Sweden: “A Place to Islamize”

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Written by Ingrid Carlqvist

– “Sweden, to a much larger extent than other countries, allows hate preachers to enter the country and give lectures to spread their message. Sweden should deal with this.” — Haras Rafiq, President of the Quilliam Foundation.

– Every year, about 60,000 Swedish passports are reported stolen or lost. Police estimated last year that about 180,000 Swedish passports are touring the world. There are people who have “lost” up to 20 passports, yet have no problems acquiring new ones. One cannot but wonder why people should be allowed to have three passports issued over a five-year period.

– Stockholm’s politicians want to “include” homecoming jihadis into Sweden’s “infidel” society by giving them health care, jobs, welfare benefits and housing.

– Despite Foreign Minister Margot Wallström’s promises, when Sweden officially recognized the state of Palestine, assuring everyone that this move would give Sweden more leverage to make demands on the Palestinians, Sweden continues to send money their way with no strings attached.

On May 2, journalist Per Gudmundson revealed in his blog, where he monitors violent Islamists, that a Swedish-Iraqi named Jasim al Tib was killed in combat against ISIS. The man apparently fought for al-Hashd al-Shaabi (People’s Mobilization), an umbrella organization mainly for Shiite militia groups. The group was founded in June 2014 by the Iraqi government. Its forces are said to number about 100,000 men, and its purpose is apparently to fight the Islamic State.

On May 5, Haras Rafiq, president of the Quilliam Foundation, a British think tank that tries to stop young Muslims from becoming radicalized, aimed harsh criticism at the Swedish government’s indulgence of Islamists: “Sweden, to a much larger extent than other countries, allows hate preachers to enter the country and give lectures to spread their message. Sweden should deal with this.”

Rafiq pointed out that Islamism is tantamount to fascism, the only difference being that one puts God on top, the other the state. Muslim hate preachers, he said, are regularly invited to speak in Sweden by groups such as Young Muslims of Sweden, a branch of the Muslim Brotherhood. “These people believe that anyone who lives in a Muslim state and doesn’t follow their Islam should be killed,” Rafiq continued. “Why doesn’t Sweden offer greater resistance?”

On May 8, a symposium on jihadism took place at the Foreign Policy Institute in Stockholm. During the symposium, the Swedish Security Service revealed that the recruitment of Swedish youths to violent jihadism threatens to overwhelm the security service.

“I’ve worked for the Security Service for 30 years and as a police officer for 35 years,” said Swedish Security Service chief Anders Thornberg, “and I’ve never seen anything as inherently forceful as this. The pressure on the Security Service is huge. The recruitment of more and more people cannot go on. Eventually we will not be able to handle it.”


Swedish Security Service chief Anders Thornberg revealed that the recruitment of Swedish youths to violent Islamism threatens to overwhelm the security service.

Security Service officials claim they “pretty much” know the identities of the approximately 300 individuals who have traveled to Syria and Iraq over the last 2.5 years, including the 35-40 who were killed and the more than 100 who have returned to Sweden — some of whom have been instructed to carry out terrorist acts in Sweden and other countries.

The Security Service also admitted great concern over the possibility that foreign jihadis might take advantage of the Swedish asylum system — through which more than 90% of refugee claimants gain permanent residency status, despite lacking passports or identifying documents — by “hiding among the refugees.”

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Somali brutally raped 12-year-old girl – sentenced to 180 hours of community service

polsistejpThe 18-year-old Somali citizen who brutally raped a 12-year-old Swedish girl in Sundsvall last year was sentenced to 180 hours of community service this week.

Ida* claims she went home to Mohamud because he had promised to give back intimate pictures that he had of her.

The injured party is only 12 years old. She has recounted the incident but did so with a child’s language. Although her story isn’t that extensive it contains some unique details, such as Guled Mohamud several times having stated that “black cock is expensive”

– excerpt from court documents

Ida’s mother attested that when she saw her daughter later that day she looked as though she had been beaten up and bled profusely from her lower abdomen.

The court concluded that it is beyond reasonable doubt that he raped the girl vaginally, showered her face / head with blows and held a hand in front of her mouth.

Nonetheless Mohamud was sentenced to a measly 180 hours of community service with probation because he had “some trouble with anxiety and sleeping” and was allegedly** 17 years of age at the time.

Reporting the origin and/or name of the Somali citizen in question would be tantamount to blasphemy for SVT journalist Oscar Söderström. It is therefore unsurprising that he followed in his politically-correct colleagues footsteps by self-censoring and describing the perpetrator as: “a man from Sundsvall”.



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*Ida is a pseudonym

**Swedish authorities rarely age-test immigrants

Midsummer Pole in Biskopsgården Sawn down


The Midsummer Pole in Biskopsgården was raised on thursday but the next morning it was promptly sawn down and thrown away. “Midsummer didn’t last long in Biskopsgården” – says Tito Rojas, who arranged the celebration.

The celebration started on Thursday when 50 children danced to traditional Midsummer songs.

Identity is important. Many who live here do not feel as though they are a part of Swedish culture, some feel as if they don’t even live in Sweden. I am a father to two children and I want them to cherish that which exists in Sweden, which I think me and my wife have been successful at. If you live in a country you should adapt to the culture of the majority.

Tito’s initiative was unfortunately not appreciated by everyone.

It was pretty [the maypole] and the thought was to have it standing for a couple of days. But this morning someone had sawn it down, says Tito.

After searching the neighborhood the maypole was found in bushes approximately 20 metres from where it was raised.

One can speculate about what has happened. But it shows the atmosphere in Biskopsgården, says Tito Rojas, who feels deeply disappointed.

Celebrating Midsummer is the biggest and arguably the most important Swedish tradition. It was common in Biskopsgården during the 80’s and 90’s but has strangely ceased during the past few years. My guess is that a large segment of the population in this particular suburb are busy celebrating a new tradition which happens to coincide with Midsummer this year.

In Biskopsgården Ramadan is observed in ever school and every pre-school. But Midsummer celebrations are taboo, in pre-school it isn’t allowed to be mentioned.

Coincidentally there has been quite a bit of ISIS recruitment in Biskopsgården, a neighborhood which also happens to be mentioned alongside 54 others in a police report dubbed “areas where criminal networks have a large influence on civil society”.

Following the shooting in March, whereas two masked gunment stormed a restaurant with Kalashnikovs leaving two killed and more than 10 injured, the Prime Minister visited to pay his respects to the victims.

He was not given a particularily warm welcome.

Sweden Democrats at 22,1% according to Sentio – almost 2nd biggest party

sentiojunesdSource: Fria Tider

The Sweden Democrats (SD) are edging eerily close to the ruling Social Democrats (S) and the centre-right Moderates (M) according to Sentio’s June measurement.

For Prime Minister Löfven and the Social Democrats the results aren’t that great. Scratch that. It’s a complete and utter disaster. In the 2014 autumn election they got 31% and according to this poll they have fallen by 7,1%. They are in an official coalition with the Greens (MP) and are passively supported by the Left Party (V).

The main opposition (sort of) also have reasons to be concerned. On the one hand (M) have increased by 0,5% to 23,8% but on the flip-side they are in a coalition called the Alliance with the Centre Party (C), Peoples Party (FP) and the Christian Democrats (KD). If the current trend is extrapolated to the 2018 election (FP) and (KD) won’t reach the 4% limit required to enter the Riksdag (Swedish Parliament)

(SD) on the other hand have every reason to celebrate. They have increased from 12,9% to 22,1% and if the current trend continues they will have managed to double their support in 2018, as they have done for the past 3 elections. But will it matter?

The answer isn’t clear-cut

Such a result would undoubtedly pressure the other parties into taking a more conservative stance with regards to hot-topics such as immigration, crime and begging but even if SD became the biggest political party they wouldn’t become the ruling party nor would they be able to pass a budget due to the December Agreement.

Say what?

6 months ago (S+MP) and the Alliance struck a deal known as the December Agreement (DÖ) which is valid until 2022. It allows the biggest minority coalition to pass their own budget with passive support from the opposition. That coalition currently happens to be Stefan Löfvens feminist government consisting of (S+MP). In accordance with (DÖ) the Alliance leadership forces it’s members of parliament to abstain from voting for their own party’s budget proposal.

What does the Alliance gain from the December Agreement?

Supporting the feminist left-wing government may seem counter-intuitive but the Alliance hopes that Löfven makes a fool of himself and proves to be completely incompetent thus reversing the roles in 2018-2022. So far things seem to be working according to plan but there is just one problem. If KD and FP do not reach the 4% threshold the Alliance (or what’s left of it) will be forced to support (S+MP) for another 4 years.

What is the alternative to the December Agreement?

To put it bluntly, a coalition with SD. This may seem like the logical choice but both the Alliance and (S+MP) have repeatedly and explicitly stated that they refuse to co-operate with them because they are “neo-fascists” and/or “xenophobic.” This attitude is understandable.

Entering into a coalition would not only entail reforming the most liberal immigration policy in the West but it would also mean conceding that the Sweden Democrats were right all along.

That wouldn’t sit well with Swedish voters who for decades been told by their politicians and the media that they not only have a moral obligation to become a minority in their own country don’t exist as a people and need to open their hearts to mass-immigration from Somalia, Afghanistan, Syria, and Iraq.

Welcoming the third world to the Scandinavian welfare-state not only makes politicians and voters feel morally superior but is supposedly beneficial to the the economy.

A gift from god that just keeps on giving!

Dissenters have been and continue to be labelled as racists, nazis, or fascists so why would any of the two bloc’s come clean and ally with SD when only half of Swedish voters understand what the December Agreement is and only one-third can explain how it works? (DN/Ipsos)

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Asylum homes in Sweden now becoming LGBTQ-certified!

surahammar_marianne_430_redigerad-12Mari Anne has led the LGBTQ-certification at Westsura Manor.

Westsura Manor in Surahammar is now one of the first asylum homes to be LGBTQ-certified. It now has gender-neutral bathrooms and “norm-critical” furnishing. Some asylum seekers from third world countries such as Afghanistan, Syria, and Iraq weren’t entirely pleased with the taxpayer-funded initative.

“The rainbow flag has swayed on Westsura Manors courtyard in Surahammer ever since the inaugural ceremony on the 30th of May, when personell and residents celebrated the LGBTQ-certification”, writes the Migration Bureau on their website.

The certification entails that all employees at the asylum home have undergone a taxpayer-funded education via the sex lobby organisation RFSL. Mari Anne Helgesdotter, who co-ordinated the LGBTQ-certification of Westsura Manor, states that she amongst other things has made the toilets gender-neutral.

“The first thing we did was to remove the female- and male signs on the toilets. They are just ridiculous. Why do we need them?” – says Mari Anne Helgesdotter

To top things off a “norm-critical approach” has been used during the interior design so that the personell won’t “get stuck in conceptions of male and feminine colors and what is considered customary.”

Previously the asylum homes sauna was open for men and women. But now those who wan’t to go the sauna alone have the possibility to do that. It’s important to be open and find new solutions, according to Marie Ann Helgesdotter.

“If we get an opportunity to do the changing rooms then we will absolutely take a look at how they can be formed so that everyone can feel comfortable”, she says

Several crimes such as vandalisation, child-rape, arson, assault, and murder-attempts have occured at Westsura manor since it became an asylum home for immigrants back in 2011.

“The rainbow flag was raised to applause during the inaugural ceremony. But it wasn’t welcomed by everyone”, according to the Migration Bureau’s website.

An LGBTQ-cerficiation for a group of 25 people costs around 100,000 kronor (12,193 USD) according to RFSL.


“Abt Surahammar is a asylum housing where we work for a respectful treatment of residents and staff. Everyone should be able to feel safe regardless of background and sexual orientation.” – on the cards worn by employees







27 “youths” arrested after shootout in Rosengård


After a shootout on Monday in Rosengård, Swedens most famous “no-go zone”, 27 “youths” were arrested. Automatic weapons were apparently used and according to Expressen last-nights incident was connected to Sunday’s knife-fight and shooting.

At 23:16 on Monday night police were called to the scene. A number of people had been firing shots at an apartment building on Ramels väg. Shortly afterwards they had taken return-fire from the apartment and the inner courtyard.

The police arrived quickly and could arrest 27 people for attempted murder. The arrests occurred in an apartment, and vehicles leaving the crime scene.

At least two apartments have been hit by bullets during the shootout, but nobody is reported to have been injured.

More will happen, says a source with information about whats going on to Expressen.

Background to the recent shootings & stabbings

The man who was stabbed on Sunday is one of the two men who has recieved death threats from a 20-year-old criminal who the police claim is responsible for planning the Victoria Park bombings last year.

He accusses the two men of being police informants. It is these two men who are now being chased by a large number of “youths” who belong to different criminal groups in Malmö.

In several hand-written letters the 20-year-old has threatened the two men with death. Police have confiscated letters where he had written that the two men in question will be “slaughtered”

Update 2015-06-11

All the youths have been released from custody except for one 18-year-old.


1. No-go zone = Ghetto where the state is losing it’s monopoly on violence. Ambulances & Fire Trucks need escort from police cars which in turn reinforced glass. They can expect to be attacked with rocks and other objects such as molotovs by “youths” or “children”.

2. “Youths” = Police & Mainstream media euphemism for gangs of violent & aggressive immigrants from the Middle East or North Africa. (or Swedish citizens with their origin in the Middle East or North Africa).

Example: “Approximately 50 youths in Tensta threw rocks and firebombs at the police during Friday night” – 2015-05-22, from article in SvD reporting on “youths” rioting and causing mayhem in a no-go zone.

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Sweden heading in a more multicultural direction


On Sweden’s National Day Lindesberg municipality decided to host a more inclusive celebration namely; poetry reading in Arabic.

18:00 National Day celebrations in Oscars Park. In co-operation with Guldsmedshyttans Hemvärnsmusikkår and Kapell Malén. Scholarships, music, and poetry reading in Arabic and Swedish. – Lindesberg municipality website

But this isn’t the first time Sweden’s National Day has been celebrated in a multicultural fashion.

5 years ago Sandviken municipality spent Swedish taxpayer kronor on Kurdish Dance and Arabic Music and just last year Erik Ullenhag, Minister of Integration, spent the day discussing “openness, freedom, and tolerance” at the Islamic Centre in Malmö

Advertisements, election posters, and news in Arabic aren’t all that uncommon in Sweden and society will inevitably continue going in a more multicultural direction as the demographics change.

screenshot-sverigesradio.se 2015-06-08 17-30-42

Source: Radio Sweden Arabic

screenshot-www.aftonbladet.se 2015-06-17 20-45-10

Source:Newspaper – Aftonbladet

screenshot-www.expressen.se 2015-06-17 20-54-43

Source: Newspaper – Expressen

screenshot-www.exponerat.net 2015-06-08 17-34-24

“Children’s food, Diapers, Pacifiers” – from store in Dalarna


Election Poster for the Green Party in Skärholmen


Election Poster for the Moderates in RinkebyreklamarabiskaCommercial for SIBA in the Swedish newspaper Metro

screenshot-sverigesradio.se 2015-06-08 17-52-43

“Personell at the Kviinge school and Väster school in Östra Göinge have encountered strong reactions after they started offering schoolchildren in grade 3 optional lessons in Arabic. – Source