Shots fired at police station in Borås


2015-06-01 – One person has been injured after several people opened fire on a police station in Borås. After the shoot-out two cars disappeared from the scene heading towards an immigrant dominated ghetto known as Hässleholmen.

At 18.07 we received an alarm regarding someone or some people shooting into the police stations reception. One person who was inside the reception for a passport application got glass shards in their forehead, says Thomas Fuxborg, spokesperson for Västra Götalandspolisen.

According to the police a witness saw how four men ran from the scene towards two cars which drove up from a parking garage nearby.

One of the cars was found at Hässle Torg. In combination with that one person was arrested. – Thomas

Police are currently attempting to find the other car and have labelled the incident as attempted murder- alternatively manslaughter. The ethnicity of the man who has been detained has not been revealed.

Borås municipality has a population of 107 395 and Hässleholmen has now become an area where ethnic Swedes are in a minority.

Hässleholmen has become notorious for social unrest and there have been a number of other incidents there this year ranging from a man being stabbed to death midday outside of a grocery store to another being shot to death by several masked men.


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