Sweden Democrats are now the biggest political party – 25,2%


According to the latest opinion poll from YouGov presented in today’s Metro the Sweden Democrats have managed to garner support from 25,2% of the electorate – thereby making them the biggest political party in Sweden

At this rate it seems as though the socially conservative Sweden Democrats, who want to reduce immigration to the European average, will have a high chance of doubling their support for the fourth election in a row come 2018.

1,44% – 2002

2.93% – 2006

5.7% – 2010

12.86% – 2014

25,2% – 2015-08

It’s been clear which way the wind is blowing and the ruling party, the Social Democrats, only has itself to blame for not implementing desired reforms. Their support has fallen from 31,2% on election day to 23,4%.

The cuckservative Moderates who have done more than most to open the borders under Reinfeldt’s leadership have gone from 30,06% in 2010, to 23,33% in 2014 and finally to 21,0% today.

Bear in mind that openly supporting the stigmatized Sweden Democrats can entail social ostracization and/or being harassed by violent left-wingers.

Opinion institutes, with the exception of Sentio, therefore tend to underestimate the amount of support SD actually have.

1.527 people were interviewed for YouGov’s poll.


3 controversial reasons why SD is now the biggest political party

7 thoughts on “Sweden Democrats are now the biggest political party – 25,2%”

  1. Congratulations!

    How does the establishment react? Given such a political landslide it seems unlikely that the current left-wing government will last till 2018, no?


    1. As long as the December Agreement is in place the Sweden Democrats need more than 50% of the vote to make any changes to the immigration policy.

      My completely unscientific guess is that the Moderates will suffer a disastrous election in 2018 and that this will lead to their current leader and her Reinfeldtian lackeys being overthrown by the conservative faction within the party. They could then give passive or active support to SD perhaps even enter into a coalition by 2022.

      But that would undoubtedly prove unpopular with the Centre Party, whose current and very popular leader thinks 30 million immigrants is completely reasonable for Sweden to take in.

      Seeing as there are 3 years until the election there are a lot of unpredictable factors to take into account such as terrorist attacks, riots, massive protests.

      We’ll simply have to wait and see!


      1. Do you think you’ll be still alive, when at least half the population come around to your way of thinking? Even if there is a minor policy change, that’s all the opposition is asking for, just a reduction in numbers, this will not stop the rot continuing, nor the future downward trajectory. This is not a victory, no matter how you wanna slice it.


      2. There are a number of things which would wake up and make a substantial number of Swedes ethno-nationalists or at least kosher SD conservatives.

        Off the top of my head in no particular order I’d say the housing market crashing, a depression, or a major terrorist attack by radical Islamists.

        Right now the middle class is comfortable, making a decent wage, living segregated far away from the diversity. But If the money stops coming in people will start wondering why their government is donating several billion of their hard earned taxpayer kronor each year to foreigners and illegal aliens.


  2. Funny isn’t it, more Swedes have to be murdered, raped, burgled, robbed, incarcerated and punitively fined, before they will vote for change in government. Has anyone came up with new Swedish syndrome yet?


  3. I Believe Sweden is moving towards a two party systom much like USA´s. The people are getting tired of the multi party do nothing parlamentary sysomet.


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