Swedish State Children’s TV – “My country is also yours”

The video above featured on children’s shows on State Television in 2012.

The manager responsible for children and youth programs was at the time Kristina Colliander, who in 2011 received the award “Diversity Manager of the Year”.

In an interview with the leadership magazine – Ledarna – Kristina describes how SVT work to make sure that multiculturalism, diversity, LBTQ and 3rd wave feminism feature in programs aimed at young and impressionable Swedish children.

Some of the more noteworthy segments of the article:

“It’s the many details which form the whole: when I sit with the script authors I ask why there can’t be two mothers in the family or when we in Bolibomba (children’s show) let a girl from Kurdistan be the carpenter instead of a white man” – says Kristina Coliander.

In the daily diversity work these questions are lifted at meetings and reconciliations, and the editorial staff which works with Bolibomba have a long check-list which they tick off every day. Because diversity comprises so much: ethnicity, cultural background, sexual orientation, age, gender, disability etc.

Kristina Collianders interest for diversity was already alive and well in her teenage years. She lived with her parents in a small community where everything different was considered to be weird.

“We discussed these subjects at home, even the big questions like equality, egalitarianism and democracy. And as a teenager I was provoked by the fact that so many where scared of that which was different. The anger over injustice that had awoken in me then has been a part of me since, but now I can channel it, and use it for something good instead.

“We will of course continue to work hard with diversity questions at SVT, it’s a prize that must continue to be earned. To treat and illuminate LBTQ-questions is something we can really get better at and even to show and include people with different disabilities.”

The whole article is available here in Swedish

Kristina Colliander is not an outlier, over 80% of employees at Sweden’s State Television support the left-wing parties (S, MP, V) according to an investigation by professor Kent Asp at Gothenburgs University (source)

Update 1: In 2013 the children’s channel also started airing a tv-show called “Superdräkten”. The show is acted out by a drag queen and features a grey office worker named Peter who turns into the costume hero SuperPeter. The superhero then saves children who wish to change clothes.

screenshot-blogg.svt.se 2015-07-14 15-08-40

(…) “I think this series will broaden the limits with regards to what children view is acceptable to wear”, says Superdräktens producer Marie Lundberg


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2 thoughts on “Swedish State Children’s TV – “My country is also yours””

  1. I am working on a catchy children’s diversity song entitled “It’s Not Really Rape if an Immigrant Does It.” Who should I contact at SVT?


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