200+ Moroccan Youths Now Roaming The Streets of Stockholm

-At least 200 youths from Morocco are currently roaming the streets of Stockholm, selling their bodies and committing various crimes such as but not limited to theft, pickpocketing, shoplifting and robbery.

-More than 11,000 illegal immigrants whose asylum was rejected have gone underground

-Hundreds of organized gypsy beggars have flooded the streets of Stockholm and other cities.

-The “Humanitarian Superpowers” authorities and politicians do not wish to be called scary names by the media such as racist/nazi/cruel/xenophobic etc. subsequently nothing that would have any actual impact is done

A spokesman for Sweden’s immigration agency recently told The Local that they are powerless to enforce deportation orders and that there now are more than 11,000 asylum seekers who have gone underground. In other words; they have no idea how many illegal immigrants there are in Sweden. A consequence of this ineptitude is that there are now at least 200 children from Morocco roaming the streets of Stockholm, selling their bodies and committing various other crimes.

“We have at least 200 children from Morocco who roam in the cities at evenings and during nights and who commit crime. They are 9 years old and up” says Christian Frödén, a policeman in Stockholm to SVT News.

Christian Frödén and Mikael Lins ask if they can show ID and check if they are under the influence of narcotics. If they suspect the latter they urine test them and if they find someone who has escaped from an asylum home, they are sent back.

“They often abuse hash and do not understand the Swedish attitude towards drugs at all” says policeman Mikael Lins to SVT.

It was back in 2012 that the Immigration Agency started noticing that youngsters from Morocco were seeking asylum in Sweden and this number has increased every year. Probably due to the rumour of the “humanitarian superpowers” inability to deal with crime and unwillingness to deport spread. The Moroccans seeking asylum know full well that their chances of being granted asylum are slim and therefore 1/3 simply escape from the asylum homes and go underground.

“They show a very strong distrust for authorities and the grown up world and the signals we get from Social Services and the police is that they do not always want the care and welfare, which in fact is offered” says Kjell-Terje Torvik, national co-ordinator with the Immigration Agency

The children are often raised on the streets of Tanger and Casablanca, living without parents and developing a drug habit early along with the skills necessary to survive on the streets. Their journey to Sweden goes via Spain and Germany, often with loans that must be repaid with crimes such as prostitution, theft, shoplifting, pickpocketing and robberies according to policeman Christian Frödén.

Young boys selling their bodies on Swedish streets is a tragic multicultural phenomenon but it is nothing new. Back in 2008 this study found that it was more common amongst young boys than girls on the streets of Gothenburg.

“We don’t think that there is a “mafia leader” who sends out children to commit crime and takes all the money. Often there is someone older in the gang in their 20’s, who loans out money which they are then forced to pay back to him and then you end up in a situation where you are never able to repay what you owe” – says Kjell-Terje Torvik.

I don’t mean to be a prick but that which Kjell-Terje is describing is pretty much the exact definition of a small-time mafia leader. Contrary to popular belief they do not need to smoke cigars, wear tuxedos and speak with Sicilian accents.

As with most culturally enriching phenomenon (such as the unceasing wave of organized gypsy beggars who have flooded the majority of Swedish cities and towns in recent years) authorities have their hands tied behind their backs thanks to political correctness and a fear of being labelled a racist. The safe way of dealing with “challenges”, as they like to call it, is delegating the problem to someone else.

“In the short-term we could lock them up in a closed treatment home but that is short-term and to save individual lives. I think a national co-ordination is necessary to solve the problem” says Christian Frödén.

“The Immigration Agency has done what it can. I think that we need to see how other countries in the rest of Europe act against the same problem and maybe we could create some type of new home for these children. But that takes a national strategy and political decisions to demand a law change”  says Kjell-Terje Torvik, national co-ordinator with the Immigration Agency.

For us old-timers who still believe in the concept of a nation state the obvious answer to this problem is a one-way ticket back to Morocco. Sweden cannot be expected to take care of the worlds street children whilst 15,000 retired Swedes are at risk of starving to death. Besides avoiding ending up in the same situation as the Dutch is probably optimal.

“65% of all Moroccan male youths between 12-23 years of age have been detained by police at least once. One third of this group has been detained five or more times. Moroccan criminals are convicted four times more than Dutch suspects.”

“Dutch Moroccan street thugs also frequently gang up on isolated girls to rob, harass or hurt them — assaults that are mostly not caught on film and only very rarely reported in English language media, but can, for instance, be seen here (2:40). A detail worth emphasizing is that they always attack non-Muslim girls.”

The Moroccans that infuriate the Dutch – Gatestone Institute

Worth noting is that the “unbiased” journalists with SVT (Sweden’s equivalent of the BBC) consistently use the term “unaccompanied refugee children” in the article which I’ve based this post on. Correct me if I’m wrong but the last time I checked there was no civil strife nor war going on in Morocco. A cynic might say that the left-wing journalists are attempting to emotionally blackmail the readers so they do not vote for the Sweden Democrats.

Oh! I almost forgot! Children probably conjures up the following heart-wrenching image in your head, right?


Many Swedes fell for the emotionally charged term (including myself), that is until pictures of the little tykes the media was referring to in their tear-jerking articles started popping up.

As Sweden Report correctly pointed out, anyone hoping to get a fast-tracked to a granted permanent residence can claim to be a minor, and due to fear of being called a racist, nobody calls them on it. The results can be pretty funny though.

RZ7ARrT17-year-old who recently broke the junior world-record in deadlifting, 280 kg

14-year old Ahmed, interviewed by state-owned radio P4

Here is a 14-year old-little boy running at a school in Kristianstad. You can read the full article in the local newspaper here, where the reporter is just marveling over how fast he is!

childrefugee2A young lad living in a home for refugee children taking a break with his residence director. From an Al-Jazeera article titled:

“Swedens child refugee boom”

Two more little children…

… but sometimes they get a teddy bear to comfort themselves with…

…or even a chance to meet our very own Prime Minister (2nd from right at a home for “unacompannied refugee children”)

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8 thoughts on “200+ Moroccan Youths Now Roaming The Streets of Stockholm”

  1. How do you know they are from Morocco if they don’t have an identity. You said they come from morocco by spain, how can they do that. we have actually have in Morocco so many immigrants from many african countries and they try everytime to cross spain borders but they can’t because the highest work Morocco and spain authorities are doing to stop them. so how can moroccan youths go to there. We don’t have any war or any problem, we live in a good way than before, we work for our country, and so many moroccans today don’t have that idea to cross european borders.
    i have a bad english but i think you gonna get the concept


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