Hand grenade exploded in multicultural Malmö

A powerful blast occurred on Monday morning at an apartment block at Augustenborgsgatan in Malmö. According to police the shrapnel damage indicates that a hand grenade had detonated. Fortunately nobody was injured.

Several callers alerted the police just before 07.00.

“They told me they heard a powerful explosion in the area”, said police officer Lars Förstell

The grenade exploded at an entrance door to the apartment block.

Since 2014 at least 29 bombs have gone off in multicultural Malmö, Sweden’s 3rd largest city.

An interactive map of the explosions is available here.

Below you can see a video clip from public service radio – Sveriges Radio – celebrating Sörbäcksgatan getting the title “Malmö’s Best Street” back in 2013.

Ironically, a bomb detonated on the very same street last month.

3 thoughts on “Hand grenade exploded in multicultural Malmö”

  1. Is there anyone, within government or state institutions that is building a narrative (even if devoid of practical action) to combat the social problems in Sweden? Is the state totally detached in terms of real interaction in stemming the behaviour in Malmo?


    1. The state and media refuse to even consider limiting the number of unqualified illegal immigrants coming to Sweden from the Middle East and North Africa so their proposals will merely ease the symptoms not the root cause of the problems.


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