2 thoughts on “Christian Asylum Seekers Hounded Out of Immigrant Housing by Muslim Residents”

  1. Report from Rhodes Island, Hellas

    Beggers starts to appear in numbers here too. One difference though …

    Was going food shopping earlier today and there was sitting three beggers outside the store I was visiting. One mother and two children. The mother didn’t do like the beggers in Sweden and said ‘Hej, hej!”, but started to talk to me in her native language. Not greek, as I recognize it now pretty fair now, but for me some unknown language. Perhaps Romani. So I did as I do back home regarding beggers, I ignored them. Then the mothers voice started to change into a more aggressive tone. I knew it was addressed towards me and nothing nice, as there was no other in the surrounings. She kept going on, while I went inside.

    When I was done shopping and got outside, there were four of the staff outside trying to get the beggers to move and while I was packing my bike, the situation became more intense and irritated. Finally the beggers left. I suspect some other customer complained to the staff about being verbally harassed.

    Those native I have been talking to here, regarding beggers, are well aware about the situation. They know that if someone is poor enough that they are forced to beg, they can’t afford to travel to any other country, especially not to an island far away, so these foreign ‘beggers’ are considered not to be genuine, but con artists. So when confronted, the ‘beggers’ have to choose between leaving or wait for the police to pick them up …


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