STASI-veteran will assist German government in Facebook censorship


Anette Kahane – former Stasi agent who will assist the German government in monitoring and censoring dissenting citizens.

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According to Vice Chancellor Sigmar approximately 1 million migrants will arrive in Germany this year alone and Chancellor Merkel says there is no limit to how many they will take in.

Politically incorrect Germans who voice their skepticism can look forward to censorship – at least on Facebook.

Minister of Justice, Heiko Maas, has had quiet enough of the uppity Germans who have the gall to criticize the ongoing population replacement so last week he sent an open letter to Facebook demanding that the social-media company commence systematically erasing “xenophobic” material.

On Monday Facebook sent a delegation to meet with the Minister who has set forth a plan – namely that a special task force scour Facebook and delete comments deemed inappropriate by the State.

“The goal is to ease identification of criminal statements” – says Heiko Maas to Bild.

The task force’s members are appointed by the government and Facebook, but the the left-wing organization Network against Nazis (“Netz gegen Nazis”) will also be represented.

The network was founded in the year 2007 by the Antonio Amadeu Trust, led by the Jewish-German left-wing activist Anette Kahne who, during the years 1974-82, worked as a secret agent for the East German Security Service known as Stasi.

Today Anette Kahane works as a professional anti-racist and last year proclaimed in an interview with RT that European countries must open their borders and adapt completely to immigrants from the third world.

“You have to really change the policy of immigration inside Europe. This is very important, you have to adopt the educational system and adapt all the self understanding of the states. They are not anymore only white or only Swedish or only Portuguese or only German. They are multicultural places in the world.”

That an ex-Stasi informant will be tasked with monitoring and censoring Facebook has been criticized by the site PI NEWS.

“25 years after German re-unification former East German citizens will, together with their West German brothers and sisters, be monitored by old Stasi cadres”.

According to Simon Wiesenthal who spent half a century hunting Nazi criminals the Stasi was much, much worse than the Gestapo.

“The Gestapo had 40,000 officials watching a country of 80 million, while the Stasi employed 102,000 to control 17 million.”

And as John Koehler, author of Stasi – The Untold Story of the East German Secret Police, points out:

“the Stasi spent four decades perfecting it’s machinery of oppression, espionage, international terrorism and subversion whilst the Gestapo lasted only twelve years.”

Source: Fria Tider

Edit Previously wrote that John Koehler was affiliated with the NYT but that is not the case. Cheers BTP (@tomdap) for notifying me of that error.:

Finland tightens controls at Swedish border


After several hundred illegal immigrants have poured into Finland via Sweden the Finnish government have tightened their border controls according to Fria Tider

“The refugee situation in northern Finland is completely out of control” says Petteri Orpo, Minister of the Interior to Yle.

The minister also criticized SJ, Sweden’s government owned train operator, for deciding to allow illegal immigrants to travel for free via Sweden to Finland without showing identification like regular customers. SJ motivated their decision by saying that they should “act in a kind-hearted and humanitarian fashion”.

The result has been a large increase in the number of illegals travelling to Northern Finland via Sweden for asylum in the last couple of days. On Sunday alone approximately 300 migrants arrived to Torneå, according to Yle.

“We have seen increased numbers of asylum seekers on trains in the past week. There’s been everywhere from around 10 to 100 per train, according to Mika Hejjari, communications officer at VR.

Minister of the Interior, Petteri Orpo, has therefore said that controls at the Swedish border will be tightened. During a press conference in Brussels today he said that 150 people have been employed specifically to deal with the immigration disaster.

Many of the immigrants are Iraqis who have fled from Sweden to Finland because of more generous rules for family immigration. Seeing as they’ve thrown away their ID’s they can’t buy Finland Ferry tickets and instead travel by land.

“This is the most heavily trafficked rout to Finland at the moment. Refugees come via train from Stockholm to Luleå. Then they take the bus over the border to Torneå, and then travel further south via train, says Yles Tom Kankkonen.


Sweden’s ugly immigration problem

Analysis of Sweden’s failed immigration policy by Margaret Wente in the Canadian Globe and Mail:


“In Europe, refugees from Syria and Iraq have been cramming the ferry-trains heading from Germany to Denmark. But once in Denmark, many refused to get off. Where they really want to go is Sweden, where refugee policies are more generous. When the Danes said no, they hopped off the trains, and began heading toward the Swedish border by taxi, bus, and foot.”

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“Swede” prosecuted for participation in Rwandan genocide


From L-R: Sven Svensson, Karl Isaksson, Rune Viklander, and Tor Stenhammar have travelled all the way to Stockholm to protest their Swedish friend being prosecuted.

According to SVD a 60-year-old man has been prosecuted for “committing genocide via murder, assisted murder, incitement to murder, attempted murder and kidnapping. The purpose was to eradicate the ethnic group known as Tutsis.

This is the second genocide indictment which has been raised in Sweden, says prosecutor Tora Holst at the international prosecution chamber in Stockholm, to TT.

He is now being prosecuted for genocide and aggravated crimes against international law in Rwanda during the spring and summer of 1994.

The 60-year-old Rwandan Hutu in question migrated to Sweden in 2002 but judging from the mainstream media headlines (with the exception of Expressen who posted his picture and his name) he may as well have been Benny from Abba. 2015-09-04 21-15-33

“Swede prosecuted for genocide in Rwanda” – Svenska Dagbladet


“Swede prosecuted for genocide in Rwanda” – Dagens Nyheter 2015-09-04 21-20-15

“Swede prosecuted for thousands of murders” – Aftonbladet

1% of the population responsible for 63% of all violent crime convictions


According to a study available here 1% of the population is responsible for 63,2% of all violent crime convictions in Sweden.

Independent variables were gender, age of first convictions for a violent crime, nonviolent crime convictions and diagnoses for major mental disorders, personality disorders and substance use disorders.

The majority of violent crimes were perpetrated by a small number of persisent violent offenders, typically males, characterized by early onset of violent criminality, substance abuse, personality abuse, and nonviolent criminality.

For reasons unkonwn ethnicity was not used as a variable despite there being ample evidence suggesting that Swedes with foreign background commit the majority of all crimes, despite only making up 27% of the population.

The digital assassination of Julia Caesar


Readers who follow Scandinavian affairs (and Scandinavians themselves) are familiar with Julia Caesar, an accomplished Swedish journalist who writes a “Sunday Chronicle” every week at Snaphanen. A couple of her translated pieces were published here at Gates of Vienna (and on this blog) several years ago.

Ms. Caesar writes under a pseudonym for a good reason: she lives in Sweden. The Swedish political-media establishment tolerates no dissent, and does its best to make the life of a dissident into a living hell.

On Sunday Ms. Caesar revealed that her identity and “undisclosed location” had been discovered by a pair of Swedish journalists, who have been hounding her for a year with the implied threat of exposure if she would not talk to them. The situation came to a head during the month of August, prompting the writer to take unusual and courageous action: Rather than wait for her tormentors to publicly expose her, she exposed them in her weekly column.

The two scribblers responded to her essay by revealing her name and publishing her photo in a major Swedish newspaper.

Read the rest on GATES OF VIENNA – 5478 more words

Swedish citizens born abroad are 10x more likely to be dependent on welfare

sweden-welfareDark green = Swedish citizens born in Sweden

Light green = Swedish citizens born abroad

The chart’s show the development [of welfare dependency] for domestic and foreign born [Swedish citizens] between 2005 and 2014.

Foreign born, who in 2014 made up 16,5% of the total population were last year overrepresented 10 times over with regards to welfare dependency compared to domestic born. In 2014 foreign born consumed two-thirds (66,4%) of the social benefits, almost nine billion kronor.

Since 2005 these welfare expenditures have increased by four billion or 82% for those born abroad. During the whole time span, 2005-2014, domestic born only consumed 41 of the 107 billion kronor designated for welfare.

Botkyrka municipality has not shared it’s data

The municipalities report their social benefits statistics to the National Board of Health and Welfare, but Botkyrka has not managed to do that since 2011. Those responsible for the numbers claim that the computer system isn’t compatible with the monthly reporting which the National Board demands. Interesting considering that Botkyrka, a suburb of Stockholm, is one of the municipalities with most immigrants where a majority of citizens have foreign background.

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