Plans for a huge mosque on historic ground


Plans are being drawn up for a mosque on Fyllingefältet south of Halmstad – the field where 21 year-old Karl XI, king of the Swedish Empire, defeated a Danish army back in 1676.

Later that year Karl XI emerged victorious from the battle of Lund thereby ending one of the 27 Dano-Swedish wars and ensuring that Skåne to this very day belongs to Sweden.

Our bloody rivalry with danskjävlarna has long since been forgotten and the Swedish Empire has turned into the “Humanitarian Superpower” but Fyllingefältet stands the test of time.

For the past 339 years it seems that nobody has been putting the field to good use so Imam Jehad Karkoukli is thankfully drawing up plans for a huge mosque which will cater to around 1000 worshippers.

Considering that tens of thousands of muslims migrate to Sweden each year from the third world planning ahead makes sense.

For us to be able to keep up with developments and think 20 years ahead we want to obtain a place for 800-1000 people, Jehad Karkoukli explains to Hallandsposten.

The Islamic children- and culture association in Halmstad currently own Halmstad mosque and are the ones drawing up plans for a new one on Fyllingefältet but this isn’t the first time that they are in the limelight.

In January this year the website of Halmstad mosque claimed that the terror attacks in Paris, where 20 people were killed, was “a big lie”. Furthermore the website claimed that Islamic terror attacks are usually fictitious and that the lies have “led to Islamophobia and hatred of Muslims increasing.”

After widespread social-media outrage representatives retracted the claims and said that it was a “social experiment regarding freedom of speech”.

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