Elderly in Värmland & Västergötland targeted by criminals over weekend


Last weekend several crimes against retired Swedes were reported in Värmland and Västergötland.

On Saturday morning three masked men broke into the villa of a 90-year-old man who was asleep at the time. The man woke up and was brusquely pushed to the ground by the robbers. They then stole the man’s cash. For reasons unknown the media and police have chosen not to report the appearance of the perpetrators to the general public.

Later that evening at 18.00 an 88-year-old woman in central Kristinehamn was visited by two men she didn’t know. One of the men shoved her into the apartment whilst stealing from the woman’s purse.

The men were reportedly in their 20’s and spoke bad Swedish.

Just before 19.00 it was time for the next pensioner to be robbed in Kristinehamn, this time in a retirement home. The offenders were fortunately forced to leave the scene of the crime prematurely after the 91-year-old woman they were planning to rob started screaming for help. The police and media chose not to report the appearance of the perpetrators but it’s plausible that it was the same criminals who 40 minutes earlier robbed an 88-year-old.

They escaped in a grey Ford which the police pursued until Gullspång, where they lost the lead.

Subseguently three more crimes of a similar nature were reported in the Skövde region, one in Gullspång, one in Lyrestad, and one in Tidan. In all of the reported cases the victims were elderly women in their 90’s.

The first one was in Tidan. Two men forced their way into an old woman’s home and snatched a necklace from the shocked  victim. At around 19.00 another woman was robbed. Two men made their way into her apartment by claiming that they were selling drawings. Once inside they snatched a gold chain from her throat and attempted to steal her purse.

At 20.30 it was time for another robbery. A man made his way into an elderly woman’s home on Sjötorpsvägen in Lyrestad. The woman discovered the unwanted visit after an armband was missing in her jewelry box. Other crimes with a similar modus operandi have also occurred in the region. The police suspect it’s the same gang.

When reporting the appearance of the perpetrators both the police & the media have been extremely vague, only mentioning that it’s men in their 25-30’s. The police indicate that they have more information but they aren’t willing to share with the public.

This is presumably because an overwhelming majority of crimes against elderly Swedes are committed by Gypsies, half of which have travelled from Rumania and Bulgaria thanks to the EU, whilst the other half are Gypsies who have settled down in Sweden or Finland.

The media and police regard ethnic minorities as helpless victims of racism and structural discrimination. 

That politically correct logic along with Rotherham syndrome means that minorities such as gypsies are a protected class and when individuals from said minorities commit crimes the police and media choose not to report their ethnicity or appearance even if that means that they get away with robbing Swedish pensioners in their 90’s.

As I pointed out in an earlier post Romanias EU membership and the freedom of movement that follows has led to Sweden being completely flooded with gypsies from Eastern Europe who set up camp in parks and other public places.

In the clip below you can see one such camp in central Malmö.

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