Swedish citizens born abroad are 10x more likely to be dependent on welfare

sweden-welfareDark green = Swedish citizens born in Sweden

Light green = Swedish citizens born abroad

The chart’s show the development [of welfare dependency] for domestic and foreign born [Swedish citizens] between 2005 and 2014.

Foreign born, who in 2014 made up 16,5% of the total population were last year overrepresented 10 times over with regards to welfare dependency compared to domestic born. In 2014 foreign born consumed two-thirds (66,4%) of the social benefits, almost nine billion kronor.

Since 2005 these welfare expenditures have increased by four billion or 82% for those born abroad. During the whole time span, 2005-2014, domestic born only consumed 41 of the 107 billion kronor designated for welfare.

Botkyrka municipality has not shared it’s data

The municipalities report their social benefits statistics to the National Board of Health and Welfare, but Botkyrka has not managed to do that since 2011. Those responsible for the numbers claim that the computer system isn’t compatible with the monthly reporting which the National Board demands. Interesting considering that Botkyrka, a suburb of Stockholm, is one of the municipalities with most immigrants where a majority of citizens have foreign background.

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