Meanwhile in Sweden – Episode 1

The Angry Foreigner talking about a range of topics:

  1. Death threats against a politician from the Christian Democratic Youth
  2. The Islamists in Hizb ut-Tahrir promoting sharia in Sweden
  3. National-Socialists demonstrating against rape in Bollnäs
  4. Anti-racists demonstrating in response to the National-Socialist demonstration
  5. Moderate politician suggesting Swedes house refugees in their garages
  6. Sweden Democrats becoming more popular among immigrants
  7. Homosexuals with Musim background being harassed
  8. Jihadist with Swedish wife dead
  9. “Youths” causing chaos in Swedish libraries
  10. “Libraries have become a battlefield”
  11. Libraries having to close earlier due to misbehaviour
  12. National anthem and Swedish flag banned at graduation
  13. Schoolchildren forbidden from displaying Swedish flag

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Meanwhile in Sweden – Episode 2

Conversation between an Angry Foreigner and Sargon of Akkad

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