Nationalists protested outside the IKEA-murderers asylum home 2015-08-14 21-43-24

Around 10 people demonstrated on Thursday night outside of the asylum home in Arboga where the Eritrean IKEA murderer lived. A nationalist group known as the Nordic Youth was behind the protest.

According the the police demonstrators from Stockholm yelled in a megaphone and threw eggs at the asylum home.

We came to the house with flags, banners, and a banderole which said “Enough is Enough”. Then we held a speech outside of the lodging and screamed some slogans. Then there is a possibility that an egg or two may have flown towards the lodging, says Fredrik Hagberg to Nyheter Idag

The Police broke up the demonstration and those participating are suspected of crimes against the “order law” – illegal demonstration, according to Bärgslagsbladet.

This action was not just against those who are there but also to all the politicians. The asylum home became a symbol for that which happened. This will be spread in the social media and so, it isn’t just against the home per se but the entire asylum industry, says Fredrik Hagberg to Nyheter Idag.

The group was in the spotlight back in May when they confronted and questioned a far-left newspaper editor who lived in an overpriced ethnic Swedish enclave whilst simultaneously praising multiculturalism and diversity.

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One thought on “Nationalists protested outside the IKEA-murderers asylum home”

  1. What are they protesting for at immigrants living quarters? They don’t give a toss what you think. Wouldn’t it be more constructive to protest against government policy or try and go out and meet the voters and change their minds on not voting again and again for the same people who continue to destroy your culture and country? The immigrants, who would sooner cut your throat, than listen to what you have to say.


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