LGBTQ-activist went to Muslim suburb to protest against Pride Parade – assaulted on his way home

sjunnesson Pride Järva – Source: Avpixlat

According to Fria Tider (Free Times) a left-wing activist who went to protest against the Pride parade which passed through the Muslim suburb known as Husby and Rinkeby was assaulted on his way home.

The event was organized by Jan Sjunnesson, former editor of the Sweden Democrat online-magazine Samtiden, and seeing as he adheres to the “wrong” ideology different leftists and gay rights groups decried the parade as racist!

Aound 20 people showed up yesterday and marched between Rinkeby and Husby outside of Stockholm. Meanwhile more than 100 counter-demonstrators from different left-wing and gay-rights groups (such as the one presumably beat up by locals on his way home) protested against the parade.

“The assault happened at 15:28, so it is not in connection with it, but it is one and a half hours afterwards. There was a brawl in Husby centrum and thats where an assault and hate speech was reported” said Eva Nilsson with the Stockholm police.

On the police’s website they explain how the two perpetrators (appearance left out – my note) disappeared from the scene towards Akalla (an immigrant dominated suburb – my note) and that they were reported of hate-speech because they in connection with the assault said: “derogatory statements about a specific group of people”.

In the clip below you can see the parade in action, hear “Allahu Akbhar” being shouted twice, and some edgy schoolchildren saying that they “hatar bögar” (hate faggots).

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