Fredrik Hagberg’s speech in Ukraine

Fredrik Hagberg, international contact person for Nordic Youth (NU), was fired from the Swedish Army following the speech which apparently “shows clear signs of xenophobia and racism”.

The speech was held in a town hall which had been occupied by nationalists in Svoboda during the Ukranian revolution.


NU protested outside of the IKEA murdererss asylum home

NU give journalists a taste of their own medicine.

Syrian comedian – “Don’t come to Sweden”

Promises of permanent residence and welfare is luring plenty of Syrian asylum seekers to Sweden but it ain’t all that it’s made out to be according to the Syrian comedian Mahmoud Bitar.

“If you google “asylum” in Arabic, Sweden comes up on the top”, he says.

Another Arab estimates that 80% of Syrians who come will stay, he then goes on to say that:

“When I was in Syria I had a Nokia, a cheap phone but not I have an iPhone. Here we have like money, job, school so it’s not so easy to come back to Syria”

One of the more amusing parts of the clip is around 2:35 where politically correct Swedes are interviewed and state without hesitation that they are willing to take on more migrants and pay more taxes to finance welfare for Mahmoud and his countrymen.

Sweden’s response to IKEA stabbing spree “even more shocking”

In this short clip Ezra Levant, a conservative Jewish Canadian media personality, brings up the IKEA murders, the aftermath and one of the more problematic ideas that Sweden has embraced namely cultural relativism.

Whilst I agree by and large with his critique of cultural relativism he’s exaggerating a tad regarding the Sweden Democrats who do not “want to stop immigration altogether” but rather reduce it to the European average.

Sweden Democrats are now the biggest political party – 25,2%


According to the latest opinion poll from YouGov presented in today’s Metro the Sweden Democrats have managed to garner support from 25,2% of the electorate – thereby making them the biggest political party in Sweden

At this rate it seems as though the socially conservative Sweden Democrats, who want to reduce immigration to the European average, will have a high chance of doubling their support for the fourth election in a row come 2018.

1,44% – 2002

2.93% – 2006

5.7% – 2010

12.86% – 2014

25,2% – 2015-08

It’s been clear which way the wind is blowing and the ruling party, the Social Democrats, only has itself to blame for not implementing desired reforms. Their support has fallen from 31,2% on election day to 23,4%.

The cuckservative Moderates who have done more than most to open the borders under Reinfeldt’s leadership have gone from 30,06% in 2010, to 23,33% in 2014 and finally to 21,0% today.

Bear in mind that openly supporting the stigmatized Sweden Democrats can entail social ostracization and/or being harassed by violent left-wingers.

Opinion institutes, with the exception of Sentio, therefore tend to underestimate the amount of support SD actually have.

1.527 people were interviewed for YouGov’s poll.


3 controversial reasons why SD is now the biggest political party

Three controversial reasons why SD is now the biggest political party in Sweden

(1) Discontent with the ongoing population replacement


It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the demographics in 10, 20, and 30 years will not be in the Swedish people’s favor.

In the end it doesn’t matter whether or not the borders are closed today seeing as natives are not reproducing at a replacement level. Swedes will be gradually outbred and replaced by people from the third world.

Increased support for SD is therefore bound to increase as the population replacement becomes more apparent.


I mean wouldn’t it would be rather surprising if there wasn’t some sort of backlash from a majority group which is slowly but surely becoming a minority in their own ancestral homeland due to the decisions of incompetent or sadistic politicians?

This is especially true when the minorities displacing the majority are committing a disproportionate amount of violent crime which brings me to point number 2.

(2) Violent crime increasing drastically due to mass immigration from the Middle East and Africaswedensmostwanted

The population of Sweden has increased by 16% since 1975 but in the very same time period the number of reported assaults have increased by 387%, attempted murders by 465%, violent crime by 400% and rapes by 1395%.

In 1975, 11,4% of Sweden’s population had foreign background.

In 2014, 28,75% of Sweden’s population had foreign background.

Those who are being brought in to replace the Swedes are primarily young men from two regions: the Middle East and Africa. People from said regions are grossly overrepresented in violent crime everywhere in Europe, thus causing frustration amongst the native populations.

Finding out the exact overrepresentation of people from said regions is difficult because the government institute in question, BRÅ, has for reasons unknown refused to compile and publish the ethnicity / nationality of perpetrators.

That was not always the case however.

In 1996 a report from BRÅ was released, it gives us an inkling of how overrepresented people from the Middle East and Africa are in one crime category namely – rape.

Overrepresentation in rape cases compared to native Swedes

23x – North Africans

20x – Iraqis

16,5x – Other Africans

10x – Iranians

9,5 – Jordanians, Palestinians, Syrians

7,5x – Ethiopians

Source: BRÅ 1996:2, page 107

Bear in mind that the overwhelming majority are law abiding citizens. Having said that, replacing an ethnic group which for example has a 0.5% violent minority with another that has a 5% violent minority is, for lack of a better word, a bad idea.

Alas, there are other areas in which people from the Middle East and Africa underperform which brings me to the final point.

(3) School results falling due to mass immigration from the Middle East and Africa 2015-08-20 00-53-59

“It turns out that the change in pupil demographics due to immigration explains almost a third of the average decline between 2000 and 2012: 19 per cent in mathematical literacy, 28 per cent in reading literacy, and 41 per cent in scientific literacy. The effect is especially pronounced in recent years, coinciding with accelerating refugee immigration. Indeed, between 2009 and 2012, 43 per cent of the average Pisa score decline is explained by altered demographics: a full 29 per cent in mathematical literacy, 45 per cent in reading literacy, and 62 per cent in scientific literacy.” – The Spectator

People from the Middle East and Africa have average IQ scores which are 1-2 standard deviations lower than the Swedish average. IQ has a heritability of 0.5-0.8 so the academic and economic gap between natives and citizens with foreign background is not temporary.

It will persist generation after generation.

It should therefore come as no surprise that pupils with their origin in the Middle East and Africa act out, underperform, and drag the rest of the class down more than native students (on average) which results in self-segregation as seen in Swedens worst schools.

10 Worst Schools in Sweden

  • Rågsveds skola, Stockholm
    (90% foreign background)
  • Ryaskolan, Göteborg
    (93% foreign background)
  • Vättleskolan, Göteborg
    (84% foreign background)
  • Västra Engelbrektsskolan, Örebro
    (82% foreign background)
  • Hjällboskolan, Göteborg
    (99% foreign background)
  • Kronan, Trollhättan
    (98% foreign background)
  • Sandeklevsskolan, Göteborg
    (98% foreign background)
  • Apelgårdsskolan, Malmö
    (99% foreign background)
  • Nivrenaskolan, Sundsvall
    (22% foreign background)
  • Rinkebyskolan, Stockholm
    (98% foreign background) – 2015-08-12 22-13-35

Knife attack against Swedish soldier in uniform

A Swedish soldier wearing uniform was attacked around lunchtime today by two men with knives outside of a Jula department store in Skara reports Fria Tider.

The attack led to a shallow wound and he did not need to seek medical care. Nonetheless the police have labelled the attack attempted murder and are currently investigating with the Swedish Security Service.

He is shocked by the incident and has colleagues with him now, says Caroline Karlsson with the Skövde regiment to P4 Skaraborg.

For reasons unknown the appearance of the perpetrators has not been shared with the general public.