Ljungby library gets rid of book criticizing Sweden’s immigration policy


Ljungby library has removed the popular book “Immigration & Cover-up” from the assortment due to it being incompatible with the “value-plan” – Mein Kampf and the Communist Manifesto are readily available however.

“I sent an e-mail to the library with a purchase request for part 2 of the book “Immigration & Cover-up”, the response was that there were no plans for purchasing it. The motivation was that the book didn’t comply with the libraries value-plan. I then though I’d re-read part 1 of the book but when I came to the library they’d removed it from the shelf!” – Kjell Nilsson from Ljungby in the regional newspaper Smålänningen.

When the head of the library, Lina Holmér was contacted by the Smålänningen she explains that there are other books about immigration which you can borrow at the library and that the decision is supported by the law which states that libraries are meant to work for the development of democracy by contributing to knowledge dissemination and free formation of opinion.

doublethink“When the purchase proposal for part 2 came in we checked the books reviews on a service which we tend to use when we decide which books to buy seeing as we can’t buy everything. We interpreted the review as such that part 2 had a cluttered delivery and racist content.

We therefore decided not to purchase the book and when the question came up as to whether or not we should keep part 1 on the shelf. We decided to remove part 1 from the shelf – We have other literature in the library which mirrors the same problems as this book. It’s not only about what the book says, but also what it doesn’t say” – according to  Holmér

Immigration & Cover-Upinvandringomorkläggn

“In the report “Immigration & Cover-up” Sweden’s problematic immigration policy is explained without blinders. How many come to Sweden each year and on what basis are they allowed to stay? Where do they come from and how do they fare on the labour market and in society? What are the real costs and how do large parts of the reality which politicians and the media conceal with beautiful words about “the multicultural Sweden” really look like?

Here we describe the lies, hypocrisy and shipwrecked integration-machinery that Swedish politicians, journalists and pundits, in a mix of ignorance, cowardice and misplaced benevolence, choose not to reveal to the people.” – as described by the authors, professor Karl-Olov Arnstberg and Gunnar Sandelin on their website where the book is available for download and/or purchase in Swedish.

*What is a value-plan?

Schools, hospitals, libraries, the police and other government institutions have written “value-plans” consisting of fundamental ethical principles which students and employees are indoctrinated with and expected to abide by thus making them think and behave in a more politically-correct manner.

Example: “Everyone is unique, everyone has the same value, we treat everyone with respect” – Inspira school’s value-plan

Occassionally value-plans, specifically the sentence “everyone has the same value”, are used to censor public-speakers, books, or getting rid of unionists with the “wrong” political affiliation.

Fun Fact: The Swedish police have a “value-plan time-out”-sign so as to inform colleagues that they are about to speak freely.

One thought on “Ljungby library gets rid of book criticizing Sweden’s immigration policy”

  1. This censorship and molding of minds seems to be happening worldwide. It’s happening in Sweden, it’s happening in America and many other places. It is not wrong to have a difference of opinion but is dangerous to an agenda.


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