”Norwegian” terrorist sentenced to eight years in jail


24-year-old asylum immigrant Ishaq Ahmed, pictured above in a photo from PST, was recently sentenced to eight years jail in Norway for his participation in terror attacks according to the Norwegian press.

Ahmed was prosecuted for having joined the Islamic State (IS) and Jabhat al-Nusra. Ahmed denies the allegations and claims that he travelled to Syria to work with as a humanitarian aid worker.

Pictures of him, masked and armed to the teeth, tell another tale.

The Norwegian Security Service arrested him when he returned from Syria with a gunshot wound. During his time in Norway he has never worked a day in his life, instead he has been living on dole.

In Sweden Ahmed would probably have been provided with housing, free health care (physical and mental), full financial support, and then finally an earmarked job. All this fast-tracked past the line of law-abiding immigrants and indigenous Swedes.


More ISIS fighters from one Swedish town than the entire USA

ISIS – sponsored by the Welfare State

Behead an infidel, get a job

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