LGBTQ-activist went to Muslim suburb to protest against Pride Parade – assaulted on his way home

sjunnesson Pride Järva – Source: Avpixlat

According to Fria Tider (Free Times) a left-wing activist who went to protest against the Pride parade which passed through the Muslim suburb known as Husby and Rinkeby was assaulted on his way home.

The event was organized by Jan Sjunnesson, former editor of the Sweden Democrat online-magazine Samtiden, and seeing as he adheres to the “wrong” ideology different leftists and gay rights groups decried the parade as racist!

Aound 20 people showed up yesterday and marched between Rinkeby and Husby outside of Stockholm. Meanwhile more than 100 counter-demonstrators from different left-wing and gay-rights groups (such as the one presumably beat up by locals on his way home) protested against the parade.

“The assault happened at 15:28, so it is not in connection with it, but it is one and a half hours afterwards. There was a brawl in Husby centrum and thats where an assault and hate speech was reported” said Eva Nilsson with the Stockholm police.

On the police’s website they explain how the two perpetrators (appearance left out – my note) disappeared from the scene towards Akalla (an immigrant dominated suburb – my note) and that they were reported of hate-speech because they in connection with the assault said: “derogatory statements about a specific group of people”.

In the clip below you can see the parade in action, hear “Allahu Akbhar” being shouted twice, and some edgy schoolchildren saying that they “hatar bögar” (hate faggots).

Sweden Imports Foreign Contractors To Finalize Its Own Collapse


“The left is dead set on leading Sweden to its grave, and it would be pretty racist to not let immigrants in on the experience. In fact, they hold the key to realizing this project, since native Swedes can’t even be trusted with the simple task of destroying their own country.”

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Afghan Migrants Abducted Woman And Gang Raped Her for a Week


“Swedish police have arrested two Afghan men after they locked a local woman in an apartment for seven days over March this year.

[…] The town of Malmo itself is now one of Europe’s most violent cities – dubbed ‘Sweden’s Chicago’, the town has a reputation for religious and ethnic violence and is now caught in a “spiral of retaliation”. In the early hours of this morning the city suffered yet another hand-grenade attack, the second in 12 hours and the third this week…”

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Swedish “Far-Right” Plans Gay Pride Parade Through Muslim Areas; Leftists and Gay Rights Groups Decry the Parade as Racist


“No, this is not satire.  On July 29, a gay pride parade is scheduled in Sweden.  But, you see, this is no ordinary gay pride parade.  This gay pride parade was created by Jan Sjunnesson, former editor-in-chief for the Samtiden newspaper in Sweden, which is owned by the nationalist Sweden Democrats party (for our Canadian readers, think of the Sweden Democrats as being kind of like the Conservatives which means that they’re considered “extreme far-right” in Sweden). The parade is scheduled to go through Tensta and Husby – two areas where Muslim immigrants are more than 75% of the population.”

Source – BLAZING CAT FUR – 461 more words

Sweden Democrats now 2nd biggest party 2015-07-23 13-10-06

Source: FT

According to the latest Sentio poll the Sweden Democrats are the 2nd biggest political party in Sweden with 23,3%.

Seeing as SD entered parliament in 2010 with a mere 5.7% this poll sends a clear signal to the government and the so-called “opposition”.

Whether or not the silent majority waking up and making their voice heard will change any of the destructive policies remains to be seen.

In other news, the Christian Democrats (KD) continue to linger below the 4% threshold required to enter the Riksdag.

Considering that they, along with the other Alliance parties (C, FP, M), have spent the past decade implementing population replacement immigration policies it comes as no surprise that betrayed voters are abandoning ship.

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Pre-school in Gothenburg forced 120 children to join a PRIDE parade 2015-07-16 17-42-33

A pre-school in Gothenburg forced 120 children between the ages of 1-6 to join a PRIDE march according to Expressen.

The personnel at Hagahuset pre-school defend their actions by explaining that they did it for love and ”everyone’s equal value”. The children who marched and waved rainbow flags shouted chants like ”Who are you allowed to love! – Anyone you want!”

”Do you work a lot with this?”

-Every day we talk about peoples equal value, and that it doesn’t matter what sexual orientation or skin colour you have. We want to promote that everyone is allowed to be different and encourage and support the children. This goes on 365 days a year.

”Do the youngest children understand the meaning of this?”

-Everyone understands, they understand that people have a right to choose. It is seldom that our chldren point out that you and I are different. When you ask the question why the answer comes naturally: ”because you should”.


Children in pre-school are very impressionable and I’m not sure that forcing them to join a parade featuring exhibitionistic half-naked men & women is appropriate.

Whilst sexual minorities ought to be treated equally under the law, homosexuality is not necessarily genetic which in turn means that there is no reason to normalize and promote the practice itself.

If you insist on doing so anyway, please leave the children out of it.

EDIT: Just to be clear, the video above was not filmed in Sweden


Asylum homes in Sweden LBTQ-certified

Indoctrination of schoolchildren


”Norwegian” terrorist sentenced to eight years in jail


24-year-old asylum immigrant Ishaq Ahmed, pictured above in a photo from PST, was recently sentenced to eight years jail in Norway for his participation in terror attacks according to the Norwegian press.

Ahmed was prosecuted for having joined the Islamic State (IS) and Jabhat al-Nusra. Ahmed denies the allegations and claims that he travelled to Syria to work with as a humanitarian aid worker.

Pictures of him, masked and armed to the teeth, tell another tale.

The Norwegian Security Service arrested him when he returned from Syria with a gunshot wound. During his time in Norway he has never worked a day in his life, instead he has been living on dole.

In Sweden Ahmed would probably have been provided with housing, free health care (physical and mental), full financial support, and then finally an earmarked job. All this fast-tracked past the line of law-abiding immigrants and indigenous Swedes.


More ISIS fighters from one Swedish town than the entire USA

ISIS – sponsored by the Welfare State

Behead an infidel, get a job