Journalists get a taste of their own medicine

The medias left-wing bias has been a recurring theme on this blog and in recent years the negative consequences of mass immigration from the Middle East and North Africa has become more difficult to whitewash.

Two of the biggest tabloids, Expressen and Aftonbladet, have subsequently been resorting to more radical measures namely co-operating with the “Research Group”.


Members of the Research Group

They take it upon themselves to expose, register and map anonymous Swedish citizens who step out of line and express the “wrong” thoughts and opinions online. The information is then sold to unscrupulous journalists who are looking to undermine their competitors (“racist sites”) and maintain the status quo (diversity is a strength, multiculturalism is a blessing etc.).


“The net-haters on Avpixlat. We expose the writers on racist sites.”

Media personality Robert Aschberg even made a tv-show called Troll Hunters where he confronts Swedes who have written mean things online. To my great amusement a parody emerged the other day called “Journalist Hunters” where a group known as the Nordic Youth confront and question journalists who live in overpriced monocultural Swedish neighborhoods whilst simultaneously praising multiculturalism and diversity.

From what I’ve read and seen the Nordic Youth are reminiscent of the Identitarians in France in the sense that they place a lot of focus on cultural and ethnic identity, lean to the right, and perform non-violent actions to raise awareness for their cause.

This stands in stark contrast to the extreme-right who use violent means not to mention the extreme-left who the Swedish Security Service regard as a greater threat in no small part due to their magical ability to somehow find out names and adresses of dissidents and then threatening them / destroying their property / assaulting them.

Fun Fact: The National Socialist -Party of the Swedes- who feature in the VICE video disbanded last week due to lack of support but the Swedish Resistance Movement and the Revolutionary Front are still active.

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2 thoughts on “Journalists get a taste of their own medicine”

  1. I’ve always had an obsession with Sweden to the point that I even learnt the language.
    I’ve been following what’s happening in Sweden and at some point a comment I made on google+ (Sweden will be a muslim country soon) has drawn a wave of comments calling me racist, bigot, idiot, nazi etc from many swedes. I’ve decided to dig a bit deeper as to why, that’s how I found your blog.
    After I read a few articles, I understand now….
    the problem was not that they called me all those things, although nobody could tell me what’s racist in my comment, but I soon realized how suffocated the swedish society must be…
    I don’t think swedes realize how awfully dangerous this kind of “exposure” is. It reminded me of that Nigerian newspaper who exposed the gays in the country.
    As it seems, free speech and personal freedoms no longer exist in sweden, a country that calls itself a democracy and part of the western culture.

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