Rabid mob raises value of Sweden Democrat subway ad

sd-tourist-motherMother tearing down and spitting on Sweden Democrat commercials whilst her child cries nearby. – source: Avpixlat

The Sweden Democrat party caused an uproar last week (amongst the country’s left-wing extremists) when they organized an ad-campaign, aimed at tourists, including images of people sleeping on the streets and huge signs in English apologizing for begging in the capital.

“Sorry about the mess here in Sweden. We have a serious problem with forced begging! International gangs profit from people’s desperation. Our goverment [sic] won’t do what’s needed,” read messages on billboards above the escalators at Stockholm’s Östermalmstorg station.

The ad campaign was an immense success despite only featuring in a single subway station and costing a couple of hundred thousand kronor. Thanks is owed entirely to the looney left for causing an uproar, organizing, and sending a rabid incoherent mob over to the subway to tear down the “racist” posters

The advertisements were mentioned in over 1142 articles and 3619 social media posts according to the company Meltwater which calculated that the campaign ended up being worth approximately 52 million kronor.

Due to all the attention the ad got Kent Ekeroth, an MP for the Sweden Democrats was interviewed by the BBC.

The background to the commercial and the subsequent uproar is that almost every Swedish city and town has been flooded with organized Romani beggars.

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