“Do you want to live or die?”


A 22-year-old Somali is currently being prosecuted for a brutal rape in central Uppsala earlier this summer reports Fria Tider. During the act he repeatedly asked wether she wanted to live or die.

The rape took place at approximately five in the morning on the 30th of May. The female victim, who was in her 20’s, was walking home on Norrtäljegatan when the perpetrator acted

According to the prosecutor he wrestled the girl to the ground, sat on top of her and held her face and arms firmly in place.

“Do you want to live or die?” – the Somali repeatedly asked whilst he raped his victim according to the prosecution.

Afterwards the man left the scene, but after just a couple of hours the police could arrest him thanks to the victims description. At the time of the arrest he had the woman’s cellphone and is therefore also being prosecuted for aggravated theft.

The 22-year-old had previously been sentenced for, amongst other things, unlawful threats, assault, and sexual assault. But in Facebook post last year he wrote that people “who destroy” should be deported from Sweden.

“Some people don’t have the right to stay in Sweden ! They destroying society !” – proclaimed the Somali.

When Sweden’s Radio (SR) reported about the rape the perpetrator was described vaguely as “a 22-year-old man” in other words no mention of his name or ethnicity. For some reason SR did not apply the same standards to the ethnic Swedish serial rapist Niklas Lindgren. Nor has public service media outlet ever mentioned the fact that Africans and Middle Easterners are grossly overrepresented in Nordic rape statistics

In the Finnish newspaper Iltalehti this subject was broached earlier this year following a high-profile case involving Somali gang-rapists. Martti Lehti reported that Africans living in Finland were overrepresented 12x higher than the native population in rape cases.

For people born Middle East and North Africa (predominantly Islamic countries) the overrepresentation was even greater:

13x higher than the native (Finnish) population. 

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