Sweden Democrats at 22,1% according to Sentio – almost 2nd biggest party

sentiojunesdSource: Fria Tider

The Sweden Democrats (SD) are edging eerily close to the ruling Social Democrats (S) and the centre-right Moderates (M) according to Sentio’s June measurement.

For Prime Minister Löfven and the Social Democrats the results aren’t that great. Scratch that. It’s a complete and utter disaster. In the 2014 autumn election they got 31% and according to this poll they have fallen by 7,1%. They are in an official coalition with the Greens (MP) and are passively supported by the Left Party (V).

The main opposition (sort of) also have reasons to be concerned. On the one hand (M) have increased by 0,5% to 23,8% but on the flip-side they are in a coalition called the Alliance with the Centre Party (C), Peoples Party (FP) and the Christian Democrats (KD). If the current trend is extrapolated to the 2018 election (FP) and (KD) won’t reach the 4% limit required to enter the Riksdag (Swedish Parliament)

(SD) on the other hand have every reason to celebrate. They have increased from 12,9% to 22,1% and if the current trend continues they will have managed to double their support in 2018, as they have done for the past 3 elections. But will it matter?

The answer isn’t clear-cut

Such a result would undoubtedly pressure the other parties into taking a more conservative stance with regards to hot-topics such as immigration, crime and begging but even if SD became the biggest political party they wouldn’t become the ruling party nor would they be able to pass a budget due to the December Agreement.

Say what?

6 months ago (S+MP) and the Alliance struck a deal known as the December Agreement (DÖ) which is valid until 2022. It allows the biggest minority coalition to pass their own budget with passive support from the opposition. That coalition currently happens to be Stefan Löfvens feminist government consisting of (S+MP). In accordance with (DÖ) the Alliance leadership forces it’s members of parliament to abstain from voting for their own party’s budget proposal.

What does the Alliance gain from the December Agreement?

Supporting the feminist left-wing government may seem counter-intuitive but the Alliance hopes that Löfven makes a fool of himself and proves to be completely incompetent thus reversing the roles in 2018-2022. So far things seem to be working according to plan but there is just one problem. If KD and FP do not reach the 4% threshold the Alliance (or what’s left of it) will be forced to support (S+MP) for another 4 years.

What is the alternative to the December Agreement?

To put it bluntly, a coalition with SD. This may seem like the logical choice but both the Alliance and (S+MP) have repeatedly and explicitly stated that they refuse to co-operate with them because they are “neo-fascists” and/or “xenophobic.” This attitude is understandable.

Entering into a coalition would not only entail reforming the most liberal immigration policy in the West but it would also mean conceding that the Sweden Democrats were right all along.

That wouldn’t sit well with Swedish voters who for decades been told by their politicians and the media that they not only have a moral obligation to become a minority in their own country don’t exist as a people and need to open their hearts to mass-immigration from Somalia, Afghanistan, Syria, and Iraq.

Welcoming the third world to the Scandinavian welfare-state not only makes politicians and voters feel morally superior but is supposedly beneficial to the the economy.

A gift from god that just keeps on giving!

Dissenters have been and continue to be labelled as racists, nazis, or fascists so why would any of the two bloc’s come clean and ally with SD when only half of Swedish voters understand what the December Agreement is and only one-third can explain how it works? (DN/Ipsos)

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One thought on “Sweden Democrats at 22,1% according to Sentio – almost 2nd biggest party”

  1. Will it matter?

    Unfortunately, no. Not until they achieve an ABSOLUTE majority and even then good people be prepared for the democratic norms to be ignored and minority rule by dictat to take over.


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