Woman declined marriage proposal – was stabbed eight times


A 30-year-old Iraqi Kurd is currently being prosecuted for attacking and attempting to murder a 40-year-old woman on a pathway in one of Stockholm’s immigrant dominated suburbs. The motive was allegedly that the woman declined to marry the man in a so-called marriage of convenience so he could get a Swedish citizenship.

Early in the morning on the 16th of April the man attacked the 40-year-old woman, stabbing her face and chest eight times in total. The attack was a way to punish the woman for refusing to enter a marriage with him so he could get citizenship.

There is technical evidence binding the man to the scene and he has also been identified by the woman and several witnesses. Nonetheless the Kurd claims that he is not guilty.

“The violence has been life-threatening. The violence caused eight stab/cut wounds, bleeding, inflow of air and blood in one lung, wounds, bruises, dental damage and permanent injuries in the form of scars,” – extract from the lawsuit

The prosecutor hopes to get the Iraqi citizen deported from Sweden following a six-year jail sentence.

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