Court granted Somali funding so he could bring his ten children to Sweden


Last week on Wednesday a court decided that Swedish taxpayers must compensate a 39-year-old Somali immigrant for the money he spent on plane tickets to bring his ten children from Ethiopia to Sweden.

The father was one of the Somali immigrants who came to the small municipality of Bräcke (6500 citizens) three years ago. According to the national registry he flew from Tunisia to Sweden in May 2012 during the Arab Spring.

Since his arrival he has been completely dependent on welfare.

His ten children remained in Ethiopia so he requested that the Migration Bureau pay for their plane tickets but was denied. He therefore took a 45,073 SEK (5347 USD) loan and demanded that the Social Services pay back what he owed.

But they also thought it unreasonable for Swedish taxpayers to fly in economic migrants from the third world, but the man appealed their decision and last week on Wednesday the Administrative Court decided that he would be reimbursed.

“Even though the starting point is that the right to financial assistance is mainly reserved for residents of Sweden precedents entail that the cost for family reunification are still deemed to constitute such expenses that may be eligible for assistance” – from the court ruling.

The Somali immigrant and his 10 children now live in a special house financed by taxpayers in Bräcke.

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