Anchorman apologizes – referred to immigrants as “kebab technicians”

Newsreader Fredrik Ahl with Swedens Television referred to immigrants as “kebab technicians”, sang the opera and spoke in funny voices during a rehearsal shoot that went viral in Sweden after it was accidentally beamed out to viewers.

The clip was posted yesterday evening and has just under 2 million views on Facebook (at the time of writing). Not bad for a country of just 9.6 million people.

Jokes about “well-educated” immigrants from the Middle East

The word “kebab technicians” is uttered by Ahl in conjunction with a news report about “thousands of well-educated migrants fleeing to Sweden”. The same news has been published on Sweden Televisions (SVT’s) website with claims that “the number of engineers from abroad has more than doubled in a year”.

When the conservative newspaper Fria Tider double-checked claims regarding the number of Syrian engineers validated in Sweden last year the number turned out to be slightly blown out of proportion by SVT.

Two, says Lars Pettersson, regional director with the University- and College council to Fria Tider.

In another sequence the anchor jokes about a Social-Democratic politician in Katrineholm named Göran Dahlström who 3 years ago pretty much said that Katrineholm, a municipality currently running at a yearly 10+ million kronor deficit due to Somali immigration, was screwed.

The government proposes that municipalities be forced accomodate a certain number of refugees. That’s not very fun, thinks Dahlström, he wants everyone there, because he gets so much money then. – Fredrik Ahl

Conservative news outlets such as Nyheter Idag, Fria Tider, Avpixlat, Exponerat along with people on the online-forum Flashback have therefore speculated that the newsreader joked about Göran Dahlström along with “kebab technicians” and “the level of education in all of Sörmland increasing” because he knew that he was about to read up state-sanctioned propaganda.

University of Chicago educated economist Tino Sanandaji has expressed criticism in the past regarding the medias coverage of “highly educated” Syrian asylum seekers. On his blog he writes that “around 10% of newly arrived Syrians have university/college education of at least 3 years compared to 25% of the Swedish population”.

Apologized for innovative terminology

Fredrik Ahl was unsurprisingly confronted by the progressive inquisi… tabloid newspaper Expressen who have a knack for publicly shaming and calling people the r-word so the anchor was quick to apologize for his innovate terminology.

“If anybody has been offended I flat out apologize. You should choose your words. If I had known it was going to be aired, I would not have said it,” a regretful Ahl told the Expressen tabloid on Thursday.

Puns, puns everywhere

The word “kebabtekniker” already has 45300 hits on Google and has brought out the creative side of some Swedes.

Where are you going to study when you grow up? – Royal Technical Institute of Kebab – Erik Almqvist on Twitter

Now that the word hen and racified are used vigorously in the debate, It’s high time we add kebab technician. – Hanna Lindholm on Twitter

In Husby they plan on building the Kebab-tehnical Museum. Looking forward to it eagerly – Jonas Ström on Twitter

If the Social Democrats are going to reach the goal of EU:s lowest unemployment in 2020 we must increase the demand for kebab so as to employ more kebab technicians. Kebab tax cuts? – Erik Almqvist on Twitter

Swedens Television indoctrinated viewers with “well-educated Syrians”. But the news anchor calls them “kebab technicians”. – Patrik, Ängelholm on Twitter

99% of the comments I have seen from immigrants and Swedes alike have been light-hearted and no matter what happens; Fredrik Ahl has made Swedish internet history and we can pride ourselves on having our very own Ron Burgundy.

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