Another shooting in Rosengård. Was Fox News right about Malmö 12 years ago?


2015-06-04 -On Wednesday night, at 19.30 a 35-year-old man was found by emergency services in a car after having been shot in the head in Rosengård, one of Malmös “no-go zones“. 

The man was transported to the hospital and the police have labelled the crime attempted murder/manslaughter.

On a more positive note: 6 men (ethnicity withheld) were indicted this Tuesday for the bombings which plagued Malmö last year.

[…] Rosengard was once one of the programme’s proudest achievements: a high-rise development that was close to the centre of Malmö, one of Sweden’s industrial powerhouses, but surrounded by open space. Today over 80% of its population of 24,000 are immigrants. The local shops have names such as Babylon and Lebanon. Women in hijabs and headscarves cart their shopping through the freezing rain. Men sit in cafés drinking strong coffee and keeping dry. A truck sells falafel sandwiches.

[…] Mass immigration is posing serious problems for the region. For the Nordic countries to be able to afford their welfare states they need to have 80% of their adults in the workforce, but labour-force participation among non-European immigrants is much lower than that. In Sweden only 51% of non-Europeans have a job, compared with over 84% of native Swedes. The Nordic countries need to persuade their citizens that they are getting a good return on their taxes, but mass immigration is creating a class of people who are permanently dependent on the state.

the Economist, Feb 2nd 2013

When Fox News did a report on the area more than 12 years ago the multicultural cult (Swedish media and politicians) were infuriated that their pipe dream was portrayed in such a negative fashion.

Unfortunately, Fox was remarkably prescient for things have not gotten better. On the contrary areas resembling Rosengård are becoming more and more commonplace in cities across the country.

In 2012, 9 years after the Fox News report, Sweden Television decided to do their own documentary about the area.

Why it is so difficult to understand that if tens of thousands of 3rd world immigrants come to Sweden each year then Sweden will gradually start resembling the countries they came from?

The naïvety of the multicultural cult is beyond me but at least some people feel right at home.


“It feels like Iraq or any other Arab country. I really enjoy Malmö.”

10 thoughts on “Another shooting in Rosengård. Was Fox News right about Malmö 12 years ago?”

  1. off topic comment, but I am curious how well are integrated people from ex Yugoslavian countries ? I mean those who came to Swedan during 90s war.

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    1. There was some culture-clashes at first with the Yugoslavian mafia giving their countrymen a bad rep.

      Fun Fact: The police now suspect the Yugoslavian mafia for the spectacular helicopter robbery back in 2009.

      But it appears that they are well-integrated now and the younger generation are performing as well as ethnic Swedes.

      “70% of ex-Yugoslavians were employed in 2011. For those with a university/college degree the number was 79%. Those who lacked a university/college degree only had a 49% employment rate. For those who came in the 90’s and had turned 30 in 2011 81% were employed.”

      This is used as an argument for mass immigration today but I would argue that you can’t extrapolate those numbers and I’ll explain why.

      The problematic groups of today are non-European from the Middle East and North Africa. The average IQ in this region varies between 68 (Somalia) and 87 (Iraq) probably due to bad nutrition and inbreeding.

      “Sennels cites data showing that on average around 50% of marriages in the Muslim world are consanguineous, with predictable effects of low intelligence and mental and physical disorders.”

      IQ tests aren’t perfect measurements but they are a pretty good indicator of future success and when we take a look at the unemployment rates and crime rates the stats speak volumes.

      “Unemployment among Iraqis who have been in Sweden for ten years – 73% of the women and 60% of the men born in Iraq are unemployed / not studying according to Sweden Statistics” – 2008

      In total 56,8% of non-European were unemployed in 2014 and Malmö (native Swedes in a minority) needed 4 billion kronor from richer municipalities to remain solvent.

      Migrants from the MIddle East and North Africa are also much more overrepresented in violent crimes such as rape, gang-rape, assault, robbery, riots than the ex-Yugoslavs or ethnic Swedes ever were.

      Hate to sound politically correct but this doesn’t mean that individuals from said countries are doomed to be unsuccessful. What it means is that the group is underperforming. The question is wether the second-generation will be more successful.

      So yeah 😉 The ex-Yugoslavs are well-integrated, especially those who arrived at a younger age. Judging from the information available it seems that the second-generation will perform at the same-rate or better than native Swedes.

      Regarding migrants from the Middle East and North Africa I’m not so optimistic but I’ve been wrong before!



    2. Yugoslavian people in Sweden are one of the best (if not the best) integrated people which escaped from some war. I would say that the culture is similar to the swedish one in several ways.

      Not long time ago there was some fresh statistics showing that the yugoslavian children also studies on universities to a higher percentage than the swedish born children.

      I was born in Bosnia myself and graduated from 2 universities (one of them Lund) here in Sweden. I would say that we usually have to fight more through life (school or work) than the swedish (the only way is to get more educated since we were not privilegierad to have swedish names and live in fancy or calm areas and with a complete family or undamaged mind from the war.
      My mother who came here in her 30s went to school for 10 years before she had the luck to find a decent job, she lived a lot better in Bosnia working in a police station before the city was attacked and everything went straight to hell. I would say that all non-natives have to fight more to achieve some, for the swedish people, normal standard in life here. Many yugoslavians had to build up a life from zero, and I would say that it took many years but we did it well.

      Fun fact, the youngest minister in Sweden (Aida Hadzialic) is from my home town in Bosnia, and we are all very proud. Im happy that the yugoslavian children’s struggle in general is slowly starting to show and pay off… 🙂

      However, the new immigrants are people which are very far away from our culture… Many people point out that the religion is some sort of “problem” here, but it has nothing to do with the religion itself because the majority of the bosnian people are muslim as well (surprise), it all depends on the culture! I mean our families were also educated (my dad was an engineer, hell even my grandfather went to university!) so it’s a natural thing for the kids to do. And the uneducated parents which has experienced the hard life in Sweden, which maybe they were not used to before, push their children to study hard to get a better life then they got here.. That could explain the higher percentage.

      When I compare the culture between yugoslavian people and people from some other countries which are arriving there seems to be some differences toward the attitude in education.. why that is, I don’t know.

      But I guess time will tell…

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  2. Thank you for your response. Again off topic, but I was wondering what do you think, what will happen at THE END, obviously Sweden cant take 100 000 immigrants/asylum seekers/refugees/whatever they are per year forever. Even if SD win in next election (in 2018?) and they completely stop immigration, what will happen with people who are already in Sweden and have Swedish ctizenship (Im speaking about people from N.Africa and M.East) ? I know you dont have crystal ball, but what is your guess ?


    1. Swedes are indebted on the housing market without a future generation to fill the apartments.

      Future generations start earning money much later and have worse jobs. They can never buy up todays houses for todays prices. The government hopes to solve this problem with inflation i.e. 0% interest rate for 10 years.

      The problem is that we don’t have any inflation without children’s families who are responsible for the demand.

      Swedes don’t have kids so we pretend that immigration solves the problem but first-generation immigrations don’t create wealth so we can never get out of the debt trap.

      One of the main reasons for mass immigration is that the housing bubble is sustained and GDP increases making the economy appear like its growing when really, it’s just debt-driven.

      If the Sweden Democrats were to win 51% of the vote in 2018 (not going to happen) and stop immigration completely the housing market could crash leading to a recession / depression which Sweden is not ready for by any means.

      My guess is that SD will get around 25% in 2018 and the other political parties will keep on refusing to co-operate.. They can’t keep it up forever though and by 2022 they will be impossible to ignore.

      So what will happen to Swedes from MENA?

      The ghost of the Austrian man with a funny mustache looms large over Europe so we won’t see any mass deportations.

      At this rate they sure as heck won’t become Swedish. I’m guessing some sort of Arab-African-Swedish version of African-American ghetto culture.

      Oh wait, that already exists 😛


  3. Linked to your post from Blazing Cat Fur. Depressing stuff.

    Hope you get some traffic from it (I only post a teaser hoping people will follow the link). It seems kind of slow tonight, perhaps with summer coming people are doing other stuff.

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  4. Ok, but if you “need” immigrants, why dont you take people from Ukraine ? I mean, there is war too, and I guess they would integrate/asimilate into Swedish society easier than MENA immigrants.

    And, why politicians promote multi-kulti so hard ? Do you think they really, REALLY believe in it ? Even kid can see this doesnt work it is imposible for politicians not to see this….


    1. The Ukrainians aren’t seeking asylum or migrating hence they aren’t taken in.

      Unskilled non-assimilable migrants from the third world are the ones coming and therefore they are the ones being granted permanent residence and citizenship for a number of reasons such as but not limited to; pathological altruism, sustaining the housing bubble, pushing down wages, crushing the welfare-state, vote-fishing.

      Multiculturalism is like any other fundamentalist religion not about how it works in practice. It is about blind faith and I think some politicians believe in it, others claim they do but in reality don’t.


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