Syrian comedian – “Don’t come to Sweden”

Promises of permanent residence and welfare is luring plenty of Syrian asylum seekers to Sweden but it ain’t all that it’s made out to be according to the Syrian comedian Mahmoud Bitar.

“If you google “asylum” in Arabic, Sweden comes up on the top”, he says.

Another Arab estimates that 80% of Syrians who come will stay, he then goes on to say that:

“When I was in Syria I had a Nokia, a cheap phone but not I have an iPhone. Here we have like money, job, school so it’s not so easy to come back to Syria”

One of the more amusing parts of the clip is around 2:35 where politically correct Swedes are interviewed and state without hesitation that they are willing to take on more migrants and pay more taxes to finance welfare for Mahmoud and his countrymen.

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