Finland tightens controls at Swedish border


After several hundred illegal immigrants have poured into Finland via Sweden the Finnish government have tightened their border controls according to Fria Tider

“The refugee situation in northern Finland is completely out of control” says Petteri Orpo, Minister of the Interior to Yle.

The minister also criticized SJ, Sweden’s government owned train operator, for deciding to allow illegal immigrants to travel for free via Sweden to Finland without showing identification like regular customers. SJ motivated their decision by saying that they should “act in a kind-hearted and humanitarian fashion”.

The result has been a large increase in the number of illegals travelling to Northern Finland via Sweden for asylum in the last couple of days. On Sunday alone approximately 300 migrants arrived to Torneå, according to Yle.

“We have seen increased numbers of asylum seekers on trains in the past week. There’s been everywhere from around 10 to 100 per train, according to Mika Hejjari, communications officer at VR.

Minister of the Interior, Petteri Orpo, has therefore said that controls at the Swedish border will be tightened. During a press conference in Brussels today he said that 150 people have been employed specifically to deal with the immigration disaster.

Many of the immigrants are Iraqis who have fled from Sweden to Finland because of more generous rules for family immigration. Seeing as they’ve thrown away their ID’s they can’t buy Finland Ferry tickets and instead travel by land.

“This is the most heavily trafficked rout to Finland at the moment. Refugees come via train from Stockholm to Luleå. Then they take the bus over the border to Torneå, and then travel further south via train, says Yles Tom Kankkonen.


One thought on “Finland tightens controls at Swedish border”

  1. These people must be sent back to their homeland. Who would have ever thought that Europe would take it hook line and sinker, muslims running from islam is absurd. The so called “refugee” is the new Trojan horse, refugee today, terrorist tomorrow.

    Why is it the responsibility of any European country to give these “refugees”(most are economic refugees) a better life. Europe has nothing to gain by letting or bringing these people in. Europe, your first and last obligation is to your people. What do the “refugees” have to offer? They bring nothing to the table.

    Why don’t muslim “asylum seekers” go to Qatar, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates , Oman, Saudi Arabia or any of the other rich muslim countries? These are Islamic countries therefore more suitable for them.

    Has any European country benefited by opening it’s borders to non-Europeans? Name one. Do they make Europe a safer place to live? Have they made Europe great? Are they good for tourism? Do they bring anything positive to Europe? Do they respect the citizens of Europe and the customs? Do they support themselves without burdening the tax payers? Do they burden the judicial system due to high crime rates? Do they love Europe or what they can get from her?

    Do they victimize the European people in large proportions to their small numbers? Wouldn’t crimes against the European people foreshadow their true intentions? Do they trash up the areas they inhabit in Europe? If they victimize the host country’s people and trash up their land after they have been given a new start at life, wouldn’t that be like a direct “screw you”? Do they demand you to change your ways and customs so they can tolerate you? Do they respect the peoples government? Your family? Your people? Your culture?

    If they are guilty of three of these questions then It would be safe to say they should not be in Europe. There is more harm than good for Europe and her people.

    If a European country don’t let the hoards flood their land they are called “racist” and “Nazis” if they let them in, their country, their lives, their descendants lives will be torn apart. Which one is easier to live with? Which one does the most damage? Which choice is beneficial to the European country and it’s people? Wake up before it’s too late.


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