotypes. By analysing exhibitions built up around archeological material in a gender and post-colonial perspective with semiotics as a tool I hope to add new perspectives to archeology both inwards towards research and outwards. Semiotics helps to deconstruct wholes and go in and looks at the parts / details, shine light on where the problem lies and thereby hopefully finding ways to pass on archeology in a more multi-faceted perspective. The term intersectionality helps analyse exhibitions picture of man based on more multi-layered categorisations than for example sex/gender, class and ethnicity.” – Annika Bünz on Gothenburg Universities website.

Perhaps 10 years from now Stone Age humans will finally be portrayed somewhat differently in Swedish museums?


37,000  years ago in what is now modern day Scandinavia vertically-challenged women with dark complexion lived in symbiosis with pale, tall and bisexual males. The fathers would typically stay at home breast-feeding the children whilst the mothers went out hunting mammoths with a Qur’an in one hand and a spear in the other.

Critics might argue that the lack of vitamin D at higher latitudes makes it likely that there was a higher prevalence of blonde hair, blue eyes and white skin in Scandinavia and that due to biology the hunters in ancient times were predominantly men whilst the gatherers were predominantly women. Others might point out that it would have been hard for them to have any knowledge about Islam at the time considering that the religion in question formed 4000 years after the Stone Age ended and 600 years after the Iron Age ended in Europe.

On the other hand that sounds like something a racist and/or misogynistic CIS-male would say.

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Gender-neutral bathrooms in Skellefteå


Politicians in Skellefteå municipality appear to have been inspired by South Park and are now considering opening extra changing rooms in bath houses and gymnasiums for individuals who feel insecure in their gender role.

Lo Lindström is a high-school student studying at Anderstorpskolan in Skellefteå and hen (gender-neutral Swedish pronoun) doesn’t feel comfortable getting changed in any of the schools changing rooms so hen has now gone ahead and written a proposal regarding a gender-neutral changing room which has prompted a local politician to take action.

– We know that many groups need their own changing rooms. Even due to religious reasons or shyness. We choose to say specific changing rooms, says local Social-Democratic politician Monica Widman-Lundmark

Due to Sweden moving in a more radical feminist direction proposals and decisions which would be frowned upon or ridiculed in most countries are considered normal in Sweden. To take a couple of examples:

-The Swedish Armed Forces have decided to have a “gender advisor” in every regiment by 2016

-The Left Party in Sörmland attempted to forbid men from standing up and peeing back in 2012

-Morgan “only 1%” Johansson, Minister of Justice & Migration recently considered fining or dissolving companies that don’t use quotas to make sure there are at least 40% women in their board of directors.

I could go on all day but what worries me is not so much the pseudo-scientific and quasi-religious beliefs of adults but rather what happens when Swedish children are indoctrinated and emasculated in “genderless” pre-schools (ages 1-5) such as Egalia in Stockholm.

– We choose books with single mothers or same-sex couples, says Gabriella Martinsson who runs six pre-schools and has worked with gender even prior to Egalia opening its doors in 2010.

– They get hetero-family books everywhere anyway. It can seem exaggerated, but we need to constantly act as a counter-weight to a gender-segregated and conservative society.

In other news:

Swedish divorce rates hit a record-high in 2014

Sweden’s Feminist Party


Self-proclaimed feminists wearing the veil in support of Islam

Left: Åsa Romson, Green Party, Deputy PM of Sweden

Centre: Gudrun Schyman, Feminist Initiatives party leader

Right: Veronica Palm, Social-Democratic parliamentarian

En Arg Blatte talar is a popular YouTuber whose name literally means “Angry Blatte Speaks” and he is an anomaly in Sweden because he speaks his mind and uses common-sense when doing so.

In the following video (with English subtitles available) he explains what the Feminist Iniative stand for and why you should think twice about voting for them.

Former communist, Gudrun Schyman, is the leader of the party in question and she has managed to garner support from celebrities such as Pharell and Jane Fonda. The Guardian thinks “Every country needs a political party like Sweden’s Feminist Iniative”, and when Newsweek and the Local report on the political party spreading to parliaments across Europe they are overwhelmingly positive.

“The discrimination and the violations appears in different shapes depending on where we find outselves. But it’s the same norm, the same structure, the same pattern, that is repeated both in the Taliban’s Afghanistan and here in Sweden.”

The quote above was from a speech in 2002 when Schyman was the leader of the Left Party (formerly known as Left Party Communists). Feminist Iniative, which she founded, has the same underlying Marxist ideology except class conflict has been replaced by a conflict between the sexes.

Either the media supports the Feminist Iniative because of what they stand for or they haven’t even bothered to read the party program and write positive articles about them because the name itself is trendy.

What do you think?

F.A.Q. = Feminist Asks Questions

How dare you write about Mona Sahlin instead of Erik “the Gypsy” Ullenhag?

I was planning on writing about Erik Ullenhag but I decided that critiquing two male politicians in a row would be unfair to all the female politicians in Sweden who have failed just as miserably as their male counterparts. Therefore I have decided to follow in our Prime Minister: Stefan Löfvens footsteps by using quotas in my blogg to show how feminist I am.

I note that you are planning on writing several posts about Mona. Are you treating her worse because she is a woman?

Call me what you will but misogynist shouldn’t be among them. I love women and Mona has simply been in politics for so long that I am, to be completely honest, at loss for words and must therefore divide up her failures in several posts so as to not turn this post into an essay of biblical proportions.

Makes sense, so you are critiquing politicians equally regardless of their genitalia?

Yes, it may seem strange that I am not giving males the blame for all the worlds problems. That would be very Swedish and typical behaviour of the current Deputy Prime Minister of Sweden; Åsa *Misandrist* Romson. It might be my Italian heritage and the American schools I went to. To me it seems logical that if we are going to use quotas to empower women we might as well go all the way and use quotas when it comes to critique.

I couldn’t help but notice that Mr. Ullenhags nickname is “the Gypsy”. Isn’t that kind of racist?

The word gypsy is not necessarily a racial slur or a pejorative in the English language. It is a legal term used in British law and if you think that it is racist of me to use the term gypsy, the negative association in your head m3phzpvakes you a racist. The usage of the term in this context is merely to denote Erik Ullenhags affection for the gypsy minority in Sweden. Your actions define who you are regardless of what color skin you have or what ethnic group you belong to. Commiting crimes when belonging to an ethnic group does not mean that the rest of the people belonging to your ethnic group commit crime.  It is worth noting that the Swedish direct translation is “zigenare” but if I was to write this text in Swedish I would write Erik “Romani” Ullenhag or Erik “EU-migranten” Ullenhag so as to avoid being charged with “hets mot folkgrupp” which loosely translates to hate speech but a direct translation would be “incitement towards racial hatred” and “anti-ziganism” i.e. “anti-gypsyism” falls in under this category.

You seem critical of feminism, are you?

In Sweden feminism has arguably been taken too far with gender-studies, quotas and the whole shebang. I believe that the word itself is problematic because wofeminist-meme23men have the same rights and legal protection as men. The term in its earliest context was useful because women were oppressed by men. In todays context it becomes problematic because it implies that women are still inferior or subjugated to men. The definition is: the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes.

Unfortunately, I believe, that the term has become watered down in todays world. In Sweden we have a much more extreme variant and the term has been hijacked by the Feminist Initiative under the leadership of former-communist Gudrun Schyman.

A new term which does not imply that one sex is inferior to another would be more appropriate so as to become more attractive to men as well as women.

Equalism perhaps?