Swedish Bath Houses Ban “Fat Shaming” Scales


For many years what’s called “träningshets” have been a subject of debate in Sweden. It literally translates to something like “exercise incitement,” meaning that some people feel pushed by societal norms to exercise a lot and get fit bodies. This is a bad thing, in their mind.

Now the issue of fat shaming has reached this little Nordic country. Fighting obesity in the age of the SJW means you hate fat people. To make sure no one’s feelings get hurt, bath facilities are throwing out their weighing scales.

Read the rest on ROK – 940 more words

2 thoughts on “Swedish Bath Houses Ban “Fat Shaming” Scales”

  1. The fact that you call it “bath houses” (which is where gay men hook up and have sex) shows how imbecile and ignorant the pseudo journalism on this site is. LOL.


    1. This is a blog not the New York Times and I never claimed to be a journalist

      For the record I wasn’t the one who wrote the article in question, I merely linked to it and the Swedish author apparently seems to have directly translated the word “badhus” hence the confusion.


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