Feminist researcher raises the alarm – Stereotypes and Islamophobia when museums portray Stone Age humans


Islamophobic white CIS-male upholding the misogynistic patriarchy with a spear

A researcher named Annika Bünz has investigated 36 archeological exhibitions on the Stone, Bronze, and Iron Age in Sweden and has made some staggering findings which were revealed today on Swedens Radio; Stone Age humans are portrayed as having fair hair, blue eyes, and light complexion with no knowledge of Islam!

” […] There are traces and indications that people living during this period had contact with Islam for example, but there isn’t a single story with some reasoning as to why Christianity was introduced. It is also said that one has no idea what skin- hair- or eye- color that humans may have had. In all my material there is no reconstruction or model of a human which shows anything other than a human with light skin, fair hair, and blue eyes. There is nobody with brown eyes or brown hair, and in all the photo-material there isn’t a single person with slightly darker skin tone.”

I am personally very concerned and feel offended on behalf of Swedes who have migrated in the past decade from the Middle East and Africa. When they go to these museum exhibitions they might feel insecure, oppressed and discriminated by ethnic Swedes understandably leading to riots and other violent anti-social behaviour.

Fortunately Fanny Steen and Annika Bünz, who holds a masters degree in sociology and archeology, have worked out a method to examine museum exhibitions from a gender perspective with the help of the feminist term intersectionality  which is the study of interactions between forms or systems of oppression, domination or discrimination.

“The way I see it is that this is the first step to change and to seek out what actually needs changing. It is obvious that it isn’t enough to choose a gender-perspective when builiding an exhibition for the result to break old habitual norms. Lifting forth a woman as the protagonist in a story doesn’t necessarily mean that you break stereotypical portrayals, it could instead underpin and strengthen stereotypes. By analysing exhibitions built up around archeological material in a gender and post-colonial perspective with semiotics as a tool I hope to add new perspectives to archeology both inwards towards research and outwards. Semiotics helps to deconstruct wholes and go in and looks at the parts / details, shine light on where the problem lies and thereby hopefully finding ways to pass on archeology in a more multi-faceted perspective. The term intersectionality helps analyse exhibitions picture of man based on more multi-layered categorisations than for example sex/gender, class and ethnicity.” – Annika Bünz on Gothenburg Universities website.

Perhaps 10 years from now Stone Age humans will finally be portrayed somewhat differently in Swedish museums?


37,000  years ago in what is now modern day Scandinavia vertically-challenged women with dark complexion lived in symbiosis with pale, tall and bisexual males. The fathers would typically stay at home breast-feeding the children whilst the mothers went out hunting mammoths with a Qur’an in one hand and a spear in the other.

Critics might argue that the lack of vitamin D at higher latitudes makes it likely that there was a higher prevalence of blonde hair, blue eyes and white skin in Scandinavia and that due to biology the hunters in ancient times were predominantly men whilst the gatherers were predominantly women. Others might point out that it would have been hard for them to have any knowledge about Islam at the time considering that the religion in question formed 4000 years after the Stone Age ended and 600 years after the Iron Age ended in Europe.

On the other hand that sounds like something a racist and/or misogynistic CIS-male would say.

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5 thoughts on “Feminist researcher raises the alarm – Stereotypes and Islamophobia when museums portray Stone Age humans”

  1. If they had a geniune master in archeology, they should be able to figure the timeline you pointed out quite quickly and realize that something is fundamental wrong about their assumption, but apperently not …

    So the question is how did they get their Master degrees?
    # In a Corn Flakes box?
    # Bought it from someone as fake …? (it do happens …)
    # Counterfeit those themselves?
    # Bribed the examiner?
    # Got them as a present from the examiner, just to leave him/here alone?
    # The degrees are ok, but they are really desperate for “fifteen minutes of fame”?
    # The degrees are ok, but this was done under the influence of [your choise]?

    Stupid enough not realizing that what comes around goes around … sooner or later! At least they should have talked to a professional con artist and get some hot tips, before they tried to pull some crap like this …

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    1. The degrees are unfortunately real…

      From a radical feminist, post-colonial and intersectional perspective everything is relative including reality. When that toxic cocktail is applied to subjects ranging from history to physcis well… you get the picture.

      I highly recommend Tanja Bergkvists blog if you think this story was crazy. She is a Swede who has grown tired of all the radical feminists dumbing down the schools.


      Extract from blog:

      In 1999 the professor of Pedagogics, Moira von Wrigh,t wrote a report (”Gender and Text”) to the Swedish National Agency of Education (Skolverket) which is now used as ”recommended gender literature for becoming teachers in Physics”

      * A school with gender equality works with respect for the pupil’s own life world and world view, and a democratic education can then not be a matter of replacing the pupil’s ”everyday understanding” with a ”scientific” one. According to Sundgren (1996 p.31), there must be a dialogue, so that the school does not exercise symbolic violence on the pupils by imposing a given meaning. (p 7)

      * Fact-based, objective knowledge is what from a feministic perspective usually is categorized as ‘male’ knowledge. The requirement of objectivity is often regarded as the basic criterion for science. (p 59)

      * The decree of narrow knowledge with a given meaning is not consistent with the school’s gender equality efforts.(p 64)

      * A gender-aware and gender sensitive Physics requires a relational approach to Physics and that a lot of the traditional scientific knowledge of Physics is removed. (p 65)

      Last but not least the Norwegian documentary Hjernevask (there are English subtitles) is truly excellent and exposes the gender-peddlers for the religious cult members they really are.


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