Immigration to Sweden in 2014


Whilst the above chart clearly illustrates that Sweden is an extreme outlier with regards to immigration it’s hard for the human brain to truly fathom what it means when 110 610 individuals (primarily young men from the Middle East and North Africa) are granted permanent residency (PR) in a small country with just 9,6 million citizens in a single year.

For some perspective lets take a look at Vasaloppet, the oldest, longest, and biggest cross-country ski race in the world with approximately 15,000 competitors each year.

A total of 110 610 PR’s issued in 2014 = 7,4 Vasalopp

81 301 asylum applicants = 5,5 Vasalopp

35 642 asylum seekers were granted PR’s = 2,4 Vasalopp

42 214 relatives to immigrants were granted a PR = 2,8 Vasalopp

15 872 PR’s granted for work-related reasons = 1 Vasalopp

That was for 2014 alone so try to wrap your head around the fact that a government group is preparing Sweden for an additional 400,000 asylum seekers (26,7 Vasalopp or 4% of the population) over the next 5 years. The majority of these new Swedes will come from Islamic countries such as Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, and for each migrant who is granted residence  2,1 relatives are historically granted citizenship.

Population Replacement

As of 2014, 28,75% of the Swedish population had foreign background i.e. born abroad or one / both parents born abroad and the population replacement has been accelerating in recent years. In one of my first posts I pointed out that native Swedes (both parents and grandparents born in Sweden) will become a minority in their own country around 2040-2050.


The Silent Majority

In a recent poll 58% of Swedes wanted less immigration, 8% thought there was too little and 34% thought it was neither too big or too small. In other words the silent majority do not favour the current policies but people are not willing to go out on the streets and protest due to fear of being called a racist. Besides, the media works full-time pretending things are just dandy.

The government could therefore choose to disregard public opinion and leave the floodgates open for the next decade or so.

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