The digital assassination of Julia Caesar


Readers who follow Scandinavian affairs (and Scandinavians themselves) are familiar with Julia Caesar, an accomplished Swedish journalist who writes a “Sunday Chronicle” every week at Snaphanen. A couple of her translated pieces were published here at Gates of Vienna (and on this blog) several years ago.

Ms. Caesar writes under a pseudonym for a good reason: she lives in Sweden. The Swedish political-media establishment tolerates no dissent, and does its best to make the life of a dissident into a living hell.

On Sunday Ms. Caesar revealed that her identity and “undisclosed location” had been discovered by a pair of Swedish journalists, who have been hounding her for a year with the implied threat of exposure if she would not talk to them. The situation came to a head during the month of August, prompting the writer to take unusual and courageous action: Rather than wait for her tormentors to publicly expose her, she exposed them in her weekly column.

The two scribblers responded to her essay by revealing her name and publishing her photo in a major Swedish newspaper.

Read the rest on GATES OF VIENNA – 5478 more words

4 thoughts on “The digital assassination of Julia Caesar”

    1. Exactly! I think Sweden is just a beta-test of stalking dissidents using media as proxy. It started already in 2013 and the toilet paper Expressen was involved then too. Then a television show called Trolljägarna (troll hunters took over). Even the other toilet paper Aftonbladet has outed people from the forum Flashback earlier this year. All outings has one thing in coming, the private Stasi called Researchgruppen. Originally a branch of AFA/Antifa. They have all been highly successful so I would think this strategy will be implemented in other countries as well. So be careful. Start using anonymisation services like Tor and ZenMate. Start using special emails when you register at controversial sites.


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