The Al-Azhar school in Stockholm – Islamization in progress

Al-Azahar-skolan-01“A Swedish elementary school with a Muslim profile. On top of the normal subjects one also reads about Islam 1 lesson / week”

The school is located in a suburb of Stockholm called Vällingby and the local government in Stockholm has, as you can see above, used (dare I say it?) typical Swedish kids to portray the Al-Azhar school. I suppose that makes sense considering our multicultural government does their best to portray Islam and in this case Islamic charter schools as something which is just as Swedish as smashed Vikings dancing around the maypole with blonde babes.

Turns out that other than the poster boys this is anything but a typical Swedish school. It in fact appears to be an extremely segregated school for Muslim immigrants, primarily from Somalia, who do not wish for their children to become Swedish. On some level I understand that considering liberal Swedish schools seem to be getting into the habit of putting on golden shower shows for their students courtesy of the LGBT-lobby.

Principal Aman Ali explains that “Allah is to me life, without Allah I cannot live” and is depicted on his knees during one of the five prayers which he performs every day at work.


The sexes are separated during swimming lessons and prayers. Boys at the school don’t appear to feel any desire to cover themselves up with a veil. There also appears to be a severe lack of diversity judging from pictures of the schools football team.

Al-Azahar-skolan-03Furthermore the video of the school which is available on Youtube and you can check out below (no English subtitles unfortunately) leads me to the conclusion that it is a monocultural school which goes against everything our government stands for. Or perhaps the doctrine of multiculturalism and diversity only goes one way?

At 18:13 you can see prayers in action and a young child (with a decent voice I might add) professing his love for Allah. The boys are on one side and the girls on the other. After he is done singing the Swedish (?) convert and teacher elaborates on the omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent Allah in Swedish / Arabic.

The government (read: Swedish taxpayers) appear to have spent lavishly on the school judging from the video.

To many, including myself, this is what Islamization looks like. It doesn’t need to occur by force or coercion all it takes is something very basic known as supply and demand. As the demographics change, society changes. Simple as that.


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5 thoughts on “The Al-Azhar school in Stockholm – Islamization in progress”

  1. Asalamualikum ..I want to know about the Islamic School in ´Huddinge Is there any Isamic School in Huddinge ..please inform me and please send me the contect Number.Thanks


    1. The closest appears to be the Al-Azhar in Vällingby which is approximately 1 hour away from Huddinge with public transportation.

      Kirunagatan 22-28
      162 68 Vällingby

      08-564 599 30




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