Swedish feminists managed to report and ban a feminist advertisement


“it’s time to take back our bodies” was the message Swedish Hasbeen used when attempting to normalize the image of a naked woman. But the feminist organisation Sveriges Kvinnolobby (Swedens Womens Lobby) had a different opinion and reported the advertisement to Reklamombudsmannen.

With the message “Go Natural” four naked women in wooden shoes were portrayed alongside the message:

“A picture of a naked womens body shouldn’t cause feelings such as shame and sin. It is this bigoted approach which is destructive to both women and men”, signed Emy Blixt, one of Swedish Hasbeens founders.

Swedens Womens Lobby, financed by the Swedish taxpayers, instead raised the alarm and reported it for being sexist.

Swedish Hasbeens attempted to defend the commercial by pointing out that the message was not one of sexism but instead the complete opposite – to stop the sexualization of female bodies whilst simultaneously throwing a punch for feminism.

“The advertisers founder defines herself as a radical feminist who doesn’t consider the Womens Lobby to be working to strengthen the image of the female body as something natural and nice but rather seems to prefer that women should look at their bodies as shameful sex objects to be covered up and censured and which women don’t own the right to”, wrote Swedish Hasbeen in their refutation.

Reklamombudsman nonetheless decided that women are portrayed as “mere sex objects” in the feminist advertisement.

“The Reklamombudsman finds that women, by being naked except for their shoes, are portrayed as mere sex objects. The portrayal of women is violating towards women as it doesn’t have any connection to the marketed product,”

Fun Fact

The sexist (?) advertisement in question appears to have been based on a photograph from 1980 by German-Australian fashion photographer Helmut Newton (1920-2004).


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3 thoughts on “Swedish feminists managed to report and ban a feminist advertisement”

  1. I’ve never hard of ‘vegetable leather’. Most vegan shoes are made from synthetics. Looking on their website what they are selling is ridiculously expensive compared to the vegan footwear available in Britain.

    As for the ad, as you have pointed out, it is clearly derived from that famous Helmut Newton photo. It looks like Swedish Hasbeens has run up against the illiberal pro-censorship feminist lobby.

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