5 thoughts on “Welcome to Sweden”

  1. I dont know if Im gone laugh or cry…..
    The politician in Sweden, are the dumbest idiots in human history!
    Im not racist eather, but any idiot can figure out, that u cant let more people come to sweden, than the resurces cover!
    Lars Kvant
    Proud Swede


  2. It’s so true I almost Stuart crying
    For over 15 years this country have been digging their own grave.
    And it’s gonna take at least double that time to fix it, and That’s IF something changes very soon but ofc as you say in the video the only politicians that wants a change is the ones in Sd
    But I think a change is coming
    People is starting to get really sick of paying sky high taxes when the situation just get worse and worse
    They have to understand that you have to be able to make sure your own have it good before you can help anyone else


  3. This guy is 1000 % correct stop the madness of allowing thousands upon thousands of immigrants into Sweden without a master plan to assimilate these Muslim extremist into society.

    Muslims refuse to assimilate they want to take over all of Europe and force sharia laws down your throats.

    Wake uP and deport Muslims imediately.


  4. Dear swedish blogger, I am italian and my blog, pardon, website, google+ profile, twitter and facebook accounts are all in english, because it’s time to understand one another connect and defend one another or the leftists, who are connected all across the world through freemasonry, try to spoil right wingers’ reputation in all countries. Saying by the way that Kristian Thulesen Dahl is a far right extremist while he’s perfectly normal, certainly more normal than they. So, you’ll do a favour to your Country if you communicate in english.

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