“Swedish” jihadist Bille Ilias Mohamed worked on rail safety in Stockholm

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Bille Ilias Mohamed, 30, is suspected of being the mastermind behind the terror group IS signings in Stockholm.

Aftonbladet can now reveal that the Swedish jihadist previously worked on commuter trains in Stockholm.
Servicer Stockholmståg…is responsible for commuter services in the capital, confirms that he has been employed by them.

Safety Responsibility

In their work on commuter trains Bille Ilias Mohamed was responsible for security, which means that he would have access to all depots and premises. Many of his former colleagues are now very worried after taking part in Aftonbladet‘s revelation about the 30-year-old’s links with the terrorist organization IS.

“The guy has had access to trains and premises very easily,” writes one of the members in a closed Facebook group for employees at Stockholmståg.

Aftonbladet previously been able to reveal that Bille Ilias Mohamed is currently in Syria.

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