Swedish pensioners evicted so as to make room for asylum seekers


400 pensioners in Munkedal are being thrown out from “the Peoples House” after a so-called asylum baron decided to buy it and convert it to a home for new Swedes from the third world. Local Social-Democratic politician Åsa Karlsson looks forward to the new citizens.

“It’s an income for the municipality to get new citizens” – she says

The Peoples House in Munkedal has for years been a meeting spot for pensioners and several hundred engage in the associations and activities but now its time for them to pack their bags and move out so that an asylum baron can profit (at the taxpayers expense) by housing the new Swedes.

Siv Göransson is one of those who has been thrown out

“I’ve been here since I was a little gal. We’ve watched movies here, we’ve danced here and we’ve had family parties here. We’ve had meetings with PRO (Swedens biggest pensioner organisation) and other associations that I’ve been a part of throughout the years. – says Siv Göransson.

The PRO hoped that the local government in Munkedal would purchase the Peoples Home so as to avoid eviction but they were instead told to make do with empty mess halls and gymnastic halls.

Social-democratic politician staunchly believes that immigration from the third world is profitable

“We are a municipality that is running at a deficit of 20-25 million per year and to then buy an estate which is in great need of renovation to an association that we can give other facilities, it’s six associations, why can’t they do what other associations do and sort it out themselves? – she asks.

But if the Peoples House is being converted to an asylum home instead, as it appears to, I was thinking about the cost-question, wont that also be a cost for the municipality?

-“No, it won’t be, the Migration Board compensates us for the asylum home in that case.”

Yeah, but that’s just for the first two years?

-“No, no, don’t mix this up now. When they get permanent residence and settle in the municipality they dont live in some home, then they get their own apartments.”

But won’t that be a cost too?

-“No, it’s an income for the municipality to get citizens in the municipality. Regardless of their background it will be an income for the municipality.”

Under the assumption that the immigrants have jobs and pay tax?

“But since when have I started counting the unemployed youths and unemployed elederly in the municipality as a cost?

Didn’t you just do that when you said it was too expensive to buy the Peoples House and invest in the pensioners?

“Yes, buying the Peoples House yes and renovating it, that would cost two million to buy. But the municipial mission is priority, taking care of the elderly, sick, schools and healthcare, streets and roads which I am obliged to.

For confused readers that was a pretty standard response from a Swedish politician. Pointing out that immigrants from the third world are overrepresented in welfare-dependency and crime is considered tabu and “racist”. The facts dont matter, the following religious dogma does.

All people are the same and therefore everyone is completely interchangeable

Socialist politicians such as Åsa in Munkedal and Marie Dahlin in Vänersborg are therefore acting in accordance with their semi-religious beliefs. They actually believe that they are able to increase tax revenues by importing migrants from war-torn Islamic countries such as Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq and Somalia.

Politicians in Katrineholm held the same beliefs

Back in 2011 immigrants in Katrineholm were overrepresented 12,5x in welfare dependancy compared to native Swedes and the little municipality with a population of 32,285 people now runs at a 10+ million kronor deficit each year with costs expected to rise.

But who knows? Perhaps Munkedal and Vänersborg will succeed where Katrineholm failed?





6 thoughts on “Swedish pensioners evicted so as to make room for asylum seekers”

  1. Is this not another form of “racism”. By definition racisim consists of ideologies and practices that seek to justify, or cause, the unequal distribution of privileges, rights or goods among different racial groups. The Muslim world is taking on the western, which is giving up the fight before it has begun. We all want to help those in need, race and religion apart, but charity DOES begin at home, if we cant help our own, how can we be expected to help others?


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