What if the U.S.A. took in as many immigrants/capita as Sweden in 2015?

Math question for Morgan

If the U.S.A., China, U.K., Germany, or France were to receive the same amount of immigrants as Sweden is expecting in 2015, adjusted for their population size, how many immigrants would they be taking in?

Current Population

Social science question for Morgan

If Obama said to the New York Times that the U.S.A. was to receive 3,190,770 immigrants in 2015 coming mainly from Syria, Eritrea, Not sure, Somalia, and Afghanistan how would his constituents react? If he then argued that that the American people need to see the immigrants as an asset instead of a liability despite the fact that Americans need to pay for the forementioneds accommodation, food, education and welfare over the next few years where would his political career be?

If you succeed in answering the previous questions the following should be easy. If Obama also threatened states that refuse to accept assets, in the form of immigrants, with economic sanctions how long would it take before mass protests are organized outside of the White House?

Hypothetical scenarios aside, lets take a look at Sweden, where the forementioned was done without a referendum.

Our population consists of 9 728 498 people as of September 2014

In 2013-2014 the main countries of origin for immigrants who applied for asylum in Sweden were:

  1. Syria – 38 060
  2. Eritrea – 14 489
  3. “Stateless” – 12 533 (Stateless = No ID / Kurdistan / Palestine)
  4. Somalia – 7267
  5. Afghanistan – 5024

Worth noting:

The migration-industry is booming in Sweden and several people who work at the government institutions that handle the applications have been tried and convicted of corruption. Strangely enough none of these individuals seem to be “ethnic” Swedes, judging by their last names.

Clearly this industry demands migrant labour. Your average blonde and blue eyed Swede does not speak Somali or Arabic. Which does not mean that we should draw the conclusion that non-Swedes or immigrants are more corrupt for that is simply not true. Corruption occurs everywhere and is due to a human innate desire to make money, fast, not due to skin color or origin.

Critics will argue that an isolated incident doesn’t mean its widespread but I would argue that is more likely than not that corruption is more widespread in the migration sector due to the enormous strain it is under and the money involved.e6sih

This means that immigrants are incentivised to pay criminal smugglers large sums of money to transport them to the welfare-paradise in the North. When they arrive they are faced with former-immigrants and ethnic-Swedes who process their application.

Regardless of wether you are a refugee, immigrant or Martian it would be very strange if you weren’t willing to pay a lot of money to gain asylum in the most generous welfare-state in the world. Hence Swedish corruption becomes a relatively new (?) phenomenon further diminishing our trust in the government and wrecking our reputation as the “perfect” middle-ground between capitalism and socialism.

I sound highly critical of immigrants and/or refugees but that is not true. I believe that we ought to give people a dignified life. Ghetto life and inhumane asylum homes is, perhaps, not the way to go. The problem is that the Swedish media and government uses the term “paperless” as a synonym for illegal immigrants and only a small amount of the so-called “refugees” are considered refugees by U.N. standards. It sounds odd but to take an example: all Syrians are granted refugee status even if they have been living outside of Syria and aren’t affected by the violence there.

The reason that the politicians and media are doing this is a misguided perception that they are being benevolent and showing equality, openness, *insert liberal adjective*. Swedes are not innately better or more generous than anyone else, they have just been brainwashed for so long by the media that they are simply not wholly informed of the extent and costs.

Using the term refugee for those who aren’t is simply cruel and immoral to all the men and women fleeing the terror and horror being perpetrated by the Islamic State. Ironically if a mere 10% of immigrants coming to Sweden are “real” refugees, according to U.N. standards, and this is extrapolated to the 2015 prediction it entails that 10 000 “real” refugees will be indirectly punished by Swedens overly-generous migration policies. Why?

Because Swedes will perceive the majority of immigrants as not being refugees hence causing the “real” ones to be guilty by association in the primitive minds of human beings. To make things worse when voices are raised to seriously reform the migration industry the “real” refugees will be outraged and protest loudly in the media whilst the crooks pretending to be refugees are silent. This further increases the brooding tension between ethnic and non-ethnic Swedes.

We are in for a wild ride.

Taxpayers forced to support ex-ISIS terrorists

Who is this lovely politician?3272093

This politician has represented the Social(ist)-Democrats for around 40 years and has come under the spotlight for promising that ”Swedish” boys who have travelled down to Syria to kill infidels in the name of the Islamic State are victims and will therefore be supported by Swedish taxpayers. She is also quick to point out that segregation is just as big of a threat to democracy as extremism.

By segregation does she perhaps mean the “structural discrimination” which occurs when a man who has his origins in the Middle East and speaks Swedish poorly is denied a job whilst a Swede with his origins in Sweden who speaks Swedish fluently gets a job?

Non-Swedes probably think that this was a bad attempt at satire but alas this is just a high-ranking Swedish politician at work year 2014. In her defence former P.M. Göran Persson did point out over a decade ago that:

“Her strength is not thinking but projecting a message”

Fun Fact: The journalist interviewing the P.M. got angry and said that it could make her and others sad when he said mean things. This, to me, is Swedish culture in a nutshell.

Sweden = IKEA, Volvo, Snow, Blondes, and ISIS (?)

It may seem surreal but genocidal maniacs hiding out with a Swedish passport is nothing new in Sweden unfortunately your average Joe here has no idea. The explanation for the ostrich like behaviour is quiet simple; anyone criticising Islamists or the Islamic faith is automatically labelled an islamophobe by the official and social media. One man who suffered this sort of outcry is the poet and Christian Marcus Birro who tweeted the following.

“I don’t buy that all “religions” are dangerous. What does the majority of the worlds religious terrorism have in common? Islam. Fact.”

He was consequently called racist by the left wing media and received no less than 10 death threats and this sort of response which led him to leave the country,

This is the nastiest form of political correctness and as we all know it can have devastating consequences because it tends to diminish common sense as was experienced first hand by the people in Rotterham. Thus far the ethnic Swede brings thoughts to the equally peaceful albeit monocultural dodo bird.

How many Swedish boys and girls with the ability to travel freely in the EU have decided to join the Holy War against infidels in 2014?

Like with the costs related to immigration, Swedish authorities are notoriously bad at keeping track of problems which may cause people to vote for the “wrong” party.

* = Confirmed number of Swedes who have travelled to Syria and Iraq to fight for ISIS

** = Estimated number of Swedes who have travelled to Syria and Iraq fight for ISIS

^ = Swedish ISIS fighters who have died.

2014-08-14 – 80* – 200** – 20 ^

According to researchers at the Swedish National Defence College there are around 80 confirmed cases of individuals who have travelled to Syria to kill infidels with unparralleled brutality but there could be around 200 which in laymans terms means that they have no idea.

2014-10-22 – 90* – 150** – 23 ^

Two months later the Swedish Security Service notes that we have nothing to fear for three more Swedes have perished and they downplay the estimate regarding Swedes who travelled to Syria to join up with ISIS to 150. Mind you they are referring to the previous estimate which stated upwards 200 people.

2014-11-07 – 90* – 300350** – 27 ^

The Swedish Security Service has not updated the numbers but according to one Swede, with relatives high up in the Kurdish military, there are around 300-350.

2014-11-22 – 100* – 300**27^

The Swedish Security Services state there are 100 confirmed cases and 150 unconfirmed. They update the estimate to 300+. Seeing as we have lax terror laws in Sweden they “calm” the population by informing them that when the traumatized jihadists come home the Security Service visits them and lets them know they are being watched. I feel safer already.


Although I get tired of hearing the words “Islamophobia” the following mantra ought to be repeated to counter-act the politically correct elements if you are to discuss the issue rationally:

The majority of Swedish muslims are NOT terrorists but the majority of Swedish terrorists ARE muslims.

It truly goes to show that the the Swedish education system has devolved into a complete multicultural disaster. This is clearly reflected amongst the younger generation who went on to become journalists and politicians. The anti-Islamophobe-industry is a relatively new Swedish phenomenon and their lack of logic stems from the same root; shoddy Swedish schools which is reflected in their conscious or subconscious use of fallacies. I try to be somewhat elaborate in my critique of Swedish journalists and politicians whilst they are more fond of ad hominems.


Relax and realize that Mona “Christ” Sahlin and Mehmet “The Victim” Kaplan will solve this. They will gather up the ex-ISIS warriors (that our own Secret Service can’t keep track off) and hold hands whilst listening to Kumbaya.

To most Mona will be remembered as a post-modernistic version of Jesus who’s policies, one might argue, undermine ISIS-victims.


In her defense she probably thinks she is doing the right thing to stem all forms of extremism. The logic might go something along the lines of

-If we give them a second chance they will not be ostracised by society which in turn reduces the chance of a relapse-

I can respect the fact that she might think that way even though I think we need to get tougher on the issue of Islamic extremism. If push comes to shove I will be very clear:

Mona has ALSO dedicated more time than most in fighting all forms of extremism and has probably helped more people in her lifetime than I ever will. The blunder, however, deserves a very critical response, hence my, harsh language.

Last but not least the Swedish Secret Service probably have more information than they choose to go out with and I am not too familiar with their efficiency. Despite this I deem it likely that their hands are tied behind their backs due to Islamophobia and political correctness. In Sweden we call it.

Beröringsskräck –

The lady below is a classic example of how far political-correctness can go.


F.A.Q. = Feminist Asks Questions

How dare you write about Mona Sahlin instead of Erik “the Gypsy” Ullenhag?

I was planning on writing about Erik Ullenhag but I decided that critiquing two male politicians in a row would be unfair to all the female politicians in Sweden who have failed just as miserably as their male counterparts. Therefore I have decided to follow in our Prime Minister: Stefan Löfvens footsteps by using quotas in my blogg to show how feminist I am.

I note that you are planning on writing several posts about Mona. Are you treating her worse because she is a woman?

Call me what you will but misogynist shouldn’t be among them. I love women and Mona has simply been in politics for so long that I am, to be completely honest, at loss for words and must therefore divide up her failures in several posts so as to not turn this post into an essay of biblical proportions.

Makes sense, so you are critiquing politicians equally regardless of their genitalia?

Yes, it may seem strange that I am not giving males the blame for all the worlds problems. That would be very Swedish and typical behaviour of the current Deputy Prime Minister of Sweden; Åsa *Misandrist* Romson. It might be my Italian heritage and the American schools I went to. To me it seems logical that if we are going to use quotas to empower women we might as well go all the way and use quotas when it comes to critique.

I couldn’t help but notice that Mr. Ullenhags nickname is “the Gypsy”. Isn’t that kind of racist?

The word gypsy is not necessarily a racial slur or a pejorative in the English language. It is a legal term used in British law and if you think that it is racist of me to use the term gypsy, the negative association in your head m3phzpvakes you a racist. The usage of the term in this context is merely to denote Erik Ullenhags affection for the gypsy minority in Sweden. Your actions define who you are regardless of what color skin you have or what ethnic group you belong to. Commiting crimes when belonging to an ethnic group does not mean that the rest of the people belonging to your ethnic group commit crime.  It is worth noting that the Swedish direct translation is “zigenare” but if I was to write this text in Swedish I would write Erik “Romani” Ullenhag or Erik “EU-migranten” Ullenhag so as to avoid being charged with “hets mot folkgrupp” which loosely translates to hate speech but a direct translation would be “incitement towards racial hatred” and “anti-ziganism” i.e. “anti-gypsyism” falls in under this category.

You seem critical of feminism, are you?

In Sweden feminism has arguably been taken too far with gender-studies, quotas and the whole shebang. I believe that the word itself is problematic because wofeminist-meme23men have the same rights and legal protection as men. The term in its earliest context was useful because women were oppressed by men. In todays context it becomes problematic because it implies that women are still inferior or subjugated to men. The definition is: the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes.

Unfortunately, I believe, that the term has become watered down in todays world. In Sweden we have a much more extreme variant and the term has been hijacked by the Feminist Initiative under the leadership of former-communist Gudrun Schyman.

A new term which does not imply that one sex is inferior to another would be more appropriate so as to become more attractive to men as well as women.

Equalism perhaps?

Morgan “only 1%” Johansson


Who is Morgan Johansson?

As of the 3rd of October 2014 this gentlemen has taken on the role as both Sweden’s Minister of Justice and Minister of Migration in the current minority government that rules Sweden with a feminist fist. His boss is none other than our very own prime minister; Stefan Löfven.

What will future generations remember him for?

What truly makes him stand out is his proclamation in public service radio “Studio Ett” that the 100 000 asylum seekers who are expected in 2015 are a mere 1% of the population” and therefore a minor issue for Sweden.

The biggest issue according to the minister is the even distribution of refugees to all the Swedish municipalities. To solve the distribution dilemma he has implied placing economic sanctions on the Swedish municipalities that refuse to take on refugees. He is, nevertheless generous, for he will provide taxpayer-kronor to those municipalities who take on more refugees. Morgan is, in other words, a sort of Old Testament god.

His socialist omnipotence does not end there. He has decided to invite most of the political parties to discuss solutions to the, so-called, minor issue Sweden is facing. 87% of the Swedish electorate is represented at the discussion.

Morgan shockingly decided to exclude the third-largest democratically elected party from the talks; The Sweden Democrats. The political-party that almost 800 000 Swedes voted for despite daily accusations by the media that the party in question was racist for wanting to reduce immigration. Morgan claims that they aren’t constructive when it comes to these issues for they have a completely different outlook on the issue. He is quiet right. They do not view the current situation with his politically correct contact lenses. They want to reduce immigration to the European average and do not consider the current levels to be sustainable. The political parties that were invited differ greatly from this standpoint, they think unlimited mass immigration is the only way forward for Sweden.

His reputation was, however, improved just yesterday, 2014-11-12, when he argued that we shouldn’t view refugees as a liability for Swedish society but rather as an asset. He probably realized that he didn’t sound convincing so he used an argument which pretty much sums up the definition of brain drain.

“Many of those arriving to Sweden are educated doctors, teachers and other white-collar workers that we sorely need. We need to teach them Swedish fast and get them employed.”

and the unforgettable

“The Zlatan and Loreen (who?) of 2030 might come from Syria and Eritrea!”

Making the Orwellian argument that a liability is the same thing as an asset became even more contradictory when he said that he was going to apply for EU-benefits. If refugees are an asset why would Sweden need to apply for benefits to pay for them?

Welfare… to pay for…welfare. Welfareception?

To sum things up; Morgan will be remembered by the municipalities as the socialist with a god complex who gave them two choices; the carrot or the stick. By a small click of people he will be remembered for his logical fallacies and political correctness. Most will, however, remember him simply as….

Morgan “only 1%” Johansson.


Swedes have the most generous welfare system in the world which is paid for with the highest taxes in the world. Granting 100 000 alleged refugees citizenship will be expensive. Mind you, only a small percentage are actually considered refugees by UN standards which raises questions as to who is actually being granted asylum in Sweden. Our neighbours, Norway and Denmark, take in a tiny fraction of refugees compared to us and they consider the redistribution of taxpayer kronor to be a sacred duty. Therefore they compare their statistics regarding costs related to immigration with each other regularily. When they decided to compare with Sweden they were in for a shock. Swedish counterparts had no idea how much immigration cost them because they don’t research the matter properly, despite taking in more refugees per capita than any other european country.

The question is wether or not the nationalists are a viable alternative?

You tell me.

Scrutinizing politically correct madness for the masses.