Retiring at 70 necessary for “reasonable” pensions


In a brand new report released today the Swedish Fiscal Responsibility Council have recommended raising the retirement age by one month per year. Chairman of the council, Johan Hassler, also states that working until you are 70 may become necessary to get a “reasonable” pension.

The council have based their calculations on the National Institute of Economic Research and Statistics Swedens population prognosis. Swedens state media live up to their reputation as a left-wing propaganda organ and deliver some politically correct explanations.

“We live longer and longer, in the coming century life expectancy is expected to increase by seven years. Which means that if we do not work longer than today the sum paid into the pension system must cover expenses during several years. The consequence will be that pensions are reduced greatly. In some scenarios the pension is halved according to the council who therefore recommend that the pension age be increased.”

The news comes at a time when 15,000 Swedish pensioners are starving to death and almost 250,000 pensioners in Sweden are living underneath the EU:s poverty limit of 11.000 SEK/month (1300 USD).

It would cost 4,5 billion SEK / year (540 million USD) to raise those pensioners above the poverty line.

Considering that Swedes are one of the most taxed people in the world and that our socialism is praised across the globe one might wonder why the government isn’t able to dig up the money required to raise our elderly above the poverty line and avoid forcing citizens to work themselves to death.

Come to think of it there is one expenditure which is spiralling out of control, funny how the state-owned media failed to mention it. Honest mistake, I guess.


Here are the runaway costs – Migration +205%

img_0487 Total number of asylum seekers, Sweden vs. Norway.

Considering that the total costs of immigration are between 2-7% of our annual BNP according to the renowned Swedish economists Jan Ekberg and Jan Tullberg (78 billion SEK/year – 273 billion SEK/year) one might think that it would be reasonable to, for example, demand that asylum seekers show identification so tricksters and hustlers are unable to raise their standard of living at the expense of real refugees and Swedes who have built one of the most generous welfare states in the world. Seems like a reasonable fix considering 9/10 asylum seekers do not show identification; i.e. nobody knows who they are.

If not perhaps a step in the right direction would be for the government to start following in our neighbours footsteps by properly researching what the total costs of immigration are so there isn’t a 195 billion SEK margin of error?

I’m just messing with you, the results would be similar to those of Norway (4,1 million NOK per non-European immigrant). That sort of news would make the mainstream media and politicians look really bad in the eyes of their constituents seeing as they have unanimously, for the past decade or so, told Swedes that mass immigration is necessary due to low birth rates.

The consensus can be summed up as follows: “A yearly import of 100,000 unidentified individuals from the third world enriches Sweden and anyone who disagrees with us is a racist”.


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