Sweden Democrats now 2nd biggest party

screenshot-www.friatider.se 2015-07-23 13-10-06

Source: FT

According to the latest Sentio poll the Sweden Democrats are the 2nd biggest political party in Sweden with 23,3%.

Seeing as SD entered parliament in 2010 with a mere 5.7% this poll sends a clear signal to the government and the so-called “opposition”.

Whether or not the silent majority waking up and making their voice heard will change any of the destructive policies remains to be seen.

In other news, the Christian Democrats (KD) continue to linger below the 4% threshold required to enter the Riksdag.

Considering that they, along with the other Alliance parties (C, FP, M), have spent the past decade implementing population replacement immigration policies it comes as no surprise that betrayed voters are abandoning ship.

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3 thoughts on “Sweden Democrats now 2nd biggest party”

  1. The disgusting political class and polarized left wing journalists need to taste their own medicine. They turned this once beautiful nation into a multicultural hellhole beginning to resemble Swedistan in 55 areas across the country. It is time for the Swedes to kick out the Quislings and replace them with a party who cares about their nation and people. It is time for Sweden to stay Swedish and be Swedish not some abomination overran with mass immigration and cultural marxism. The whitewashed journalism and government theocracy must be crushed. Take back what is rightfully yours !


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