“Swede” prosecuted for participation in Rwandan genocide


From L-R: Sven Svensson, Karl Isaksson, Rune Viklander, and Tor Stenhammar have travelled all the way to Stockholm to protest their Swedish friend being prosecuted.

According to SVD a 60-year-old man has been prosecuted for “committing genocide via murder, assisted murder, incitement to murder, attempted murder and kidnapping. The purpose was to eradicate the ethnic group known as Tutsis.

This is the second genocide indictment which has been raised in Sweden, says prosecutor Tora Holst at the international prosecution chamber in Stockholm, to TT.

He is now being prosecuted for genocide and aggravated crimes against international law in Rwanda during the spring and summer of 1994.

The 60-year-old Rwandan Hutu in question migrated to Sweden in 2002 but judging from the mainstream media headlines (with the exception of Expressen who posted his picture and his name) he may as well have been Benny from Abba.

screenshot-www.svd.se 2015-09-04 21-15-33

“Swede prosecuted for genocide in Rwanda” – Svenska Dagbladet


“Swede prosecuted for genocide in Rwanda” – Dagens Nyheter

screenshot-www.aftonbladet.se 2015-09-04 21-20-15

“Swede prosecuted for thousands of murders” – Aftonbladet

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