IKEA murders – 36-year-old in custody, 23-year-old released


On Thusday a 36-year-old Eritrean suspect admitted to being guilty of murdering a Swedish mother and son at IKEA with a knife. A 23-year-old Eritrean was detained alongside him but he has now been released.

Surveillance camera footage showed the alleged attacker grabbing two knives from the kitchenware section seconds before the murder. The attack ends when the alleged murderer stabs himself in the stomach.

He underwent surgery for life-threatenings wounds and recovered on Thursday. Since then he has admitted to the murder and cleared the younger suspect of any involvement.

He has admitted to murder in both cases, says chief prosecutor Eva Morén

The prosecutor requested that the 23-year-old remain in custody, under suspicion of assisting with the murder, but the court decided to let the man go free.

The court did not think that the investigation was such that there was enough [evidence] to keep him, she says.

Agency spokeswoman Johanna Wahlen said on Wednesday that officials had twice rejected a residency application from the older suspect, who already had asylum in Italy and came to Sweden in 2013.

He was due to be deported to Italy, “with immediate effect”, on July 16th.

Rumours of a beheading

Rumours of authorities covering up a beheading by the detained Eritreans have spread like wildfire on Twitter and sites such as Exponerat, Bare Naked Islam and the Muslim Issue. The claims are based on the low quality photo below and a rumour.

According to the far-left tabloid Aftonbladet the woman recieved a killing blow to the abdomen. That has not been confirmed officially by the police however and it doesn’t necessarily mean that she wasn’t decapitated post-mortem.

When confronted by Ingrid Carlqvist from Dispatch International Per Ågren with the Västerås Police had this to say.

“I’m not going to conf…. describe at all what happened more than that two people were murdered. You won’t find out how they were murdered from me.”

To Aftonbladet he said the following:

“We do not comment on details regarding the chain of events. That is absolutely the most important detail of the investigation and we can’t go into detail before we have a complete preliminary investigation.”

Now whilst the police have claimed there weren’t any political motives they haven’t denied nor confirmed a religious motive.

Assuming neither is the case why has the Swedish Security Service become involved in the investigation?

Low quality photograph

A photo has emerged of what, with some imagination, could be a woman who has been decapitated but a photographer from Nyheter Idag claims there is nothing to support this notion.


“There is some dirt on the glass right where the throat is, which some people apparently mistake to be the floor. That interpretation is absurd, because that area is clearly lighter than the surroundings”states Bergman


EABT on the IKEA murders and Sweden’s asyluim policy

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