What is thy purpose?

On the 10th of December 2013 one of Sweden’s largest newspapers utilized an extreme-left group of hackers to expose the names and addresses of 6200 people who posted anonymously on alternative-news outlets. Many were fired for anonymous comments on the Internet. Some were confronted in their homes and subsequently ostracized by the society they grew up and worked in. Expressen was not charged and the hackers were nominated for “The big journalist prize”.

Therefore I have chosen to write anonymously about all the crazy comings and goings in politically correct Sweden.

8 thoughts on “What is thy purpose?”

  1. Response to Apartheid video:
    The irony of course is that there is a new “Apartheid” in South Africa. The racist communist ANC regime’s plan for SA is to eventually have an “equal” and ‘non racial” society where every aspect of life is representative of the racial statistics of the population. For example: 80% of the SA population is Black, so 80% of managers and employees at an institution must be black, 80% of orphans in orphanages must be Black, 80% of schoolchildren at a school must be Black, 80% of pilots at South African Airways must be Black, etc. 2% of the population is Indian, so 2% of Indians must be reflected in the stats, and so each race group must be reflected proportionately in society (Black, White, Coloured, Indian). People are employed based on race and not skills/competence. Government tenders&contracts are awarded to companies based on race. If an orphanage has too many White children, it will not receive government funding. White-owned businesses are penalized if they don’t have a certain number of Blacks. The ANC is always checking if something is “too white” (a school, a suburb, a business, a sports team) and labeling it “racist”, but never checking if something is too Black. For example: the national rugby team is too White so it’s racist. But the soccer team is most of the time 100% Black and nobody cares.

    The other irony of course is that Blacks are not the indigenous people of SA – the Bushmen (Khoi and San) are. Black settlers from northern parts of Africa and White settlers from Europe arrived in SA at approximately the same time and the Bushmen were displaced. The huge population explosion of Blacks in SA from 3million in 1900 to 45million currently is a great contributor to current poverty amongst Blacks. In comparison, there were 1million Whites in 1900 and 4.5million Whites currently. Millions of rands which should be used to uplift communities are also lost annually due to ANC government corruption. However the ANC conveniently blames all of the current poverty in Black communities only on Whites and Apartheid – which gives them an excuse to continue with their racist policies indefinitely. The ANC’s social engineering would put Verwoerd, the “architect of Apartheid”, to shame. Please feel free to delete this post if you feel it’s not relevant. But maybe people in Europe don’t know what’s going on in SA, which only proves the point about the censored media….


    1. I am well aware of the post-apartheid era that today plagues South Africa. I dislike all forms of quotas such as that of our current government.

      Its 50% male, 50% female and a couple of minorities that seem to have been employed for no other reason than that they have a certain color skin or faith.

      I couldn’t care less if our government consists solely homosexual colored women or heterosexual caucasian men as long as the individuals in question are most suited and competent for their jobs.


  2. I wonder if you are interested in investigating and talking about the relation between Sweden and conspiracy theory, such as Rothschild, secret society, Vatican, and how it’s affecting Swedish society? I think their influence is almost worldwild, especially in the western culture, but just nobody talks about it and/or investigate how it affects the societies other than USA and uk.


  3. Why is Sweden asleep? Why aren’t you doing anything? The muslims multiply like a virus. I was reading an article about how we are basing the refugee entrance to a country on their religion and race, well the muslims use religion and race whenever they want. They create death and destruction in every country that is not muslim and then send their spawn to the next country to destroy them. They are in no danger in countries afflicted with war as it is the Christians who are killed there and all these bodies washing ashore, they probably killed them en route . Sweden wake up before its too late, the muslims are a bio hazard and like a virus you country will be consumed and there will be no more Scandinavian heritage or rape, murder and pillaging of these barbarians.


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