27 “youths” arrested after shootout in Rosengård


After a shootout on Monday in Rosengård, Swedens most famous “no-go zone”, 27 “youths” were arrested. Automatic weapons were apparently used and according to Expressen last-nights incident was connected to Sunday’s knife-fight and shooting.

At 23:16 on Monday night police were called to the scene. A number of people had been firing shots at an apartment building on Ramels väg. Shortly afterwards they had taken return-fire from the apartment and the inner courtyard.

The police arrived quickly and could arrest 27 people for attempted murder. The arrests occurred in an apartment, and vehicles leaving the crime scene.

At least two apartments have been hit by bullets during the shootout, but nobody is reported to have been injured.

More will happen, says a source with information about whats going on to Expressen.

Background to the recent shootings & stabbings

The man who was stabbed on Sunday is one of the two men who has recieved death threats from a 20-year-old criminal who the police claim is responsible for planning the Victoria Park bombings last year.

He accusses the two men of being police informants. It is these two men who are now being chased by a large number of “youths” who belong to different criminal groups in Malmö.

In several hand-written letters the 20-year-old has threatened the two men with death. Police have confiscated letters where he had written that the two men in question will be “slaughtered”

Update 2015-06-11

All the youths have been released from custody except for one 18-year-old.


1. No-go zone = Ghetto where the state is losing it’s monopoly on violence. Ambulances & Fire Trucks need escort from police cars which in turn reinforced glass. They can expect to be attacked with rocks and other objects such as molotovs by “youths” or “children”.

2. “Youths” = Police & Mainstream media euphemism for gangs of violent & aggressive immigrants from the Middle East or North Africa. (or Swedish citizens with their origin in the Middle East or North Africa).

Example: “Approximately 50 youths in Tensta threw rocks and firebombs at the police during Friday night” – 2015-05-22, from article in SvD reporting on “youths” rioting and causing mayhem in a no-go zone.

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3 thoughts on “27 “youths” arrested after shootout in Rosengård”

  1. They (the “youths”) seem to be having some difficulty embracing the traditions and culture of Sweden. The same thing is happening in France, England, America…etc. Each nation blames itself. They don’t understand, it’s called an invasion.


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