91-year-old Bo robbed by Gypsy gang targeting the elderly

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91-årige-Bo91-year-old Bo Seiderstedt lost everyhing he owned and had thanks to the “home services gang”

On Thursday Göteborgs-Posten and Expressen/GT wrote about 91-year-old Bo Seiderstedt, one of the many victims of the ”home services gang” which has plagued the area and specialised in stealing from the elderly by claiming to come from the home services.

The gang, consisting of five women and one man, got their sentences at the end of April and it is therefore unclear why it has taken the media so long to bring it up. What is even more extraordinary is that the media completely covers-up the fact that the case revolves around a Gypsy gang whose members are related to each other.

GP and GT have spoken to 91-year-old Bo who is one of the gangs many victims. Cash and valuables worth thousands of kronor were stolen from his apartment. That was however just a fraction of what the gang managed to get hold of. With Bo’s credit card they managed to withdraw 25,000 kronor in cash and use the card to purchase 75,000 kronor’s worth of gold. Due to the gang Bo lost everything he owned in the form of valuables and savings.

Bo explains that this has been an immense blow and that he has lost the will to live. He can’t even afford to go to the dentist and has been forced to cancel his appointments. The 91-year-old is just one of the 25 known retirees who have been robbed by the gang.

In several cases the victims have been so old that they died prior to the sentencing, which means that they were never recompensed during their lifetime. The deceased have been represented in court by their estates.

One of the prosecuted has told the court that they targeted older people because they are easy to trick. The method was to use the search engine Ratsit to single out people over a certain age, their telephone number and their address. They then called them, pretended to be from the home services and booked in a time to come and visit the prospective victims. One of the women was assigned to entertain the victims whilst the rest emptied the apartment of valuables. The prosecuted man functioned as a chauffeur for the women but has also been guilty of a large number of other crimes.

On top of the many crimes against elderly the gang has also peddled in fraud aimed at banks, pawnbrokers, stores, and gas stations.

Neither GP nor GT inform readers that all of the sentenced save one are foreign citizens. Nor do they point out that it revolves around individuals with Romani (Gypsy) origin. Even though it is clearly stated in the verdict. So as to not indirectly reveal that it revolves around foreigners, both GP and GT choose to refrain from pointing out that two of the perpetrators will be deported from Sweden after they have served their sentence.

Refraining from revealing this information is a clear-cut example of how objective news reporting is replaced by politicized agenda journalism. Immigrants in general and gypsies in particular shall according to the prevailing media doctrine solely be written about in positive terms alternatively as victims of racism.

The massive headlines following the so-called Roma Registry in Malmö is one of the more blatant examples of this. The media, with Dagens Nyheters Niklas Orrenius at the helm, had a pronounced agenda to denigrate the police as racists because they set-up a register of the organized gypsy crime in the region. Since the media has consistently done as GP and GT did on Thursday i.e. censored their news reporting regarding gypsy offenders they were able to give the Roma Registry story the favoured narrative.

If citizens had been able to read about all the cases of when gypsies were sentenced for elderly-crimes and fraud in the news, then the media wouldn’t be able to portray the group as innocent and victims of racism and discrimination. Niklas Orrenius would have a hard time portraying the Malmö Police Departments ”Roma Registry” as unwarranted and as a manifestation of structural racism. The registry would instead have been seen as adequate and relevant in most citizens’ eyes.

15 years ago, before Sweden had been taken hostage by the politically correct media, the police were open about the fact that an overwhelming majority of crimes against the elderly were committed by the Roma (or ”gypsies” as the police then said, seeing as the term wasn’t politically incorrect back then). Compared to today the crimes against the elderly were relatively few but lately they have increased exponentially whilst the media consistently covers-up who is behind the crimes. The media has even managed to pressure the police into being silent about it.

GP among others has written about the rise of gangs focusing on the elderly and which methods they use to trick old Swedes who built the country but they carefully avoid mentioning who the criminals are. Besides robbing the elderly in their own homes and by ATM’s it has also become more common for gangs to enter retirement homes (the few which remain and haven’t been converted to asylum homes that is) and steal from the elderly there.

From an ethical aspect it is also interesting to note how inconsequentially the ethical rules of the press are applied in cases revolving certain ethnic groups, specifically paragraph 10 which says that several attributes – amongst them sex and ethnicity/nationality – shouldn’t be highlighted if it lacks significance in the context. There is no clear hierarchy regarding which attribute is more important.

Nonetheless, the media consistently mentions sex and even age but avoids ethnicity and nationality. Even now when GP and GT reported about the sentenced gang in question ethnicity and nationality was omitted. Seeing as such an overwhelming majority of crimes against the elderly are committed by gypsies one would think that the perpetrators ethnicity would be relevant to mention in this case.

Avpixlat attempted to reach both GP and GT without success regarding why the ethical rules of the press are applied in such an inconsequential manner.

Names, crimes and sentences of the gang in question are as follows:

Helena Grönfors, born 1958-02-04, Finnish citizen, sentenced to probation but not deportation for several counts of aggravated theft and attempted fraud

Roni Richard Lindeman, born 1988-09-15, Finnish citizen, sentenced to 2 years in jail and 5 years deportation for several cases of fraud, fencing, attempted fraud, shoplifting, several counts of assisted aggravated theft attempts, and attempted aggravated theft.

Natassja Jasmine Desiree Svart, born 1995-11-16, Finnish citizen, sentenced to probation but not deportation for several counts of theft.

Sari Kristina Regina Svart Sjöberg, born 1973-11-25, Finnish citizen, sentenced to 4 years in jail but not deportation for 13 counts of aggravated theft, 7 counts of attempted aggravated theft, 5 counts of fraud, shoplifting, several counts of assault, theft, vandalization, and aggravated drunk driving.

Sonja Sarita Svart, born 1991-04-12, Finnish citizen, sentenced to 2 years and 6 months in jail and 5 years of deportation for several counts of fraud, 10 counts of aggravated theft, 5 counts of attempted aggravated theft, attempted fraud, several counts of theft and fraud.

Jaquiline Pamela Taikumer, born 1995-02-20, sentenced to probation and rehabilitation for 4 counts of fraud, 10 counts of aggravated theft, 6 counts of attempted aggravated theft, attempted fraud, 4 counts of theft and narcotics crimes

– Gothenburgs District Court, B 11911-14

The legal fees of the convicted amount to several million kronor and will ”stay with the state” in other words, Swedish taxpayers will spot the bill. The defendants have been sentenced to pay exorbitant damages to the victims. In most cases when convicted criminals have no assets the costs fall back on the taxpayers. What the investigative work of police and prosecutors costs taxpayers is uncertain, but considering the number of crimes it certainly amounts to millions of kronor.

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