Suspected IKEA murderer had only been in Sweden for 30 days – can’t be deported if sentenced


The Swedish Migration Agency has decided that all Eritreans who come to Sweden illegally will be allowed to stay and be given right to welfare – despite the fact that there is not an ongoing armed conflict in Eritrea.

It is therefore highly likely that the two Eritreans suspected of murdering a Swedish mother and son at IKEA in Västerås will not be deported if sentenced.

In the way we see the situation in Eritrea right now it is highly likely that it will be very hard to execute a deportation order to Eritrea, explains the authorities press officer Fredrik Bengtsson to Fria Tider

In May 2013 the Migration Bureau decided that immigrants from Eritrea cannot be sent back regardless of whether or not they have valid reasons for asylum. The decision led to a massive increase in the number of asylum seekers from the African country, and today Eritreans are one of the biggest groups of asylum seekers.

In practice all Eritreans who appear to come from Eritrea get residence [in Sweden], says Fredrik Bengtsson.

The reason for allowing all Eritreans to stay in Sweden is that the Migration Bureau has decided that the country is a dictatorship.

Update 1:

-There were two suspects, a 23-year-old had only been in Sweden for 30 days and a 35-year-old who had been here since 2013.

-The older suspect had been denied asylum in December 2013 but decided to try his luck yet again in May 2015.

-He had been granted asylum in Italy already which is why the Swedish Migration Bureau denied his application a second time and issued a deportation order for Italy, “with immediate effect”, on the 16th of July.

-Him and the 23-year-old are now suspected of using a knife to murder Carola and Emil Herlin on the 10th of August.

-During the attack the 35-year-old suspect was somehow badly injured and underwent surgery on the 11th.

Update 2:

-The older suspect has recovered from surgery and has admitted to the double-murder. He also denied that the younger suspect, who has now been released, was involved.

-The prosecutor has declined to comment on the motives of the killing but the police have stated that it was not political.


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8 thoughts on “Suspected IKEA murderer had only been in Sweden for 30 days – can’t be deported if sentenced”

  1. Unbelievable, absolutely unbelievable I really cannot get my head around the logic of Sweden’s government. Do they hate themselves and their own people so much as to invite on mass a third world flood of ungrateful dangerous people? Or is there a bigger picture that our European governments are not telling us? P.S. I hear that Sweden is the Muslim rape capital of Europe now!


  2. I really hope those two innocent Swedes didn´t die in vain, I wish that was some kind of an eye-opener for the masses about the future. What will keep happening more and more if this nonsense continues.


    1. The pro-immigration & multiculturalism establishment is in full damage control. You’ve got comedians posting Youtube videos claiming that violence hasn’t increased, cops saying the event can be abused by “dark forces”, news saying that the Swedish mother and son were at the wrong place at the wrong time. Etc.

      The event has got a lot of traction though and I reckon people are waking up. Considering that a thread on the Swedish forum Flashback about the IKEA double-murder already has 9 million views I’d also wager that a lot of people are trusting the media less and look for alternative-news.


  3. This is so riculous its unbelievable. But as I can see the same thing happening in the UK I can only see the whole of Europe getting taken over by criminals, and our governments turning a blind eye. How can anyone say that if you get murdered it was your fault for being in”the wrong place at the wrong time” ha. It’s about time we got together to get these thugs out of our countries. Send them ALL back NOW before there is a civil war. It will happen.


  4. IKEA store, an apparently unprovoked random attack by what is reported to be a pair of Eritrean migrants against an Ethnic Swede mother and son out shopping. IKEA murders strike at the heart of something familiar, comfortable, and uniquely Swedish.


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