Pre-school in Gothenburg forced 120 children to join a PRIDE parade 2015-07-16 17-42-33

A pre-school in Gothenburg forced 120 children between the ages of 1-6 to join a PRIDE march according to Expressen.

The personnel at Hagahuset pre-school defend their actions by explaining that they did it for love and ”everyone’s equal value”. The children who marched and waved rainbow flags shouted chants like ”Who are you allowed to love! – Anyone you want!”

”Do you work a lot with this?”

-Every day we talk about peoples equal value, and that it doesn’t matter what sexual orientation or skin colour you have. We want to promote that everyone is allowed to be different and encourage and support the children. This goes on 365 days a year.

”Do the youngest children understand the meaning of this?”

-Everyone understands, they understand that people have a right to choose. It is seldom that our chldren point out that you and I are different. When you ask the question why the answer comes naturally: ”because you should”.


Children in pre-school are very impressionable and I’m not sure that forcing them to join a parade featuring exhibitionistic half-naked men & women is appropriate.

Whilst sexual minorities ought to be treated equally under the law, homosexuality is not necessarily genetic which in turn means that there is no reason to normalize and promote the practice itself.

If you insist on doing so anyway, please leave the children out of it.

EDIT: Just to be clear, the video above was not filmed in Sweden


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Indoctrination of schoolchildren


8 thoughts on “Pre-school in Gothenburg forced 120 children to join a PRIDE parade”

  1. Hi Surveyor,

    Great to see that you are re-blogging some of the old articles from Julia that I translated. On the one about rape, we also got an ok debate in the comments.

    My view is that the game is up for Sweden, but many other western nations can still be saved, so it is important to get the message out regarding what multiculti and feminism really leads to.

    Keep up the good work!

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  2. Brainwashing children is a really bad and sad behaviour … (That’s what cultures in countries do, who’s not ‘potty-trained’ [civilized] yet …) If I had a kid in the pre-school of concern, I would not only remove the child, I would have also filed a formal complaint against the situation. In a democrazy, it has never been the role of school system to indoctrinate children. They should instead be tought to think for themselves! ( Swedish left wingers, do you comprehend that …? [/ret.])

    I’m supporting genuin liberalism, so I salute ‘do what you want, as long as you’re not affecting any other person(s) and/or thing(s)‘. So, I don’t care what these people do in their bedrooms, but why do they have to rub it in …? (Them walking there, knowing that any objectors will be attacked by the political correct white trash crew …) Why wouldn’t we start a hetro parade, but that would be the same as this, ridiculous, wouldn’t it …?

    I thought I could get a well deserved rest here at the hotel I’m staying at in Rhodes island, from work and all the political crap back home, but today four new guests arrived and basically disturbed my peace (my ADHD is a strong catalyst …). Two men with clearly supressed wifes, as I suspect those poor women will be spending most of their time in their hotel rooms … (Only faces visible and the rest covered in black cloth … Islamofobiac? No, but realistic, the ‘fobia’ of concern doesn’t exist as a medical term! It’s only used by those anti-liberal and anti-humane numbnuts, who would like to kill any kind of discussion of the matter quickly …) I’m sitting in the pub area surfing the Internet (W/softdrink! Too soon and too hot for something else – every day over +30°C since I got here last Saturday. ☺ A coconut/banana liqueur based strawberry slush works very nice at night … 😎 ), taking notice to the men of concern getting back from some grocery shoping, getting a detour around the pool, instead of heading straight to their rooms, only for one reason (obviously, regarding their head movements …). A number of girls and women in bikini sunbathing there … I hate that rotten hypocrazy and discriminating religious culture who has few, if any humane views … (They will probably be passing more frequent, when they discover the early mother and daugher who are sunbathing top less …) Well, has to point out, I don’t have any issues with the moderate (right wing) majority of Islam, who’s paying their respect to all people … The (left wing) radicals don’t …

    Ok … Now the men was passing the pool once again, this time w/o carrying anything, but no bikini to observe … Interesting scenario …

    Have to add, that there are a number of English people staying at the hotel here, apparently sharing the same views as me … Again, interesting …


    1. Update,

      now (@ 7.00 pm GMT+1 DSL) the pool area is cleared, except for the earlier two mentioned ‘men’. They are playing in the pool with the other guests small childrens inflatable toys … No supressed wifes in sight taking care of them …


  3. Reblogged this on Freeword and Friends World and commented:
    All this must go back very illegal. In Sweden gay men watch little boy twerking, little boys are taught to twerk for adult men like whores: vote Right Wing all across the West. We must win everywhere and put this illegal. Jail for all paedo-leftists.


      1. I’m sorry, I thought it happened in Sweden because of the article about PRIDE parade in Gotheborg. You should write where it happened because many people give for granted it happened in Sweden due to the previous article.

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