Gender-neutral bathrooms in Skellefteå


Politicians in Skellefteå municipality appear to have been inspired by South Park and are now considering opening extra changing rooms in bath houses and gymnasiums for individuals who feel insecure in their gender role.

Lo Lindström is a high-school student studying at Anderstorpskolan in Skellefteå and hen (gender-neutral Swedish pronoun) doesn’t feel comfortable getting changed in any of the schools changing rooms so hen has now gone ahead and written a proposal regarding a gender-neutral changing room which has prompted a local politician to take action.

– We know that many groups need their own changing rooms. Even due to religious reasons or shyness. We choose to say specific changing rooms, says local Social-Democratic politician Monica Widman-Lundmark

Due to Sweden moving in a more radical feminist direction proposals and decisions which would be frowned upon or ridiculed in most countries are considered normal in Sweden. To take a couple of examples:

-The Swedish Armed Forces have decided to have a “gender advisor” in every regiment by 2016

-The Left Party in Sörmland attempted to forbid men from standing up and peeing back in 2012

-Morgan “only 1%” Johansson, Minister of Justice & Migration recently considered fining or dissolving companies that don’t use quotas to make sure there are at least 40% women in their board of directors.

I could go on all day but what worries me is not so much the pseudo-scientific and quasi-religious beliefs of adults but rather what happens when Swedish children are indoctrinated and emasculated in “genderless” pre-schools (ages 1-5) such as Egalia in Stockholm.

– We choose books with single mothers or same-sex couples, says Gabriella Martinsson who runs six pre-schools and has worked with gender even prior to Egalia opening its doors in 2010.

– They get hetero-family books everywhere anyway. It can seem exaggerated, but we need to constantly act as a counter-weight to a gender-segregated and conservative society.

In other news:

Swedish divorce rates hit a record-high in 2014

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